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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Benjamin Kunkel’s brilliantly comic debut novel concerns one of the central maladies of our time–a pathological indecision that turns abundance into an affliction and opportunity into a curse. Dwight B. Wilmerding is only twenty-eight, but he’s having a midlife crisis. Of course, living a dissolute, dorm like existence in a tiny apartment and working in tech support at the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer are not especially conducive to wisdom. And a few sessions of psychoanalysis conducted by his sister have distinctly failed to help with his biggest problem: a chronic inability to make up his mind. Encouraged by one of his roommates to try an experimental pharmaceutical meant to banish indecision, Dwight jumps at the chance (not without some meditation on the hazards of jumping) and swallows the first fateful pill. And when all at once he is “pfired” from Pfizer and invited to a rendezvous in exotic Ecuador with the girl of his long-ago prep-school dreams, he finds himself on the brink of a new life. The trouble–well, one of the troubles–is that Dwight can’t decide if the pills are working. Deep in the jungles of the Amazon, in the foreign country of a changed outlook, his would-be romantic escape becomes a hilarious journey into unbidden responsibility and unwelcome knowledge. How to affirm happiness without living in constant denial of the ways of the world? How to commit, and to what? At once funny and poignant, gentle and outrageous, finely intelligent and proudly silly, Indecision rings with a voice of great energy and originality, while its deeper inquiries reflect the concerns and style of a generation. "Here’s what Indecision gives you: sustained social and intellectual comedy, possibly the last but certainly the funniest Superfluous Man in modern literature, drive-by satire, plus detailed set-piece send-ups of Young Adult colgrads at work and play. The mockery is humane. The tale of Dwight Wilmerding is told with style and care. And there’s a surprising ending. Benjamin Kunkel, welcome!" –Norman Rush, author of Mating From the Hardcover edition.
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Here are some of the #kindlefirst books for November. I can‘t decide which one to pick. Why can‘t Amazon let you pick more than one?!?!

Do any of them stand out to you? I‘ll tag them in the comments below.

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MarriedtoMrT I‘m most attracted to The Frame-Up. 9mo
Soubhiville I thought there were a lot of good ones this month too! 9mo
Rachbb3 I picked 9mo
Suzze Agreed. It was a hard decision. I chose 9mo
ReadingRover I know right! This month has super hard choices. They actually all look like pretty good books. I haven‘t decided yet. (edited) 9mo
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Looking for recommendations, most of these are #blameitonlitsy so I‘m having a really hard time choosing. I have a full day of travel tomorrow back to the east coast, which one should I read?

BrittanyReads You or Six of Crows! 9mo
TheSpineView Six of Crows 9mo
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Readingismyescape It‘s amazing. 9mo
Victoriahoperose Was really good. 9mo
Readingismyescape @BookNerd9906 glad to hear it!! 💜 8mo
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Staring at my #currentlyreading shelf on Goodreads and not feeling any of the books at the moment. Is this.... a reading slump?! 😭😱

Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Help! I can‘t decide which in print book to read, I usually pick based on however I feel but Right now the stress is building at work (state testing is fast approaching) which puts me all out of whack and I just don‘t know what to pick up. I narrowed down to four choices:
Flirting in Italian by Lauren Henderson
The Gravity of Us by Brittany C Cherry
In a Handful of Dust by Mindy McGinnis
The Archived by Victoria Schwab

Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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I can't decide what to read next... What was your favourite book from last year?

Mommamanzi What kind of genre mood are you in? 1y
Tjackson You don‘t have to say you love me by Sherman Alexie - his memoir 1y
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tif @4thhouseontheleft good suggestion and I already have the audiobook. It's a definite maybe. 1y
DebbieGrillo A Man Called Ove, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Braving the Wilderness, Behold the Dreamers 1y
tif @Mommamanzi I'm not sure! That's part of the problem 😁😁😁 1y
tif @Tjackson would that be ok as an audiobook or is it one that's better as a physical book? 1y
tif @DebbieGrillo I read Behold the Dreamers last year, a definite pick for me too, so good. Ove and Eleanor are both on my list and I haven't read anything about Braving the Wilderness, I'm going to look it up now 1y
tif @Lisaw13 that seems like a sweet book! Was it a quick read? 1y
Lisaw13 It was a quick read 😊 1y
tif @Lisaw13 read that last year! My favourite book of the year I think. It's a big call but I'm gonna go with it 😊 1y
Mommamanzi The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black was great for a YA read, Ink and Bone is pretty awesome, annnnnd then there is always On What Grounds for an awesome coffee cozie if you just want a quick fun read. 1y
DebbieGrillo Is Red Clocks on your radar? I haven't read it yet but I want to. 1y
tif @Mommamanzi A couple of new titles there for me, thanks! I'll add them to the TBR even if I don't read any today. Great suggestions, thank you! 1y
tif @DebbieGrillo I think I've seen the cover a few times on litsy but I haven't added it to the TBR yet. 1y
tif @CarolynM ooh, I've not heard of that one *runs off to investigate* 1y
Tjackson @tif I think a physical book. Each chapter is a different format. In some cases it‘s a short paragraph. Sometimes it‘s a longer narrative. Many times it‘s poetry… A series of couplets or quatrains. I highly recommend the actual book. 1y
tif @Tjackson that was the feeling I got. I'll have to see if the library has a copy 1y
tif @SpeculativeFemale ooh, that sounds interesting! 1y
Ingerella Was one of my favorites from last year. 1y
tif @Ingerella I was just reading about that yesterday! Looks really good 1y
Tjackson Radium Girls is a great e-book!! 1y
Ingerella I've read everything Lisa See has written. I really liked this one. Snowflower and Secret Fan is really good. My favorite is Peony in Love..that book is poetry to me. 1y
tif @Tjackson there's a surprisingly large amount of books with that title! Which one have you read? 1y
tif @Ingerella I've never read her before, does it matter what order I read them in? 1y
Ingerella @tif No, you can really pick up any of them in any order. They are all really good. 1y
tif @Ingerella thanks for sharing! I'm adding them all to the TBR! 1y
Tjackson Radium Girls by Kate Moore 1y
tif @Tjackson 👍👍👍 1y
readordierachel Call Me By Your Name and Exit West were both excellent. 1y
tif @ReadOrDieRachel both on my TBR! Can't find any audio copies at my libraries though :( 1y
readordierachel Bummer! The audio of Call Me By Your Name is amazing, if you can find a copy somehwere. I did the other one in print. 1y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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So many amazing books in my TBR pile I can‘t decide what to read next! EVERY time I finish one book, I struggle to pick out the next. I prefer to read one title at a time and I rarely DNF a book, no matter how deserved. So the stakes are high - at least for a day or two until the cycle starts all over again. 😂#readingwoes #TBRtoolong

Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel

Okay what should I read next:

The stand- stephen king
The gunslinger- Stephen king

Josie The Stand! 2y
Eyelit The Stand! 2y
Rachel.Rencher My husband is engrossed in the gunslinger series right now and loves it! 2y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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I suffer from next book paralysis. It's a chronic condition and there is no known cure. So many books and never enough time! 😩

Centique I suffer from this too! Not only picking my next read but I then spend the first 50 pages or so thinking "maybe I should be reading something else from my TBR" ? So many other books looking at me! 2y
BookHermit @Centique Exactly! I also spent an hour on Audible trying to pick out a good dog walking book. Ended up listening to bookish podcast instead, which, of course, only led to the addition of more books to my TBR 🤦‍♀️ 2y
Centique @BookHermit i love a good bookish podcast. I'm addicted to Book Riot and The Readers 👍👍 2y
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BookHermit I am a faithful listener of both of those! And All the Books and I also love the NYT Review of Books podcast. I have a whole Stitcher playlist of "bookcasts"? 2y
Zelma Same problem! I spend days browsing my shelves, looking at my ebooks, visiting the library and checking out stacks of books before committing. And don't get me started on my podcasts. Sometimes I'm glad I listen in the car and forget the titles to write down when I get home. 😆 2y
BookHermit @Zelma @Centique My TBR is over 600 books. Surely I shouldn't have to waste a day or two deciding on the next one. I have two spreadsheets for #LitsyAtoZ and I can't stick to either of them. Every damn time I finish a book I'm like "But what do I *feel* like reading?" ? 2y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Hello everyone! I'm trying to pick 2 of these phone cases but I am very indecisive 🤷🏻‍♀️ My two favorite are the top 2 but they are very similar... Which 2 would you pick?

cathysaid Messy bun or glasses and chocolate 👍 2y
RowReads1 I like the ones with the inanimate objects. 2y
Redwritinghood I like the two on the right 2y
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Coleen I also like the 2 on the right. Where are you ordering from? I think I want one! 😁 2y
ReadingOver50 Top right and bottom left! 2y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders Agreed. The ones on the right. 2y
TheBookAddict Top left and bottom right. 2y
Bookish_B @Coleen from Casetify.com 😊 2y
Hooked_on_books I actually like the two on the left the most. 😬 2y
Stephykitten 2 on the left ❤️ 2y
geodynamical I like the top two *because* they are similar. I'd switch them out twice a day. 😸 Plus they are sweet-looking like Mary Englebreit 2y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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I've been off work these last few days with persistent flu and have devoted hours to finding the perfect audiobook. I give up!

My requirements:

1. Must be fiction, but not literary fiction.
2. Narrator must resonate, not irritate.
3. Compelling characters, at least one of which is deeply flawed.
4. A few decent twists.
5. No detectives, in the strict sense.

So far I've enjoyed Behind Her Eyes and Big Little Lies. Hated The Girl Before.


Suet624 Sorry. Would love to help but I am an audiobook newbie. I hope you feel better soon! 2y
Fridayfilms That's okay, I think maybe it was just a happy coincidence that I managed to find two I liked while I was feeling experimental. It's back to pages for me (and work tomorrow, sadly)! @Suet624 2y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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Ok, which one should I read????!!!!! 😳

Suzze I have both of those unread too. I go for the right hand one. 2y
Laalaleighh Left side! 2y
erinreads All the Ugly and Wonderful Things! 💕 2y
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Indecision: A Novel | Benjamin Kunkel
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I have a stack of books that have been waiting for me for months and yet...I don't know what to read. I feel like I need something else entirely. 😢 How do you bust through a bookslump/indecisive reading time?

britt_brooke I usually go with something light and/or funny. 2y
398.2 I was in a reading slump a couple of months ago. My friend got me to read the same book as she was reading. Then everyday we would talk about what was going on or we would text each other quotes. It was fun AND it got me out of my slump. 😀 2y
Iamlisa22 I was in a slump felt like I was reading the same thing over and over...so I went to the buy 2 get 1 free table at Barnes and noble ... and just grabbed 3 books ... didn't even read the back... nothing... and it turned out pretty good:) (edited) 2y
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Laalaleighh Grishaverse!!! 2y
CatLadyBibliophile @Laalaleighh I swear I'm gonna read it soon (I keep saying that) 😂 2y
CatLadyBibliophile @398.2 that's such a clever idea! 2y
398.2 @CatLadyBibliophile It made it exciting and you actually have someone to talk about the book....and who doesn't love talking about books. 😍 2y
Laalaleighh It's such a good universe! And Russian folklore is weaved in all throughout! 2y
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