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Bye bye Summer! Hellooo Spooky Szn! I am so pumped for #Scarathon2022! Been fighting the urge to start my watchlist all week. Can‘t wait for this cold weather! It was 100 degrees in Memphis yesterday. 🥵 #overit

The Four Winds: A Novel | Kristin Hannah
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This was PURE #MiseryPorn 🥺Just relentless nonstop trauma after trauma. I did learn a lot about early US Western history. Julia Whelan, while a stellar reader, has a very distinct tone and sadly all her books/characters sound exactly the same. So while she‘s Elsa in this book, I was still hearing the voices of Poppy & Alex from People We Meet on Vacation. The author‘s note was interesting, comparing Dust Bowl to Covid & idea of resilience.

TrishB I gave up on Hannah books a while ago. Realised they weren‘t for me. 8mo
Cinfhen Agreed @TrishB this was my last one - it was soooo emotionally manipulative #OverIt 8mo
TrishB I just read your other thread! Lol 😆 8mo
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squirrelbrain I didn‘t love this one either. 8mo
Laughterhp Oh man, I just got this one from BOTM! 8mo
Cinfhen I know @Laughterhp it‘s not a bad book: I was really invested in the story….it‘s just SO RELENTLESS in its misery - 8mo
Cinfhen It felt similar in nature to her previous book, which also was SO MELODRAMATIC @squirrelbrain 8mo
squirrelbrain I liked The Great Alone, albeit it a bit unbelievable, but this one really seemed to drag. 8mo
Cinfhen Funny how we all approach books differently @squirrelbrain I remember @Reviewsbylola LOVING The Great Alone and I was SO DISAPPOINTED 😔 Hey, Steph… where are you??? Miss you xxx 8mo
Megabooks Thank you! Now you get why I‘m not a Whelan fan!!!! 8mo
Cinfhen Yup, it was SUPER DISTRACTING for me @Megabooks 🥺😩😖 8mo
britt_brooke I‘ve only read Nightingale and I wasn‘t a fan. Misery porn is right. She‘s like a slightly better Nicholas Sparks to me, which ain‘t sayin‘ much. 8mo
Cinfhen This was #FoMo @britt_brooke I get why some might love this type of a story but I‘m done playing 😆 8mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen 😂 At least you tried. 8mo
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This book is complete trash. I have no idea how explaining what a metaphor is constitutes a prompt. The author doesn‘t seem to know the difference between red and pink. She starts out strong by including popular poems as examples, but a third of the way through, apparently there weren‘t anymore poems left, since she used only her own poems as examples. I will never be reading any of her poetry collections based on the rubbish in this book. 👇🏻

GingerAntics The final straw for me was going to the limericks section (since St. Patrick‘s Day is coming up) and all of the cultural stereotypes that existed. Wayne clearly knows nothing about the history of limericks or that every English speaking human on the planet knows plenty of limericks. The suggestion that the best way for adults to get past the “scary” nature of limericks (yes nursery rhymes are notoriously terrifying), is to drink. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 2y
GingerAntics Wayne should stick with her romantic comedies (based on the way she wrote her bio, they‘re cheesy and nauseating), and leave poetry to people who know what they‘re doing. I wouldn‘t recommend an email this author wrote, let along anything more substantial. 2y
GingerAntics If you want to read about poetry like you have a brain in your head (instead of fluffy or giggles) I suggest Mary Oliver‘s A Poetry Handbook instead. #BrookeEWayne #ComeWriteWithMePoetry #OverIt #NotHappening (edited) 2y
TiminCalifornia Edward Hirsch‘s “How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry” is another good one. No writing prompts though. Thanks for a valuable review. 2y
GingerAntics @TiminCalifornia I‘m more focused on writing poetry right now, but that sounds like something I‘d enjoy exploring after March. 2y
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Midnight Sun | Stephenie Meyer
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I can't lie and say I wasn't swept up in the Twilight stories back in the day. I believe I read the entire series in a week. However, I honestly should have left that journey there. This. Was. So. Dreadfully. Boring. I can not. I'm tapping out. I'm done.

#bookspinbingo #MountTBR #OverIt #WhyDidIDoThisToMyself

BethM I feel the same. I was super into this when it came out. Now 6 months later I‘m still not done. At a certain point it became an overly descriptive slog. 2y
Saknicole I bailed too. Nothing exciting or new to keep me going. I got to about 30%. 2y
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This is a real thing and the upsetting part about this BS is that this is potentially the warmest it has been today. I‘m going to climb into my cozy pajamas, read this book that is making me wicked uncomfortable and hope it warms up tomorrow. For real, I had to wait for the bus for half an hour this morning and it felt like -38. #overit

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I'm ready for next year already. #overit

laurieluna I want all of these so bad! 😍 Amazing stack 4y
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Consumed | J.R. Ward
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I‘ll just let my Goodreads updates speak for themselves. #overit #movingon

Jenny 🤦🏻‍♀️ 4y
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