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Annotated Persuasion | Jane Austen, David M Shapard
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Came home to fun mail from @CrowCAH ( #litsybookmarkswap) and an early bday surprise I‘m tucking away until Aug 21 from @Mitch (you have spoiled me ridiculously this past month) and BOTM, and my Annotated copy of Persuasion (#pemberlitten) so mail call at #litsysummercamp was pretty spectacular today-

LeahBergen Lovely mail day! 👏🏻 6mo
CrowCAH Very exciting! 😊 ✉️ 6mo
Mitch Yeah for birthdays xxxxx 6mo
cwarnier Those are the best mail days! 6mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Kshakal Yay!!!! 6mo
CrowCAH Woohoo, you‘re speedy! ✉️ 6mo
SusanLee Nice! I sure hope to be able to participate once the Mail service is back to normal here 🤞🏻 6mo
Eggs I hope you can too! @SusanLee 6mo
Eggs @Kshakal @CrowCAH ❤️❤️ 6mo
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Little Bee | Chris Cleave
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Have to say today brightened up my day when o received this in the post and completely forgot!!! The most amazing bookmarks I have ever seen and just in time as my other one just broke!! Thank you @MeganAnn this really has brightened my day!!! 👍🏻😁👌#litsybookmarkswap #litsy #love #happymonday

MeganAnn Oh my goodness that took forever!! I sent it way back the beginning of January! I‘m so glad it brightened your day and that you like everything 😍 (edited) 4y
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New Boy | Tracy Chevalier
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Due to a mail snafu, this gem of a package arrived a bit late, but @ferskner is a great swap partner and sent fabulous goodies! Books from my TBR, a gorgeous card of Falling Water and such pretty floral bookmarks. Oh, and a bookmark with macaroons that look good enough to eat! Thank you, Ann!!! #bookmarkswap #litsybookmarkswap #shouldneverlosemypageagain

bookloo Beautiful bookmarks!! ♥️ 4y
ferskner Yayyyyy! I'm so happy it arrived, and I hope you enjoy the books! Now I get to open yours when I get home. 4y
MelissaS @ferskner sorry I didn‘t email to tell you it arrived! I‘ve been lost between sick kids and a bathroom remodel! 4y
ferskner Oh no worries! 4y
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More bookmarks!! Thanks @TheDaysGoBy !! I love them!!!

TheDaysGoBy Glad you like them! 😀 I'm not usually one for drawing so I'm kinda impressed at how the tree turned out lol 4y
KimSG The tree looks great!!! Nice job! 4y
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@LauraBrook we have #bookmarkswap karma and opened our packages on the same day! Thank you so for the bookmarks and especially the handcrafted and knitting bookmarks. I‘m going to save the stickers for the next time I see my grand baby. We shall have some fun. Thanks again for being my #LitsyBookmarkSwap buddy!

[DELETED] 3803335244 Super cute! 4y
LauraBrook @rustoryhuf I‘m so glad you like them! Thanks for being my partner too! 4y
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I received one of my packages for the #litsybookmarkswap ! Thanks @Bibliotaph_and_tsundoku I can't wait to open it!

Bibliotaph_and_tsundoku I‘m excited for you to open it! 4y
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