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Stitches: A Memoir | David Small
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#lmbpc #groupg options! I love graphic memoirs, so that‘s what I have the most of. Details in tags and let me know what sounds interesting!

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LibrarianRyan Flying couch and Stitches look pretty good. 1mo
Johanna414 I agree with @LibrarianRyan - I‘d happily read either of those 1mo
aCleverDuck Same👍🏾 they all look good 1mo
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#groupl #lmbpc Here are some options! I haven‘t read Cosmicomics, but I usually love Calvino (Italian). That‘s a short story collection. Kitchen and Volcano are novels translated from Japanese. Kitchen is more contemporary and Volcano is more philosophical. Pyongyang is a graphic memoir translated from French about an artist working in North Korea. I‘ve tagged them all!

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lele1432 These are all so interesting! I think I'm leaning towards Calvino. I've had Invisible Cities on my TBR for a little while, and Cosmicomics sounds just as good. But I'm also intrigued by Kitchen! 1mo
Carolyn11215 I‘ve read Kitchen many years ago and remember really liking it but that‘s all I can remember about it! :) I‘m a fan of Calvino and never stumbled across this book of his so that‘s probably my first choice. Would be happy with any of the others though! 1mo
aeeklund I've been meaning to read Calvino for so long, but never have, and this book sounds really intriguing! The others also sound good, if there's a different one calling to you. 1mo
rachelm @aeeklund @Carolyn11215 @lele14 I started the Cosmicomics and it is ... weird. I dug around and found my old copy of Invisible Cities (which I loved) and will send that instead 1mo
Carolyn11215 Great! 1mo
aeeklund @rachelm Perfect!! 1mo
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Signed up for the next round of #LMBPC. It is different this round and broken down into genres. I signed up for group T because for some reason I have always picked thrillers for my book. I would love to do around round with you @aroc @EH2018 and @Honeybeegirl ! But if you want to sign up for another group I understand! 😀

EH2018 I just signed up for T also!! 1mo
aroc Ahhhhhh! I missed it! Enjoy this round! 1mo
Lovesbooks87 @aroc I know. I am bummed. I have had so much fun doing the last two rounds with you! 1mo
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loving this one so far!

Enchante | Gita Trelease

#lmbpc @whippoorwill815 @Victoriahoperose @ambam1987
Hey ladies, sorry this book is a bit long. Hopefully, you don't mind.
I will get it sent out probably Monday.
I really enjoyed this book, it's magic and the fact that it is set in Paris.
#bbrc #yeahbaby #BookSwap

LibrarianRyan ⭐️👍💗 4mo
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Accidental Book Club | Jennifer Scott
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@Lidia @Fridameetslucy @mrsmarch let me know your final picks. (I learned pic collage today 😊) #lmbpc #groupJ #round6

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I was just thinking about this yesterday, so I‘m glad to see sign-ups are open again! Join me in Group S for some horror/thriller fun! #lmbpc
Sign up: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/5080444aead2ca0ff2-l...

Kaylamburson Signed up for this horror/thriller group!! 5mo
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If You Knew Her | Emily Elgar
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Giving this one a go @LiteraryinLititz ! I didn‘t forget about it!! #lmbpc

LiteraryinLititz Ha! That‘s funny, because I totally did forget about it! Enjoy reading but from my end, there is certainly no rush. 😁 9mo
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Boo has given his final approval of my book for #LMBPC #Round5 #groupQ - and he might just add his own comments inside too! #catsofLitsy #BooCat

Meaw_catlady Awww!! We should most certainly all photograph our cats with that book. I mean if we all have one! @mrsmarch @CindyRene 9mo
Meaw_catlady boo is so pretty! 9mo
AnneFindsJoy @meaw_catlady thanks! Given your Litsy name I‘m guessing you 😻 too! 9mo
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Meaw_catlady @AnneFindsJoy yes I love cats! So cuddly and beautiful .😻 9mo
CindyRene Aww! Boo is beautiful!! I do have a kitty. We'll have to add our selfies with our book this evening after a trip to the bookstore. TGif!! 9mo
cathysaid Such a good book! 9mo
MommyOfTwo Love your kitty, so pretty! 8mo
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The Bluest Eye | Toni Morrison
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Hi new #lmbpc #groupv friends!! I‘ve never done anything like this before and I‘m super excited, I hope I‘m getting this right and tagging the right people @suvata

Right @jenniferw88 @Lel2403 @mania here‘s some possibilities for my book choice! Any thoughts?? I haven‘t read any of these before, they range from around 180-300 and something pages and I‘ve heard good things about them all! Hit me with any thoughts

Lel2403 Oh I like the sound of the Bluest Eye 📖💕 9mo
Tanisha_A @Lel2403 That's a beautiful book! 9mo
jenniferw88 Definitely happy with The Bluest Eye as I almost put it on my list! 😂😂😂 9mo
mania Been wanting to read the Bluest Eye, so yes please! :) 9mo
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