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All My Mothers | Joanna Glen
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I loved this ♥️ I loved the authors first book (Augusta Hope) and this is similar in the sense that it deals with loss, love, families and friends. There are a lot of sad themes here but all dealt with in a way that‘s not too depressing. There was one sad bit where I had to not cry on the train!
She also didn‘t go for the neat ending which I liked.

MicheleinPhilly I‘m sure I‘ll read it in 2 years. ☺️ 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @squirrelbrain #StoryOfMyLife Are you feeling better, Helen? 1mo
squirrelbrain Just about back to normal @MicheleinPhilly - apart from an annoying cough. How are you doing? 1mo
MicheleinPhilly @squirrelbrain Same with the cough. It is driving me BONKERS. 😡 1mo
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Half of a Yellow Sun | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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A much more successful book club read though very heavy for the month we‘ve just had in the U.S. More than a little disconcerting to read about civil war and a coup when...well you know. Still, Adichie‘s writing is so skillful it transports you completely to Nigeria. And all of the central characters are so richly developed. 4⭐️

TheBookStacker I love her writing so much. Americanah is one of my top 10 favorite books. 2y
MicheleinPhilly @TheBookStacker It‘s been an age since I‘ve read it but it‘s one of my favorites too. 2y
BarbaraBB @TheBookStacker @MicheleinPhilly Mine too! Someone on Litsy said me this one is even better: 2y
MicheleinPhilly @BarbaraBB Looks like I already stacked it, who knows when. ☺️ #storyofmylife 2y
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#JamminJune Day 11: So I bought the Little #Paris Bookshop in 2017 but have yet to read it. #StoryOfMyLife. Here is my other book loot in that warehouse sale: https://wp.me/pDlzr-giE - for the record, I miss book sales.

Eggs 🥰👏🏻📚👌🏼👏🏻 2y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I miss book sales, too! Spring is usually the peak season for them around here. 2y
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The Nest | Jon Klassen, Kenneth Oppel
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Picnic at Hanging Rock | Joan Lindsay
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A group of students from a private girls‘ school near Melbourne have a picnic near Hanging Rock. A few go to explore the rocks on their own. Three of the girls and one of their teachers go #missing in unusual circumstances. A fascinating story.

Moray_Reads LOVED this one 3y
Cinfhen Own it but haven‘t read it yet 😜#StoryOfMyLife 3y
squirrelbrain Great pick - added to the stack! 3y
Cathythoughts I have this & must read soon 👍🏻♥️ 3y
gradcat Loved both the book and the movie...and the TV series. No, kidding—I didn‘t watch the TV series! ♥️😂 3y
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Educated: A Memoir | Tara Westover
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I think just about everybody has read this one except me but I finally started it on audio this afternoon. I was worried the narrator was going to annoy me, but I pretty quickly got used to her voice and am completely engrossed in the story so far.

Freespirit I haven‘t read it yet. Hope to...one day!! 3y
Lindy Add me to the Not Read It list. 3y
DivineDiana Discussing at Book Club this week! 3y
MicheleinPhilly I haven‘t read it yet either. But I have it. #storyofmylife 3y
Joanne1 @Freespirit @Lindy glad I‘m not the only one to have overlooked this one... until now. @MicheleinPhilly mine too! @DivineDiana I‘d love to hear what you‘re book club thought of it. I couldn‘t get out of the car this morning I was so engrossed in it. 3y
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Coffee with Oscar Wilde | Merlin Holland
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📸 :: Death Wish Coffee Co.

Shirley | Charlotte Bront
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Count me in! 😆😆

They sure don‘t title chapters like they used to, do they?


batsy Right? ? I also liked a previous one: "Shirley Seeks to be Saved by Works". #metooShirley 4y
erzascarletbookgasm I wish I‘m reading a physical copy, I‘m missing all these! 4y
saresmoore The chapter titles really are exceptional. @batsy #storyofmylife 4y
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merelybookish I loved this! And really, feel a little squee inside every time I'm addressed as Reader. 4y
merelybookish I'm now on "To-morrow" which is a little less inspired. ? 4y
Blaire Love this!! @merelybookish yes, I love being directly spoken to. For some reason the modern equivalent I think of is Zach in saved by the bell stepping out to talk to the audience. 😂 4y
Mitch Loving the bookmark.... I‘ll be there on Monday! 4y
LeahBergen @Mitch You lucky duck!! 🦆 4y
Reviewsbylola Love that! 4y
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Boxers | Gene Luen Yang, Lark Pien
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I have this, but (and you know what's coming next) I still haven't read it. 😂

#TheBoxer #WinterWonderland @TrishB @Cinfhen

Cathythoughts I knew what was coming next .,... 😂😂😱. Nice cover 👍🏻 4y
TrishB We actually did this movement in history in school - which is a surprise as nearly everything was Anglo based!! 4y
BarbaraBB 😂😂 4y
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Centique 😂😂😂 oh man, I love that we all totally guessed this. #bookwormproblems #foundourtribe 4y
Tanisha_A #DrowinginTBR. Also, I am interested to know what the boy bear is saying to the girl bear? 4y
batsy @TrishB I've only heard about it, but know nothing! It sounds super fascinating. 4y
batsy @Tanisha_A Those four words every girl bear wants to hear: "Any book you want" ? 4y
Ms_T 😂 4y
Aimeesue Saw a talk by Yang at the National Book Festival a couple years ago - such a fascinating, enthusiastic guy! His mission in life seems to be to get kids interested in reading. ❤️ 4y
Lindy It‘s a wonderful book. Do you have the companion book that looks at the rebellion from a different viewpoint? 4y
batsy @Aimeesue That's great! I'm even more excited about this :) 4y
batsy @Lindy Yes, I have that one too :) 4y
Lindy @batsy I put off reading them for too long simply because of the frowns on the covers. They are such a delight! Nuanced historical fiction. 4y
batsy @Lindy I know, from the covers I thought it wouldn't be my thing 🙂 But positive reviews on Litsy convinced me, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! 4y
Lindy @batsy Another great thing about these is that they are engaging re-reads, so you get a lot of reading value out of them. 4y
batsy @Lindy 👍🏽 I don't own many graphic novels, but the ones I tend to buy tend to be nonfiction. So much interesting work. 4y
Suet624 I learned a lot from this book. 4y
batsy @Suet624 I'm glad to hear that! 4y
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