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Catching up with #colormepretty; this is for Day 11, #red. I missed yesterday due to a kitty vet visit and inexplicable exhaustion. Hopefully I‘m not getting sick ... Sleeping too much would cut into my reading time. 😁


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The Power | Naomi Alderman
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#Red #ColorMePretty
Read this when it was first published. Another one of those award winner book that I‘m not a big fan of, I did enjoy the reading experience but ...I found this a little overhyped 🙈
#UnpopularOpinion #booknerd #bookaward #Bibliophile #AussieReader #ReadersLife

LapReader The Lessons by her was fantastic. 4d
Amiable I agree —I rated it a “so-so” because I was a bit disappointed after the hype. 4d
BooknerdsLife @LapReader Awww I will put that on my TBR 🙌🏼Thank you! 💖🤗 4d
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BooknerdsLife @Amiable Awww so relieved to know I‘m not the only one! 😅 Same! After all the hypes around the book, I was underwhelmed 4d
Amiable @BooknerdsLife I think if I had gone into it blind without having heard anything about it, I might have liked it more. My expectations were just too high, I believe. 4d
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Kings of the Wyld | Nicholas Eames
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Day 11: #red
The red spine, the red heavy metal font letters, the amazing cover art. Gah. I love this book so much. It is absolutely amazing, I know tons talk about Bloody Rose the 2nd in the series (which I do love as well) but this one is its own piece of badass fantasy magic! I love it so much. I actually have the cover art as my phone wallpaper haha.

Eggs What‘s CMYK? Color Me .....?? 5d
Sweetkokoro @eggs CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. They are the colors used in printers to create color printed images! 5d
Eggs Got it😉 5d
Heretherebedragons I ❤️ ❤️❤️the cover art of this series. I‘ll have to move this book up a few spots on my TBR pile. (edited) 4d
Sweetkokoro @Heretherebedragons You will not be disappointed the book is amazing. I actually follow the cover artist now and he has this cover up for sale as a canvas print and it will soon be on my wall. I love his art so much. 4d
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City of Thieves: A Novel | David Benioff
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“‘Stalin goes to visit one of the collectives outside of Moscow. ‘Tell me, comrade, how did the potatoes do this year?‘ ‘Very well, Comrade Stalin. If we piled them up, they would reach God.‘ ‘But God does not exist, Comrade Farmer.‘ ‘Nor do the potatoes, Comrade Stalin.‘‘”

#ColorMePretty | 11: #Red

📷: Made with Typorama

BookishTrish Nicely played! 5d
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Hello. Welcome to my mind when it comes to the color red. Check out my picks for the color red for the color me pretty challenge. Sorry i was so late on this one. I have been feeling really crappy the past couple of days. What you see in this picture is Red Riding Hood the movie, Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, and Clifford The Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell. You can tell that i am a kid at heart with this one. Enjoy! #red #colormepretty @Sweetkokoro

First Blood | Erin McCarthy, Meljean Brook, Chris Marie Green
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#colormepretty @Sweetkokoro This book definitely invokes the colour #red.

How to Walk Away | Katherine Center
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Some #Red #BOTM for #ColorMePretty ❤️❤️❤️

Velvetfur Fantastic photo, love it! ❤️ 5d
BookBabe Great photo! 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Velvetfur thank you!!! 🖤❤️ 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @BookBabe thank you 🖤❤️ I would love to send you a card! My email is loverofbooks75@gmail dot com if you‘re ok with that 💗 5d
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Today‘s #colormepretty is #red!

Most of these I‘ve already covered in previous posts, so go check those out if you missed them!

Inkheart was okay. I remember loving the movie, but I just never really got super into the book.

State of Emergency is disaster series that got worse after book 1.

Malice I read in middle school with a friend. That book and it‘s sequel are really interesting and definitely a good read for younger audiences.

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Lawe's Justice | Lora Leigh
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