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Popcorn | Frank Asch
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#holidaytradition #wintergames #teamnutcracker
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We gotta have our popcorn bucket every year even though no one eats the caramel corn.

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ElizaMarie I used to buy one for my grandpa every year. He loves them. He didn't want us to ever get him Christmas presents (he didn't want “things“. He was a very practical man and did that whole “I don't need anything“ type of thing. So every year I bought him popcorn, new slippers and chocolate. I lost him last year in October (at the age of 98). Maybe I will buy myself some popcorn this year. I could modify this as a new type of tradition.
ElizaMarie Thanks for letting me share that with you. Sorry for the long winded comment. 2mo
mdm139 @ElizaMarie thanks for sharing. My mom always sent my gramma popcorn from the Popcorn Factory, multiple times a year for the last seven years. Last Christmas my gramma finally confessed she hates popcorn! We lost her this past spring and little reminders during the holidays are tough. I hope you find comfort in your modified tradition. I raise a bowl of popcorn in memory of your grampa. Cheers, grampa! 2mo
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ElizaMarie Last year (our first Christmas without him was rough) every time I saw those tins. But this year it doesn‘t make me feel so sad but remember more happy thoughts about them. 2mo
ElizaMarie Also I think it‘s super funny that your grandma didn‘t like popcorn but you guys were gifting her with it for years! 2mo
marleed I love this thread. We have a local popcorn shop called Topsy‘s and their Christmas tins are kind of a big deal. It wasn‘t until I moved away for a while that I realized Topsy‘s was local to Kansas City, and somehow that‘s made the popcorn an even bigger thing for us. It‘s funny how traditions start. 2mo
mdm139 @marleed I didn‘t realize how many traditions we had until the tradition prompt. We have a local gourmet popcorn called Popcorn Girl. They make better movie theater popcorn than the movie theaters. They also have popcorn tins and I will probably get one too to support their small business. And I loved Topsys when I lived in Kansas. Those were our tins growing up. And I still buy tins, just from local stores. 2mo
mdm139 @marleed Topsy‘s probably is the reason why I get tins. And we use the popcorn tins to store cookie tins in and sometimes ornaments 2mo
marleed Oh my gosh, then you know about that Plaza Lights Tin! When I moved to SAn Antonio and came back to KC for Christmas I realized I had not seen any Topsy‘s billboards. A couple conversations, a google search and the fun began! I hope Popcorn Girl provides you years of tradition! 2mo
mdm139 @marleed. Oh yes and we went to the plaza lights every year. We would try to go on opening night but sometimes life got in the way and we went a different night. And we went to the park in Topeka that you drive thru the lights. 2mo
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Popcorn | Frank Asch
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#WinterGames #JingleBallers #OrnamentScavengerHunt

Ornament good enough to eat - popcorn - 10 points

FantasyChick I did popcorn on my tree one year.....not as fun as it sounds lol 11pts 2mo
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The Popcorn Shop | Alice Low, Patricia Hammel
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The Popcorn Shop, by Alice Low, is a cute poetry story about having too much popcorn. This website has some nice ideas on how to incorporate a lesson plan alongside this short book.
I would use the storytelling strategy so the students could hear the rhyming out loud, plus I think it would be fun to also include popcorn snacks for the students.

jmartucci UDL 3.2, highlight patterns and big ideas, is reinforced with the rhyming pattern and ESOL 17, provides support through body language and facial expressions that can be used. #ucflae3414su19 7mo
DrSpalding Popcorn and poetry… Yummy alliteration! Use this to engage readers in this genre. 6mo
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Popcorn | Frank Asch


Popcorn | Elaine Landau
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Bad habit of mine... I'm a little ashamed at how often I have popcorn in place of meals. It's like my fav food ever.

What's your fav reading snack?

#writersnacks #readingsnacks

Laura317 Popcorn is my go-to snack, too. 13mo
Annl I often eat chips and salsa as a meal! 13mo
Authoraimeebrown @Annl yum! That's a good choice too! 13mo
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DHill Popcorn for me, too! 13mo
Samplergal I love popcorn too! Hubs is going out of town for a week and I can‘t wait to eat popcorn guilt free! 13mo
Authoraimeebrown @Samplergal bwahaha! We're soulsisters. 13mo
Samplergal @Authoraimeebrown And don‘t EVEN think about going to the movies without first stopping for a bag...... 13mo
Authoraimeebrown @Samplergal gurrrll!!! I've got a deal with my kids that when they go to the movies they stop on their way out and bring mama home a large tub. Lol!! SO good!!! 13mo
mdm139 I love popcorn so much too. I even found a local popcorn shop that makes movie butter popcorn better than the movie theater. My oldest son and I have a deal. If he goes to the movies with out me they have to get me a large popcorn on the way out and vice versa. 13mo
Authoraimeebrown @mdm139 ha!! My kids and I have a similar rule!!! Yum! 13mo
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Popcorn | Frank Asch
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Saw a National Theatre Live movie production of King Lear (with Sir Ian McKellen as Lear) - I‘m glad to have seen it but it‘s a 4 hour effort - so it was a popcorn dinner...

DivineDiana Was there an intermission? Popcorn dinner sounds perfect! 🍿 1y
Samplergal My kind of meal! 1y
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @DivineDiana, 20 minutes but nowhere to buy anything more substantial... 1y
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Berhre mich. Nicht. | Laura Kneidl
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Perfect evening: #book #popcorn #fritzlimo

#readingnow #reading #newadult #love

I love the book and the characters.

Nute Yay, popcorn!🍿 1y
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The Popcorn Book | Tomie DePaola
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It‘s getting #hotinhere ... so turn off all the stoves!

Or make popcorn 🍿


Cinfhen and BarbaraBB consider yourselves tagged!

CouronneDhiver Ha! Yep 2y
Sace 😂🤣😂🤣 2y
SilversReviews I LOVE this. 2y
5280reader One of my favorite books growing up! 2y
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The Popcorn Book | Tomie DePaola
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"The Popcorn Book" by Tomie de Paola is a super cute and fun way to learn the history about popcorn. Is a NF book that explains the history about popcorn, how process of growing corn works and how to make the popcorn so you can eat it. In the back of the book it actually has two different ways you can make popcorn step by step. A great ESOL strategy is 31. Which is writing instructions and problems using shorter or less complex sentences.

emilybanne You can write a modified instruction list and add pictures so the students can easily read it when they go home and want to make popcorn with their family. One great activity I found is that you can graph the students favorite flavor of ppopcorn. Then you can ask follow up questions like, which popcorn is liked the most, the least, or not at all. https://www.brighthubeducation.com/lesson-plans-grades-1-2-83820-the-popcorn-boo... 2y
emilybanne The UDL guideline I chose is 3.2 which is Highlight patterns , critical features, big ideas, and relationships. The students can visually see with the bar graph how many people voted for each flavor. They will be able to identify relationships with the popcorn flavor and how may of their friends chose it. #UCFLAE3414SuB18 2y
emilybanne This book would be great for PR. The students will have fun reading with a partner about popcorn and possibly share different stories about times when they made popcorn. 2y
DrSpalding Using this book as a mentor text for expository writing is a wise choice. Thoughtful alignment to the UDL principles and EL strategies. 2y
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Happy Friday Littens!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️
1. #Kindle (on my #paperwhite)
2. 7.5 (what an odd question 😂)
3. Smartfood sea salt #popcorn or #HaloTop ice cream
4. #SexandtheCity, #SavedbytheBell, or #GilmoreGirls
5. @EllieDottie @Pamwurtzler @Chelleo @Karkar @MinDea

GripLitGrl Great TV show picks👍 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 I love my paperwhite! And sex in the city is awesomeness 2y
ChelseaM6010 Halo Top ice cream is liiiife! 🍦 2y
SilversReviews I have a Paperwhite too. Not that great with the mechanics of it, but it is good 2y
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