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A False Report: A True Story of Rape in America | T. Christian Miller, Ken Armstrong
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I'm so glad this story is being told. I cried through most of it - and am humbled by the resilience of Marie Adler. I listened to the This American Life story and Netflix did such a good job with this story. #powerfulwomen

LibrarianRyan This was so good. 2mo
MamaGina This was SO good, such an important topic and the acting was amazing! 🤓 2mo
Bookish_B I cried through it too. It was so good. 2mo
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charl08 My library has a copy, I'll have a look for it. 2mo
Hooked_on_books It‘s such a good book. And I‘m glad it‘s told by men. Until there‘s buy-in from men about the rarity of false reporting, we won‘t get anywhere. 2mo
AlaMich The Netflix series was excellent! 2mo
Mitch @MamaGina @librarianryan - it really was stunning - all the women were amazing, truly.. 2mo
Mitch @Bookish_B Me too! 2mo
Mitch @Hooked_on_books Agreed x 2mo
Mitch @AlaMich Best hing ive seen for a long long time 2mo
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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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So I know I could buy the book and not wait six months to read it, but I think this book would be even more powerful listening to her read the words as they're meant to be. Plus I'm making progress! Only 1207 people in front of me...😊🤔😭 #waiting #patient #femaleauthor #powerfulwomen

Susanita With that many copies, you‘ll move up the list fast. 12mo
Bookjunkie57 Wow I thought the 120 people waiting at my local library was a lot. It‘s worth the wait. 12mo
JennyM Argh...I have never seen so many requests for a book! 12mo
AnansiGirl Wooow I‘ve yet to see a number like that for any library book 😲 12mo
LibLib @Susanita @Bookjunkie57 @JennyM @AnansiGirl I'm willing to be patient and if the wait is that long, I have a feeling it'll be a good one! 12mo
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My Own Words | Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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Stopped at BN before Girl #1 OT. #bookhaul #powerfulwomen

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Geek Feminist Revolution | Kameron Hurley
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Channeling positive #feminist vibes today and wearing my Mt. Nasty t-shirt as I get ready for the sold out K-Flay concert tonight!! 🎉🙌🏼😍💁🏻‍♀️ Her music is pretty dark, but love it. The beat makes me smile and gets me hyped!! #Kflay #BloodIntheCut #FML #Feminism #MountNasty #NastyWomen #powerfulwomen #RBG #Cincinnati #concerts #music #ThePowerofWords #ThePowerofMusic

LoverofLit I love this so much! 2y
Jess7 Aww thank you! My sister-in-law bought the shirt from Amazon for me for Christmas. Search Mount Nasty if you want your own! 🤗🤗 @LoverofLit 2y
Iblu Must check this music out!!! Love the pic! 👍👍👍 2y
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LoverofLit Thank you! @Jess7 2y
Hooked_on_books Great pic! 2y
AmyG 🙌🏻 2y
whippoorwill815 I own the Mt. Nasty shirt as well 👏😃 2y
HOTPock3tt ❤️🎉!!! 2y
SleepyDragon I want a shirt too ... feeling left out. Lol 2y
sprainedbrain I love K.Flay! Have fun. ❤️ 2y
GripLitGrl Awesome shirt! Have fun😀👍 2y
Jess7 Just got home from the concert and she was AMAAZZZZINNNGGG!!! @sprainedbrain 2y
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The Power | Naomi Alderman
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Starting this on my way to the beach! 🌊 Already loving the first chapter. #powerfulwomen What would you do if had unlimited power?

charissharpe I've read this, interested to see what you think! 2y
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This book is so deep and full of emotion. It's ability to connect with every reader is part of Gay's gift as a writer. #audiblereads #audiobooks #powerfulwomen #difficultwomen #authorswhoreadtheirown