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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
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City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare
Passenger | Alexandra Bracken
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
Sorry for being MIA this past week but things have been hectic with exams and packing. Why packing? Because I'm flying to Germany tomorrow!! ✈️ I'm going there with some of my best friends to take part in a choir competition in Wernigerode. I will try and post as much as I can but things may get rough with all the travel as well as preparing for the competition. I am excited to visit some new bookstores!😱
Happy reading 📚

dariazeoli Have a great trip! 7y
WarpedSweetness Have a great trip! Be safe and good luck with your competition! 7y
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Maike What a shame that competition isn't happening more in the north of Germany 😅🙊 good luck and have fun! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Tank you sooo much 🌻 @WarpedSweetness 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you! I'm really looking forward to see Germany as it is my first time there 🙈 @Maike 7y
Megabooks Have so much fun!!!! 7y
WarpedSweetness @High.Lady.of.Books You're welcome. If you can post pictures of the bookshops you visit I say flood our feed!!! Lol 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Definitely the plan 🙋🏻 @WarpedSweetness (edited) 7y
Libby1 I hope you had a great time in Germany! 🇩🇪 7y
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The Great Gatsby | Francis Scott Fitzgerald
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
Is anyone else busy with exams? I'm writing Chemistry on Monday (which I hate) 😓 so now I'm stuck reading my school books, which seem to be the only books I don't like 🙈 any type of books you guys don't like?
Happy reading 📚

#bookworm #bookaholic #bibliophile #books #exam #flower #reader

catebutler Best of luck on your exams!! 🤞🏼 7y
JoRead Good luck! I'm not too fond of auto-biographies and school books if it's a subject I don't enjoy 😉 7y
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High.Lady.of.Books Thank you! @JoRead and I must say, autobiographies aren't my favourite either 🙈 7y
Literaryfairy6603 I just finished my exams a few weeks ago... I agree with you that school books generally are no fun to read (probably because of all the analyzing)... good luck!! 7y
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Chocolat. Joanne Harris | Joanne Harris
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
So this is a rare case where I don't have a favourite when it comes to book vs movie even though they are quite different. Chocolat was fantastic as a book and amazing as a movie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Johnny Depp starred in it? 🤔 has this happened to you? 🌸
Happy reading 📚

#reader #bookworm #bibliophile #bookaholic #flowers #booksy #bookish #chocolat #book

Smangela The BFG! I thought it was done so beautifully 😍 It's my favorite childhood book so I had high expectations and I think Steven Spielberg did it great justice! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I agree 🙋🏻 @Smangela I loved the movie and the book 🙈 7y
catebutler I loved both the movie and the book with this. I actually tend to like both, even when quite a bit different. Unless it is poorly done. Now, I want to watch the movie! 🎥 🍿 7y
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High.Lady.of.Books Me too 🍿 I've watched it sooo long ago I definitely need a movie night 👍🏻 @catebutler 7y
CreateExploreRead Oh I have to agree. The movie was great and so was the book! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books It's quite rare for me to like both, I usually prefer the book, so I absolutely adore this story 💃🏻 @CreateExploreRead 7y
AmandaL Same! Loved the movie and the book. 7y
High.Lady.of.Books So glad I'm not the only one 🙈😅 @AmandaL 7y
CreateExploreRead Agreed!!! 7y
KathyWheeler They are very different, and I too loved them both. 7y
High.Lady.of.Books The movie was a great adaptation yet the story was different and unique, I love that about it 🙈 @KathyWheeler 7y
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
The Divergent trilogy is one of my favourite dystopian series's. Is it just me, or are almost all dystopians a trilogy? 😅 I read these some years ago and devoured each book the moment they came out. I am quite disappointed with the movies though. Let me know which faction you guys belong to 🙌🏻 I'm probably part of Erudite 🙈
Happy reading 📚

#bookworm #bibliophile #book #divergent #bookish #bookaholic #reader #erudite

BooknerdsLife Love your username so much 😁👍💖 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you 🙌🏻❤ @BookwormEliza 7y
BooknerdsLife @High.Lady.of.Books aww thank you for the follow 💕🤗 7y
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High.Lady.of.Books Love your account 👏🏻🌸 @BookwormEliza 7y
LydiaTheHuman Those covers are so beautiful 😍 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you 🙋🏻❤ @LydiaWachtman 7y
BooknerdsLife @High.Lady.of.Books Thank you so much! I love your account too! 💗💗😙 7y
[DELETED] 1270140328 These editions😍 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I know 🙈 they're my favourite @heytheredeonna 7y
BookishMouse I think I'm Amity! I also really loved the Four book. 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I loved it too 🙋🏻 @BookishMouse It was so cool to read about his past 7y
BookishMouse @High.Lady.of.Books I really enjoyed his perspective. 7y
Smangela Love the cover art of these 😍 I hate a love/hate relationship with this trilogy haha 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I have a lave relationship with the books and a hate relationship witht the movies 🙈 @Smangela 7y
Bookish.Taylor I loved the first book! Liked the second, and could have done without the last. The movies need to burn! I feel like I would have been Amity. 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I must say, the last book was my least favourite. 🙈 @Bookish.Taylor 7y
Smangela @High.Lady.of.Books I hear that! I didn't even watch past the first. I like Shailene Woodley but they changed too much! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I didn't even recognise the book in the last movie 😐 @Smangela 7y
HollieTurner Erudite for me 😊 7y
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The Great Gatsby | F. Scott Fitzgerald
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"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

Hi fellow bookworms ??
So I don't know about you guys but I really struggle to enjoy a book when I've seen the movie first. That is unfortunately the case with The Great Gatsby even though it is an amazing book ? Now I've made it a rule to never watch the movie before I read the book ? any movies spoiled a good book for you guys? Let me know!?
Happy reading ?

inked.delights Ooh that's a shame! The book is almost always better than the movie 😬 this is also true in the case of The Great Gatsby, although I really enjoyed the movie 😊 Leo played his role so well! And yes.. I've already seen Cloud Atlas but I would have liked to read the book first.. 😔 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I know! I just hate to know what happens in a book, I love all the twists and turns a story has 😊 and I agree, Leo was perfect for the role 🙋🏻 @inked.delights 7y
inked.delights @High.Lady.of.Books Old sport 😏😏 7y
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RiddlesReviews My mom is the exact opposite! She says she would never want to read a book before seeing the movie because it would "spoil the movie"!!! Crazy, right? 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Quite 😂 @RiddlesReviews I would rather have a movie of two hours spoiled than the whole journey of reading and discovering the story 🙈 7y
RiddlesReviews @High.Lady.of.Books that's what I said! Who knows how long it will take to finish the book. A movie is quick in comparison. 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Precisely! @RiddlesReviews Great minds think alike 🙋🏻 7y
Bookwormeverlasting Same! I have to read the book first 7y
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
Some late night reading while I'm supposed to be stydying for my exam on Thursday 😅 I loved this book the first time I read it and I am not surprised to find it just as good the second time around. Reading is probably one of my favourite things to do while procrastinating 🤓 anyone as guilty as I am?
Happy reading 📚

#book #coffee #bookish #bookworm #bookaholic #bibliophile #procrastination #booksy

BookishMarginalia No guilt! I call that productive procrastination 😉🤓 7y
TheMuggleBornReader I'm studying at the moment. With my book just sitting next to me, screaming and begging for me to read 😂 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I like that! @BookishMarginalia Will have to adopt that phrase 🙋🏻🙈 7y
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High.Lady.of.Books Same here @TheMuggleBornReader why is it that I love to read yet hate my school books? 😅 7y
Bookwormeverlasting Everyday! Lol. I should be washing the dishes but I'd rather read 7y
petitepages Same here! I think I read more books during finals week when I was procrastinating then I have my whole summer break😂 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I think I read at my best when I'm not supposed to read 🤔 @petitepages Maybe because it's not allowed that makes it so much more enticing and enjoyable 😂 7y
ludreadsbooks Same 😂😂 7y
Alytrue One of my favorites as well. Sadly, when my daughter had to read it for school last year she didn't care for it😱. She much preferred Huck Finn🤔 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I haven't read Huck Finn yet, sounds like I need to give it a go 🙈 @Alytrue 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Glad I'm not the only one @ludreadsbooks 🙋🏻😂 7y
Rachel_R._Smith Reading and cleaning are my #1 choices for procrastination. So when my house is really clean, you know I'm putting *something* off. 😂 7y
Chocomeiske Read this in high school and haven't read it since... 7y
High.Lady.of.Books @Chocomeiske It's just as good the second tome around 🙌🏻 you pick up on ekstra details 7y
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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern
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"The circus arrives without warning."

Hi fellow bookworms ??
Finished The Night Circus last night and absolutely loved it. It's unique atmosphere and beautiful writing made it a joy to read. Even though it is a slow burner, it kept my attention from start to finish. Don't know about you guys but this book made me seriously crave caramel popcorn ?
Happy reading ?

#bookworm #bookaholic #bibliophile #book #circus #popcorn #magical

inked.delights Loved the Night Circus! 🎪 and omg yesss if I'm going to reread it, I'm definitely going to eat caramel popcorn while reading 😍 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I love eating snacks while reading and popcorn is definitely one of my favourites 🙋🏻🌸 @inked.delights 7y
fictionandfiber I have to make caramel popcorn every time I read this lol 7y
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MrBook 🙌🏻 7y
Bookwormeverlasting I really have to read this one 7y
High.Lady.of.Books It's really excellent, I highly recommend it 👍🏻 @Bookwormeverlasting 7y
HollieTurner What was your favourite tent? 😊 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Definitely the one with the different platforms that looked like clouds ☁️🙌🏻 @HollieTurner 7y
Bookish.Taylor I really need to pick this up in the near future 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Definitely 💃🏻 @Bookish.Taylor you won't regret it 🌸 7y
Merethebookgal Loved this book! And I agree about the popcorn 😋 7y
High.Lady.of.Books I think I'll have to do a reread soon as I'm already missing the circus 🙈🎪 @Merethebookgal (edited) 7y
BenefitsOfBeingABookaholic I love this book sooo much!!! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books It's become one of my favourite books 🙋🏻💃🏻 @BenefitsOfBeingABookaholic 7y
BenefitsOfBeingABookaholic Nice!! Have you read caraval? It has a similar kind of feel to the night circus @High.Lady.of.Books 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Not yet @BenefitsOfBeingABookaholic It's right at the top of my TBR 🙈 I don't know why but Carval is so much more expensive than any other books in the bookstore, so I'm saving to buy it while also waiting for the price to drop 😅 7y
BenefitsOfBeingABookaholic Ah nice! It's quite a pretty book which maybe is why it's more expensive 😁 7y
catebutler So glad you enjoyed this! It is one of my favorite books! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books It has definitely become one of my favourites too 🙌🏻 @catebutler 7y
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The Hobbit | J.R.R. Tolkien
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
The Hobbit is a fantastic book that I enjoyed immensely (even though I have not read The Lord of the Rings yet). This story about adventure and stepping outside of your comfort zone is a fun read that keeps your attention throughout.
Happy reading 📚

#bookish #bookworm #candles #book #red #bookaholic #bibliophile #white #vsco

emmekamalei Yes! The Hobbit is the best place to start with Tolkien. 😊 You definitely gotta read LOTR next also! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books That's the plan @emmekamalei I'm very excited to get started 💃🏻😊 7y
MrBook All the streets in my neighborhood have Middle Earth names. 😁👌🏻 7y
High.Lady.of.Books That's so cool 🙌🏻 @MrBook 7y
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The Poisonwood Bible | Barbara Kingsolver
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
So to start this exciting new journey on Litsy, I decided that my first post should definitely be one of my favourite reads. This is an amazing book that definitely influenced my way of thinking. I hope this book will mean as much to you as it does to me.
Happy reading 📚

#bookworm #bookish #bibliophile #bookaholic #tea #book #vsco #bookandtea #books

Chachic Welcome to Litsy! 🙌🙌🙌 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you 🌸🎉 @Chachic 7y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings Welcome to Litsy!!! 😊❤️🙌📚🎉 7y
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High.Lady.of.Books Than you so much! @BooksTeasAndBookishThings 🌸🎉❤ 7y
MrBook Welcome to @Litsy ! We hope you enjoy your stay with us 😊👍🏻. We're the most positive, tight-knit, passionate bibliophile community you'll meet. Careful: this'll take over your life. 😂👏🏻🙌🏻 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you @MrBook , it already has 😅 7y
MrBook 🙌🏻 7y
BethM Welcome!! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you ! 🌻 @BethM 7y
BookishMarginalia Welcome to Litsy! Hope you love it here! 7y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you! @BookishMarginalia I'm definitely enjoying it thus far 💃🏻 7y
Jamesfahyauthor Ok I haven't heard of this one before. Adding to my tbr 👍🏼 7y
High.Lady.of.Books It's really great 🙋🏻 I highly recommend it 🙌🏻 @Jamesfahyauthor 7y
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