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Bingo! | Rosemary Wells
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This is our reading bingo card for the summer at my library. This is my brain child, it was created by my incredibly talented and dedicated library techs. All squares are clickable on the library site page that will give a lists of book suggestions that fit the square. #readingbingo

CarolynM I love this! I bet you could sell it to bookshops (and other libraries, but maybe for a nominal charge) 5d
tournevis 👍👍👍 4d
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The Wrap-up of 2018 Reading Bingo Challenge by r/fantasy is #readingbingo #2018 in my blog: leticiatoraci.wordpress.com


📚 Where is everyone finding their reading challenges for 2018? I see so many interesting challenges referenced in posts, and I'd love to be able to join in on a few! 📚

Chelleo Follow @LitsyHappenings to catch all the updates about various challenges and swaps. 1y
Bkwurm @Chelleo Thank you! Done. ✅ 1y
Chelleo A few are: #MountTBRchallenge #LitsyAtoZ #LitsyByTheNumbers #ReadHarder #PopSugar #photochallenge #readingbingo #litsyreadingchallenge2018 #poetrychallenge2018 There‘s a seasonal Litsy challenge and I can‘t remember the hashtag. I‘ll find it though. (edited) 1y
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Bkwurm @Chelleo great! I'm doing #readharder, but see so many other interesting looking ones. I'll check out the few you mentioned. 🤓 1y
Chelleo @Bkwurm many of them can be done simultaneously since they overlap. 1y
SleepyDragon Can someone tell me what the rules are for #MountTBRchallenge? I can't find it. 1y
Cinfhen Thanks for the mention @TheKidUpstairs 🙂here‘s the link for #booked2018 If you feel like joining in.... Details are in the sign-up link here: https://tinyurl.com/ybl7app4 1y
Bkwurm @TheKidUpstairs and @Cinfhen thanks for the further suggestions and links. I'm stoked to have so many new challenges to check out and communities to become a part of! 💗 1y
Bkwurm @NeesyBeth I'll look around and let you know if I can find that particular one. Sounds hard core! 1y
SleepyDragon @Bkwurm - I appreciate it. When I clicked on the hashtag, I saw a whole lot of people posting lists, but there was so much variation that I couldn't get a sense of what the goal was specifically supposed to be. I couldn't find the original post explaining it, but there were too many posts to shift through in the little time I had earlier. I think the general idea is to make a dent in your TBR. Maybe ... 1y
DivaDiane @NeesyBeth @Bkwurm The #MountTBRchallenge is only as hard core as you want it to be. The books must be in your possession (whether owned or library books) for at least a month. The longer they‘ve waited the better! The idea is to “shop” for your next read from your own shelves/Kindle/Audible queue. Use the above hash tag! We‘ve posted our goal for the challenge, some have posted actual lists, also the book that‘s been waiting the longest. 1y
DivaDiane @NeesyBeth @Bkwurm Otherwise, no sign up. You can also stipulate a reward of a new book for every x TBRs you‘ve read. 😊Welcome! 1y
SleepyDragon @DivaDiane thanks for the info! 1y
Bkwurm @DivaDiane that sounds fantastic! I could definitely use an excuse to "shop" in my own library and whittle down my TBR mountain. #MountTBRchallenge 1y
melyndarae I looked around and found a few lists. Ultimately, I made my own list though. I took some ideas I liked and added them or changed them a bit and added some of my own. My hubs, daughter, and I are all doing. The library will be our friend and save the bank the account lol. 1y
GatheringBooks do join our #LitWorld2018GB challenge - lots of book prizes, open internationally. :) 1y
Bkwurm @GatheringBooks thank you for the link and the invitation. I think I may just join in. 😊 1y
Bkwurm @melyndarae yes, making a list on my own is always a good option, but I thought it might be fun to join in some of these challenges with others. 🤓 1y
melyndarae @Bkwurm I had made the decision begore joining this amazing and wonderful app. Lol. Next time I will definitely join one with others on here. 1y
Bkwurm @melyndarae I look forward to following you and talking books! 1y
melyndarae @Bkwurm Same here! 1y
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Burning Glass | Kathryn Purdie
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I'm working towards getting #BlackoutBingo in this #ReadingBingo #Challenge 🙌

Jess7 I like this! 2y
Jess7 I want to do this but ill have to start next year bc I've already read almost all of those this year 2y
MorbidAi @Jess7 it's a really neat way to get out of your go to genre. I've read a few books this year that I never would've picked up otherwise and ended up really enjoying them. 2y
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Before the Fall | Noah Hawley
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Finished this book up last night as part of the #readingbingo readathon over on #bookstagram and it was way different than I was expecting! It took me a while to care about anyone other than Scott and JJ but overall I enjoyed how the story developed. ✈️

Kendra.Diane I agree! This book was just the amount of suspense needed to keep going! Loved the storyline and plot twists! 2y
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