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Victoria | Daisy Goodwin
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#MagicalMay #VictoriaDay #Canada #celebrate #OhCanada

Another book in my TBR. 🎉💃💥🥂🎊🇨🇦

An article discussing some books about the Queen:



Eggs Well I‘m definitely a fan of Downton and Grantchester so I would likely enjoy this!! 4y
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Ok, so I went through my books and picked these 4 to choose from. 3 of the four were featured on Canada Reads, so that bodes well I think. Let me know if you've read any of them already. 😊🇨🇦

@ShelleyBooksie @Tianarose @TheKidUpstairs

#LMPBC #GroupU #TeamCanada #ReadTheNorth #CanadianAuthors #OhCanada #CanadaReads

ShelleyBooksie I haven't read any and they all sound good. North of Normal really stands out to me 5y
TheKidUpstairs Haven't read any of these, but they all look great! 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Ok. So I assume we mail in the order that was sent in the email? @TheKidUpstairs ➡️ @Tianarose ➡️ @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego ➡️ @ShelleyBooksie ➡️ @TheKidUpstairs 5y
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Tianarose That definitely makes the most sense. 5y
TheKidUpstairs @StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego yes, I think that makes the most sense! 5y
ShelleyBooksie So I would send to @TheKidUpstairs first? 5y
ShelleyBooksie I just realized you wrote that in a comment above - duh 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @ShelleyBooksie Yup! You always will mail to Megan. 5y
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A fun quick Christmasy novella revisiting the lovely ladies of The Witches of New York. Brought back to mind all the things I liked about that novel and even reveals quite a plot point! Makes me hope for another full length tale - since plenty was left open-ended in the first book in my mind!
Weirdly, this was only published in Canada so I had to order it instead of getting it from my local shop in the US 😕 #ohcanada

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Where Is Autumn? | Vivienne Marie
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Not book related. Just accurate. It's already snowing and I'm freezing my butt off. #ohcanada

kstadt929 Oh no!! Fall is my favorite!!! 5y
Soubhiville Wow that sucks. Stay warm! 5y
DGRachel Fall is my favorite season! I can‘t believe you already have snow! 😭😭 stay warm! 5y
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JoScho 😂😂😂 5y
tournevis We're still three weeks away from the first flakes in my part of Ontario, but yeah. It's still summer here, i.e. too hot and humid for it to be fun. 5y
OrangeMooseReads And here I thought Canada was cool. Lol stay warm and in your case @tournevis stay cool 5y
GripLitGrl Snow already😮that's crazy🙃 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @OrangeMooseReads Oh were cooler than cool! 😄 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @GripLitGrl yeah, our weather is nuts. It's not sticking at least. And it could be hot again next week, ya never know. We're all over the place. 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @DGRachel @kstadt929 I know I get jealous of ppl who get long cozy Autumn weather. Ours never lasts long. Most Canadian kids have had take into consideration thier snowsuits when picking Halloween costumes 😄. Or just attend indoor activities. 5y
DivineDiana Snow?!?! ❄️ 😮 ⛄️ 5y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego @DivineDiana not a ton. But it was there, and I think there is meant to be more. 5y
DivineDiana Stay warm! 🙂 5y
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When the long weekend is finally here! Nothing beats finally getting to relax with coffee and a book before starting your day :) #ohcanada

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Ok, from the Owen sisters in Practical Magic, I am now jumping back to this story of a boy named Owen.
Who is a dragonslayer.
In a world very much like ours - only diff is a constant worry of dragon attacks - dragons who love munching on fossil fuel. So just being near a car holds exciting new dangers. Set in Canada!
Next up in my pursuit of tackling the #sirensreadingchallenge...

readinginthedark Sounds fun! 7y
Kalalalatja Look forward to hearing what you think, it sounds wonderfully weird 😄 7y
elkeOriginal @Kalalalatja What's cool is it doesn't seem weird! Just fighting dragons like normal 🤣 7y
Kalalalatja Okay, I need to add this to my tbr 😄😄 7y
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The Lotterys Plus One | Emma Donoghue
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This book was a delightful surprise! From the author of Room, a children's book which focuses so much on building family, parenting, and growing old that it makes a fab read for adults. The story is told from the perspective of a 9yo growing up in Toronto 🎉 with four parents and six siblings, all educated at home in creative and unusual ways. It's like if Bread&Puppet Theatre made a family 💗 and sequel coming! 😍 #mommyreads #ebook #ohcanada

The North Water | Ian McGuire
This post contains spoilers
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Um, rude. #OhCanada 🇨🇦

Iron Cast | Destiny Soria
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Why go out on a Friday night when you could stay in and read!? 😄 It's also -35 degrees CELSIUS here right now so that definitely helped make the decision to not leave the house 😣❄

#ironcast #sixofcrows #babyitscoldoutside #ohcanada #stayinandread

LeahBergen Yep. I'm feeling ya. The windchill is -30c here right now. 🇨🇦 7y
Marchpane Wow 😳 that's cold. I can't even comprehend that kind of cold. 7y
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Annabel | Kathleen Winter
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