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Cape | Kate Hannigan
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For my #weekly forecast I‘m not sure exactly what I‘ll read. I will finish the tagged book (hopefully today so I can mail it Monday).

I promised to Josh to get Harlie Quinn read so he can move it to his area, plus I am still working through a pile of library GN and I hope to start my #book spin selection Legendary. We shall see.

Cinfhen Good luck 🍀💚 2w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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Librarybelle Nice forecast! 1mo
Lizpixie Good luck!👍 1mo
Cinfhen Looks like you‘re right on track ❤️ 1mo
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#bookreport and #weekly forecast

I didn‘t get as much reading done this week as I would have liked due to overtime and holiday stuff, but it‘s okay. I finished Evvie Drake Starts Over, but I‘m still working on the rest.

Cinfhen One done in a busy week is great!!! 2mo
Bookzombie @Cinfhen Thank you! ☺️ 2mo
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My #weekly forecast.
A friend loaned me Starless Sea 🤗. I will get my own copy but waiting until after the holidays in case it ends up under the tree!
I‘m waiting for a library hold for Quichotte, so I‘m not sure which audiobook will be up this week.
I‘m reading the tagged for #BBRC book to movie and also for #MountTBR.
The author of Mostly Dead Things was at #TXBookFest2019, and the title intrigued me. It‘s good, but a little dark.

Cinfhen I do love the cover and title but it‘s a short story collection/ right?!? 2mo
Cinfhen I see it says novel / why did I think it was short stories?? 2mo
Soubhiville @Cinfhen it is a novel. I‘m not sure... except there have been tons of short story collections released this year? 2mo
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Cinfhen Must be a similar titled or book cover that I‘m confusing it with 🤷🏼‍♀️There really were A LOT of short story collections this year! A bunch were on the ToB long list 2mo
LibrarianRyan yeahhhh. 2mo
TheAromaofBooks Starless Sea just came in at the library for me, but I probably won't get to it this week. I've heard mixed reviews so I'm nervous!! 2mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Can't wait to read your review on Starless Sea! 2mo
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#weekly forecast
I started the tagged book today.
I‘ll start The Inexplicable Logic on my work commute Tuesday, and Three Women if my library hold comes in.
I‘ll probably choose from Sula or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn next. But maybe not too, I feel non-committal right now.

#bookreport a day late:
City of Girls was great!
Disappearing Earth I struggled with a bit, but ultimately was a pick.
The Circle was another great one! I recommend audio.

Cinfhen I‘m feeling non- committal myself!! Must be this time of year🤷🏼‍♀️ 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks We are reading Three Women in January for #BotmBuddyRead ❤️ 2mo
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#weekly forecast @Cinfhen

Didn‘t add but probably some holiday books for #winter games too!

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I‘m hoping to start something new and I‘d love if you would join me💕Each Sunday I‘ll post my #WeeklyForecast ~ the books I‘m currently reading & maybe what‘s coming up next. On Saturday I‘ll give a small #BookReport ~ what progress I made and my thoughts regarding my current reads. This will be a small way to stay in touch and keep our conversations going 😊 please share your own #WeeklyForecast and #BookReport too 📚❤️

CarolynM Nice idea 🙂 I've just started 4mo
JennyM Lovely idea Cindy. Just started this one, and also hoping to read the new Laura Lipman 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing @JennyM @CarolynM 💜 @valeriegeary just hosted bookclub last night on Lisa Jewel ‘s novel. I think it was a mixed pick?!? And I‘m curious about the new Laura Lipman/ Hope you‘ll check back in next Saturday with a #bookreport 😉You too, @CarolynM especially since you‘re the FIRST person to post about 4mo
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LeeRHarry I‘m reading this one and then will read True by Riikka Pulkkinen - great idea! (edited) 4mo
KarenUK Lovely idea! 👍💕 4mo
Kalalalatja Great idea! I‘m currently reading this, with a combination of print and audio to get through the many pages of it. I‘m hoping to finish it during the next week. My next read will probably be something VERY short, like a GN or the like 😅 4mo
Librarybelle Love this idea! ❤️ I have to think about this and post later. Though, I do hope to finish this one today 4mo
Sace Looking forward to it. 4mo
RachelO I love this idea too 😊 4mo
Cinfhen So glad you‘re all on board @RachelO @Sace @Librarybelle @Kalalalatja @KarenUK Hope you‘ll post your own #WeeklyForecast 4mo
Cinfhen I loved your current read @LeeRHarry and I‘m not familiar with the other book you mentioned but I‘m curious to hear more about it 4mo
TrishB Great idea- will try and remember later! 4mo
Cinfhen You‘ll have a massive #BookReport to share each Saturday @TrishB 😂you just blow through books 😘 4mo
rachelm Love this! 4mo
kspenmoll Love your picture. Your idea of a #weekly forecast is such fun! 4mo
dariazeoli Oh, what a nice idea! 4mo
valeriegeary @Cinfhen @JennyM We actually read Joshilyn Jackson's new book! 🤗 Haven't read The Family Upstairs yet. 😄 4mo
valeriegeary But also I really like this idea! Especially since I'm only using litsy on the weekends now! This is a perfect chance to stay up to date with everyone! 4mo
Cinfhen Ooops!!!! So much for my memory @valeriegeary 🤪😂 @JennyM / I‘ll need to start taking notes 📝 😉 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks @kspenmoll @dariazeoli Im hoping to stay in touch with all my friends this way 😘 Thanks for posting @rachelm I‘m also hoping to get book suggestions this way ☺️ 4mo
BarbaraBB Great idea!! I definite join and will post my #weeklyforecast! 💕 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Oh, I like your idea! You‘re so creative. 😘 4mo
Sace @Cinfhen yup! I posted a forecast. Now 🤞 I follow through! 4mo
TheEllieMo Love this idea!! Definitely jumping on this bandwagon 😁 4mo
Cinfhen Great @TheEllieMo 😁📚💝🙌🏻 4mo
Cinfhen Yay @erzascarletbookgasm @BarbaraBB I‘m getting ready to start adding to my TBR 🤗 4mo
TrishB Will just be plane reading and maybe late night hotel this week!! 4mo
Cinfhen Didn‘t know you‘re traveling this week @TrishB safe travels ✈️♥️ 4mo
Freespirit That is a great idea! I am a slower reader but could give an update if I haven't finished my book for the week👍🏻 4mo
merelybookish I'm in! 😀 4mo
CoffeeNBooks I love this idea! 4mo
ChasingOm What a cool idea! 4mo
Cinfhen I‘m glad you‘re all “chill” with the #WeeklyForecast @Freespirit @merelybookish ( 👋🏽 hiiiiii!!!!!) @CoffeeNBooks @ChasingOm I would love to see what you‘re reading!!! I‘m hoping this will keep us all up to date xx and enhance our TBR (edited) 4mo
Centique Clever! This is a great way to stay in touch with each other. You are The Litsy Innovator. 😊😊👏👏 4mo
Balibee146 Fab idea... Will do my forecast when I'm home soon 👍👍💡💡💡👌 4mo
Cathythoughts What a great idea! I would love to join in👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4mo
Cinfhen So glad to have you both joining in @Cathythoughts @Balibee146 💕💕 4mo
Cinfhen Thank you my dear friend 😘 @Centique 4mo
Crazeedi Love the idea! I'll try to remember to do! 4mo
AmyG Great idea. 4mo
janeycanuck Sounds fun, I think I‘ll try to join you! 4mo
Cinfhen Awesome @janeycanuck 👍🏽😃 4mo
Mdargusch I love this idea! 4mo
emilyhaldi You‘re always keeping things interesting here on Litsy! ❤️ I kept seeing these hashtags and finally did some digging to your original post... I‘m going to try and join in this week 🤗 4mo
SaturnDoo I haven't been around much the past few weeks due to real life, but saw all the weekly forecast posts today. Finally found this post and find it interesting 😊 thinking I need to join in the fun. Need the motivation as not much reading is getting done. Thanks for the inspiration 😘 3mo
Cinfhen Yay!! You found the original @SaturnDoo just join in whenever you feel like it! It would be great to see you back posting 🤗🤗🤗 3mo
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