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Sugar Queen | Sarah Addison Allen
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#7days#7covers #covercrush

Want to play? I‘m late to the game so anyone who‘s not playing, join in!!

JenReadsAlot Sarah Addison Allen is the best! 7h
nichollinlove I love Sarah Addison Allen also. Her books are magic ❤ 6h
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#7days7covers #covercrush Day4

@MeganMadsen, would you like to join in and show your favorite covers without explanations? 😊

Come-read-with-me @Violetta This cover is stunning! 😍 8h
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Day 3 : #7days7covers and I know we said no explanations but let me just say I bought this book solely for the cover. Didn‘t even know what it was about and ended up really enjoying it. Sorry! That sounded like an explanation lol. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #7covers7days

Today I am tagging my friend and Litsy newbie @BuriedNbooks show her some love 💗 #covercrush

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One Hundred Years of Solitude | Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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Cathythoughts Great cover. Love this author ♥️ 1d
pariisannja @Cathythoughts So far its very interesting so far. I just started it. (edited) 1d
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Exit West: A Novel | Mohsin Hamid
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If Kafka had written about the modern, global refugee crisis, I imagine it would read something like Exit West. Not feel-good or tear-jerking, this book is thought-provoking and strange. What would happen if there were no borders and all could travel freely?

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Of Things Gone Astray | Janina Matthewson
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Megabooks Wonderful!! 3d
julesG 😍 2d
Leftcoastzen Wow! 2d
Kalalalatja Woooooow 😍 2d
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First Frost | Sarah Addison Allen
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📖 Tagged is a great comfy read!
🚐 Have a couple weekend camping adventures planned!
🧐 Nope, no kids here
#wondrouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Loved First Frost!! 4d
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First Frost | Sarah Addison Allen
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1. I read this delightful book 3 years ago. 🍁
2. It‘s technically not autumn, but next week I‘m going to NYC! Other than that, no. 🗽
3. I have a 10th grader and a 5th grader. 🤓

Eggs I read it too!! #1 🧡 5d
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Practical Magic | Alice Hoffman
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Because I read The Rules of Magic first and was completely enchanted by it, this was a little bit disappointing. I was emotionally invested in the prequel which failed to happen for this book. Still a pick, managed to finish this book in one day. Definitely looking forward to more Alice Hoffman.

Tanisha_A #covercrush on this one! 5d
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House of the Spirits | Isabel Allende
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Day 11 - #Spirit #SoulSeptember

This book is one of my favorite books by Isabel Allende. I found her writing to be very captivating and full of magical realism. Her prose is beautiful as she tells the story of four generations of women. It almost seems autobiographical of Allende‘s life. It is easy to become attached to these four main characters and to become emotionally involved in their lives.

#IsabelAllende #TheHouseoftheSpirits

Scochrane26 I just bought this book last week. 5d
EadieB @Scochrane26 Time to read it! Serendipity! 5d
Scochrane26 @EadieB I‘ve read & loved Like Water for Chocolate & keep thinking I‘ll get more of hers at the library. But, I decided it sounded good enough to buy. 5d
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EadieB @Scochrane26 I think Like Water for Chocolate was written by Laura Esquivel. You lucked out because Isabel Allende is a much better writer. You have to read Paula which is a tribute to her dying daughter. 5d
Eggs Sounds so good 📚👏🏻 5d
EadieB @Eggs Very good book by an excellent writer! 5d
Scochrane26 @EadieB oh yeah, you‘re right! I know I have intended to read house of the spirits because it‘s often listed as a classic. 5d
EadieB @Scochrane26 Yes, It is on many lists for a book you should read! 5d
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