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The Dud Avocado | Elaine Dundy
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A day late, but... Sally Jay Gorce is the perfect fun, flirty, and #promiscuous protagonist for this prompt. Dundy has an amazing ability to convey the (hilarious) voice of her main character in this novel- perhaps bc this story is loosely based on her own life.

Reviewsbylola I have been meaning to read this for years!! 2y
vivastory Now I want guacamole...& to go shopping for NYRB Classics 2y
ReadingEnvy Love this one. I've gifted another book by her but need to read it myself - 2y
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Cinfhen I love the book title and I totally want guacamole too 💚 2y
tammysue Stacking! 💚 2y
Mdargusch Great photo! 👌🏼 2y
BarbaraBB I love all about this post 🥑💚 2y
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Loose Girl | Kerry Cohen
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Cinfhen Good one! I just read her newest memoir and I found myself really judging her 😬I just did not relate to her at all and I had little sympathy for her...I‘m usually much more accepting ,something about her privileged attitude and unapologetic behavior didn‘t sit well with me 🙄 2y
Eggs @Cinfhen I haven't read either one. But I get what you're feeling. We make choices in life... 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for acknowledging my weakness 😘😘im getting all riled up again, just thinking about her parenting decisions 😥🙄 2y
Eggs @Cinfhen uhhhhh that must have been hard to read. I hate when kids are hurt by parents' drama 😰 2y
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The Friend | Sigrid Nunez
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When you hear about a book from a podcast and later in the day see it on a display shelf at the library, you go ahead and read it.

So far it‘s an odd little book. The narrator is grieving the suicide of her #promiscuous friend and in the aftermath of his death she ends up taking care of his dog. Meanwhile she rambles and meanders a lot. About all sorts of things. I‘m really not sure where this is going or what I think about it.


Cinfhen #bookkarma sounds like it has potential 2y
BarbaraBB I just posted about this book as well, with the same picture! #bookkarma indeed. I do like some parts of it, some less. I am about hundred pages in and you? 2y
Susanita @BarbaraBB I tried it with the cover, but it had the shiny plastic from the library and too much glare. Last night I thought I‘d power through and finish it, but then I got to some weird stuff too close to bedtime. It sounds like I‘m at about the same place as you, around page 100. 2y
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UrsulaMonarch @Susanita what podcast did you hear about it on? My mom recommended it to me & I enjoyed it overall! 2y
Susanita @UrsulaMonarch I heard it on the July 11 episode of the Reading Women podcast. They interviewed author Lucy Tan about her next book, and at the end they asked her for recommendations. 2y
UrsulaMonarch @Susanita thanks! I'm very behind on that podcast - will have to catch up! ☺️ 2y
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Excellently researched with just enough detail to satisfy my curiosity but without being boring! This is geared to a #YA audience with the pictures and some of the explanations, but it wasn‘t too simple or basic either. I‘ve watched the Masterpiece show Victoria and this book was a nice accompaniment. Queen Victoria was definitely against #promiscuous behavior-she‘d had enough of that with her uncles! She had very strong morals! #heatofjuly

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Sex and the City | Candace Bushnell
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Some might say the ladies from Sex and the City are #promiscuous, but I always admired how they were living their best lives doing what they wanted. I might not have agreed with everything they did, but the series did make me rethink some of my norms and stereotypes.

Also, this was a clear example of the series being better than the book. I bailed on this so many times before finally finishing it 😅


SandyW Agreed on all points. I tried to read this one awhile ago and bailed. 2y
Cinfhen Same @SandyW @Kalalalatja This was one of the most wittiest written shows but man did the book suck 😖 2y
BarbaraBB I loved the series but never considered to read the book 😉 2y
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Elisa Agreed, the series was far better than the books. I don‘t like Bushnell‘s writing not her voice. 2y
mrp27 I'm in total agreement @Cinfhen @SandyW loved the show and the book was one of the worst I've read. I've tried other Bushnell books and bailed on all of them. 2y
SandyW @mrp27 good to know! 2y
Reggie @BarbaraBB don‘t read the book. All the characters are missing the heart they had on the show. Nobody is likeable. But I do love Candace Bushnell because she does a moth storytelling episode about how her first husband was gay and how she had to go ask this very orthodox Jewish council for a divorce. It was very insightful. She seems like a wonderful person. 2y
Kalalalatja @SandyW @Cinfhen @Elisa @mrp27 @BarbaraBB @Reggie it definitely didn‘t make me want to pick up another Bushnell book. I‘m just trying my best to forget about the book, and only remember the series 😄 2y
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Girl, Interrupted | Susanna Kaysen
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wanderinglynn I liked both the book & the movie. 👍🏻 2y
Amabear Is this a scary book or just a mental illness book? If it‘s not too scary I want to read it! But I don‘t do horror 😂 2y
elizabethlk @Amabear my mum doesn't do horror either and enjoyed both the book and the movie. 2y
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GripLitGrl @Amabear i believe its more autobiographical not horror at all its more like how mental illness was treated in the 60's. Never read the book but enjoyed the movie. 2y
Cinfhen Saw the movie - was very good 💜 but sad 😭 2y
GripLitGrl @elizabethlk I'm gonna have to read this book since i got a couple good book & movie comments. I actually forgot it was a book till i was looking for this movie quote online. 2y
GripLitGrl @Cinfhen yes agree it was sad 2y
Caroline2 I love this movie! I think this may be the rare case of the movie being better than the book! But the book is still very good! 👍🏻 2y
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#HeatOfJuly This true life memoir features some very #promiscuous behavior which was beyond shocking. Suzy Favor Hamilton, a 3 time Olympic athletic, suburban housewife and young mother was turning tricks for exuberant fees & lavish gifts. Addicted to the rush of a thrill & power of attention, Suzy Hamilton soon finds the glamorous world of a paid escort to tempting to quit. It‘s a page turner!

BarbaraBB This does sound appealing! Buy or borrow 😉?! (edited) 2y
BookishMe @BarbaraBB I agree about the naughty appeal ;p 2y
Cinfhen I borrowed from Hoopla or OverDrive ( I can‘t remember) it‘s not well written & once u read it you probably won‘t read again so I‘ll say #BorrowNotBuy @BarbaraBB unless it‘s one of those 99 cent deals 😉 2y
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cathysaid I'm pretty sure there was a Law & Order episode based on this. Also, my name is Cathy and I'm a Law & Order addict. 😁 2y
Reggie @cathysaid it‘s hard not to be when at anytime you can turn to 4 different channels and one has a marathon or they have a 2 hr rerun block. #Lennywasmyfavorite. 2y
cathysaid @Reggie Right? Lenny was my fave, too. #RIPLenny 2y
Cinfhen I some how missed Law & Order but it‘s true @Reggie even in Israel it‘s on ALL THE TIME @cathysaid 2y
Cinfhen I know L&O was known for taking ripped from the headlines stories and this story was huge when it broke! Suzy was the second highest paid escort in Nevada! 2y
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#heatofjuly @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Pamela was not #promiscuous and hers is a tale of virtue rewarded.

BarbaraBB Still need to read it. It‘s on the #1001books list. Did you enjoy it? 2y
Sace @BarbaraBB er... Un... Haven't read it yet. I own books. I can't be bothered to read them too! 😂😂😂😂 2y
BarbaraBB @RestlessFickleBookHoarder 😂😂😂😂 I know! 2y
ValerieAndBooks Found a copy of this today! But don‘t know when I‘ll get to it, either 😅😂! 2y
Sace @ValerieAndBooks Yup. #bookhoarder problems. 😂 2y
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Life is Elsewhere | Milan Kundera
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#promiscuous #heatofjuly
Not read the book - just gone for a quote!
Such a judgemental word isn‘t it!?

Cathythoughts Yes , good point , it really is a judgmental word alright. I can‘t think of anything for this prompt 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
BarbaraBB Great quote. Kundera 👍 2y
batsy Great quote to think about... 2y
Centique I totally agree - so much judgement in the word and used more frequently to describe women. 🙄 2y
TrishB @Centique exactly 👍🏻 2y
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The Heart in Exile | Rodney Garland, Adam De Hegedus
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#promiscuous #heatofjuly This book was written in 1953. It is way ahead of its time. Unfortunately, this author was believed to have killed himself in 1958. There are so many things he says in this book that are relevant today. The pompous guy talking is the MC, who is a therapist helping a woman deal with the suicide of her fiancé who used to be his ex lover. You hate him until the middle of the book where you find out how fallible he is.

DivaDiane I was with him until the last sentence. “The homo...” Hate that term. And then “...than a normal person.” Ugh. I‘m a normal person and it makes me angry. 2y
DivaDiane That said, taken completely out of context, what I wrote above should not be taken necessarily as a criticism of the book, its author or its importance. 2y
Reggie I think it was just the time. Plus gays hadn‘t been cleared by the APA of not being mentally deranged yet, so we weren‘t considered normal back then. @DivaDiane 2y
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Reggie Oh, sorry didn‘t see that last sentence while writing my reply. Lol @DivaDiane 2y
Centique A shocking time in history. 😨 I think I should stack this. I like the sound of finding out how fallible the therapist is. 2y
Reggie @Centique the author does this great thing where he sends his own MC a curveball and it kinda made me as reader feel smug towards him. I thought this book was great. 2y
DivineDiana I can see why you will hate him. 2y
Cinfhen That is a jarring paragraph 😩 2y
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