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If you were to choose a faction for yourself...which would you choose? I would choose Dauntless for myself🙋🏻 But a bathbomb I received in an @owlcrate tells me I'm Candor! I love this charm because it also represents my zodiac sign🖤✨#veronicaroth #divergent #faction #abnegation #amity #candor #erudite #dauntless #divergent

Bitchezwhobrunchwithbookz I hate confrontation so I'm probably Amity haha 5y
literary_dreamer @Bitchezwhobrunchwithbookz but when faced with confrontation...Amity can get it done😉 I like Amity as well🤗🤗 5y
hammykhan Follow back? 5y
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Hi fellow bookworms 🙋🏻
The Divergent trilogy is one of my favourite dystopian series's. Is it just me, or are almost all dystopians a trilogy? 😅 I read these some years ago and devoured each book the moment they came out. I am quite disappointed with the movies though. Let me know which faction you guys belong to 🙌🏻 I'm probably part of Erudite 🙈
Happy reading 📚

#bookworm #bibliophile #book #divergent #bookish #bookaholic #reader #erudite

BooknerdsLife Love your username so much 😁👍💖 5y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you 🙌🏻❤ @BookwormEliza 5y
BooknerdsLife @High.Lady.of.Books aww thank you for the follow 💕🤗 5y
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High.Lady.of.Books Love your account 👏🏻🌸 @BookwormEliza 5y
LydiaTheHuman Those covers are so beautiful 😍 5y
High.Lady.of.Books Thank you 🙋🏻❤ @LydiaWachtman 5y
BooknerdsLife @High.Lady.of.Books Thank you so much! I love your account too! 💗💗😙 5y
[DELETED] 1270140328 These editions😍 5y
High.Lady.of.Books I know 🙈 they're my favourite @heytheredeonna 5y
BookishMouse I think I'm Amity! I also really loved the Four book. 5y
High.Lady.of.Books I loved it too 🙋🏻 @BookishMouse It was so cool to read about his past 5y
BookishMouse @High.Lady.of.Books I really enjoyed his perspective. 5y
Smangela Love the cover art of these 😍 I hate a love/hate relationship with this trilogy haha 5y
High.Lady.of.Books I have a lave relationship with the books and a hate relationship witht the movies 🙈 @Smangela 5y
Bookish.Taylor I loved the first book! Liked the second, and could have done without the last. The movies need to burn! I feel like I would have been Amity. 5y
High.Lady.of.Books I must say, the last book was my least favourite. 🙈 @Bookish.Taylor 5y
Smangela @High.Lady.of.Books I hear that! I didn't even watch past the first. I like Shailene Woodley but they changed too much! 5y
High.Lady.of.Books I didn't even recognise the book in the last movie 😐 @Smangela 5y
HollieTurner Erudite for me 😊 5y
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