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This one is a bit hard for me.

1. Cover - a really good cover can capture my eye
2. Author - a good author can influence me to buy
3. Price - unfortunately

Title is of no real big influence to me.
Length does not influence me. I do not care how short or how long a book is.
Reviews - I rarely read reviews when buying a book. I‘m more influenced by my friends‘ recommendations.

ljuliel Thanks, great answers ! 2mo
ElizaMarie I don't really care about length either however... Some books are too big to fit into my purse which means it will take me so much longer to finish them. I like a good book that I can carry around. (don't like ebooks) 2mo
jb72 @ElizaMarie I‘m not a fan of ebooks, but I am grateful I can borrow them from the library without leaving the house. 2mo
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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Thanks for the tag @EadieB and @Andrew65

Just a few books with #FoodOnTheCover

#KeepLitsyAlive @ljuliel

Andrew65 Some great choices 👏👏👏 2mo
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Food: The New Gold | Kathlyn Gay
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ljuliel Thanks ! 2mo
OriginalCyn620 Good picks! 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Pretty covers!! I feel that Litsy is growing and thriving!! 💛💛💛 2mo
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Crazeedi @EadieB making me hungry and it's too late at night to eat! I 2mo
Cinfhen Love that Eggs cover 😄 2mo
gradcat I‘m really lagging behind on this, but I love your covers, @EadieB because I‘d kind of forgotten the tagged book, and I sooo loved it! Great book memories! 2mo
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Curse of the Narrows | Laura M. Mac Donald
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#KeepLitsyAlive #Disasters

Before Hiroshima, there was Halifax. In 1917 the busy Canadian port was crowded with ships leaving for war-torn Europe. On December 6, two of them, the Mont Blanc and the Imo, collided in the hard-to-navigate Narrows of the harbor. Within minutes, the Mont Blanc, ablaze, grounded against the city's docks. The explosion that followed would devastate the city and shock the world.

ljuliel Wow, great review, Eadie. It sounds interesting. Another one I‘ve not heard of ! 2mo
DrexEdit 😨😨😨 2mo
Andrew65 Sounds good, don‘t know this one. 2mo
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EadieB @ljuliel Thanks! It is a very interesting book! 2mo
CoverToCoverGirl I live close to that the area, we all know it as the Halifax Explosion. My husband‘s entire family hails from Nova Scotia. (edited) 2mo
Lucy_Anywhere I listened to a podcast on the Halifax Explosion - so interesting! I'd never heard of it before 2mo
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This non-fiction book is a compelling read. Highly recommend.

Another disaster title that I think is fantastic is “The Worst Hard Time.”

#keeplitsyalive #disasters

Tamra It‘s a great, harrowing read! You don‘t mess with a blizzard. 2mo
ljuliel Very good ! I‘ve been curious about this one. What state was this in ? All I know is somewhere West of here. 2mo
Tamra @ljuliel the blizzard impacted NE, MN & Dakota Territories. 2mo
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CoffeeCatsBooks @Tamara Harrowing is a great description. Just imaging going out into your backyard and not being able to make it back to your house! 2mo
ljuliel Thanks @Tamra I may just have to give this a go, as I like reading books set out in that area. I keep wanting to move to SD , but I doubt I‘ll do it if I‘m married unless we have a long distance one. The hubster said they get too much snow out there. 2mo
CoffeeCatsBooks @ljuliel It can be heartbreaking, but it such a good book. It also goes into the stories of the immigrants who came to the American heartland which was very different from what they expected. 2mo
Tamra @ljuliel it‘s really a good book, check it out! It makes you appreciate modern forecasting. Western SD gets less precip, but the whole state is always, always windy. And can get brutally cold. My dad lives in Sturgis. 2mo
ljuliel Thanks ,guys ! It sounds like it‘s a good one. I‘m surprised about the wind, @Tamra . I didn‘t know that. I‘ve never been there so I just picture it in my head. 2mo
Amiable Excellent book! 2mo
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Questionnaire | Evan Kindley
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1. I ❤️ having a group of kindred spirits to discuss books with. We may not all like the same books, but the important thing is that we all ❤️ books.
2. I‘m interested in most things, although I haven‘t done any swaps in awhile. And I love how Litsy has expanded my TBR. Also #catsoflitsy 😸
3. I wish there were a way to organize our followerers/followees. I have so many in my feed, I feel like I‘m sometimes missing things. #litsyquestionnaire ⬇️

rubyslippersreads 4. I used to post every day, but I‘ve gotten lazy. This discussion is making me resolve to be more active, because there‘s really no place like Litsy. 🌈👠 #keeplitsyactive #keeplitsyalive
5. I love readalongs/buddy reads, especially when they make me read a book I‘ve had on my TBR for ages. I like some of the questionnaires, but haven‘t done any readathons.
6. Make the app stop crashing after a new post in iOS. ⬇️
(edited) 2mo
rubyslippersreads P. S. For those who think Litsy has slowed down, my cats blame #JohnnyBergen for distracting @LeahBergen from reading and posting. 😹 2mo
ljuliel Thanks very much for taking time to reply. I like your added decorations on the screen. Very cute ! 🐈 ☕️ 2mo
ljuliel I just had to go to Leah‘s page to see who Johnny was. He is so cute. I like that one spotted ear. 2mo
LeahBergen 😂😂😂 2mo
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The Name of the Rose | Umberto Eco
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#KeepLitsyActive #KeepLitsyAlive


I remember enjoying the tagged book, once I got past the prologue. 😉

Medieval and especially religious/monastic history has fascinated me since my teen years. But it's just one period of history that I like. I enjoy fiction and non-fiction set in nearly all periods. I have to force myself to read stories and NF set between 1935 and 1980 though.


ljuliel This is one I‘ve always wanted to read , Jules. It‘s also in my Someday List. I don‘t do TBR lists. I do ....Someday I‘m Gonna Read That Lists. Thanks for posting. 💕 3mo
julesG @ljuliel That's how I treat my TBR. It's the list of books I want to get to one day. The prologue of Name of the Rose is boring, stick with it, the story is great. 3mo
ljuliel Thanks for the tip. That sounds a bit like Michener books. The first hundred pages are a challenge, but stick with it. They are SO good ! 3mo
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jb72 I really enjoyed that book. The second half goes much faster. 3mo
julesG @ljuliel Thanks for this tip. I have several Michener books on my shelf. 3mo
Lucy_Anywhere I have tried reading this book so many times! Never got past the prologue... perhaps I should give it another go 3mo
julesG @Lucy_Anywhere I got stuck in the prologue, too. 3mo
tournevis Ha! Yes, the prologue, with Hebrew! Good times! 3mo
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#KeepLitsyAlive @ljuliel

1) everything, this is the best community out there
2) can't think of anything, since I can unfollow Littens whose content I don't like
3) switching from writing a "blurb" to "quote" or "review" without having to cancel and restart again ?
4) from not at all to 10 times a day
5) all of it, and photo challenges
6) not sure, participation is key

ljuliel Thank you Jules. It‘s good to hear your opinions. It sounds like you‘re satisfied with every area . I‘m working on trying to find ways to get participation back up. 3mo
julesG @ljuliel Yes, I'm actually quite happy. I miss a lot of the old Littens who used to be very active but seem to have dropped out (some of them I still see on Instagram, though). 3mo
ljuliel I don‘t have Instagram , so I don‘t know what goes on in there. I‘ve had it before but it seems confusing to me the way it‘s set up. I guess once I got used to it, it‘d be ok. I‘ll just stick around in here. I tend to spend lots of time online already. 😊 (edited) 3mo
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julesG @ljuliel I'm checking Litsy several times a day, but Instagram only once every few days. I don't like their weird algorithm and I have a hard time connecting with people. Litsy is much more my type of social community. 3mo
Megabooks @julesG completely agree with you re: Instagram. I check it often, but only because I‘m bored. If I had to choose, I‘d choose Litsy every time. 3mo
jb72 @ljuliel I have Instagram but I really dislike their new algorithms. Nothing is in order. Too many ads. It‘s annoying. I definitely prefer Litsy. 3mo
julesG @jb72 @ljuliel @Megabooks Something I truly appreciate about Litsy is it being ad-free. Let's hope it stays this way. Actually, I'd be willing to pay a small yearly fee to keep Litsy ad-free, should push come to shove. And the order of posts is great,too. Sometimes I wish I could scroll the other way, though. Not backwards from most recent to oldest, but rather from last seen post to most recently posted post. 3mo
jb72 @julesG @ljuliel I fully agree. I loathe ads (I report ads on FB all the time). IG has gotten out of control with ads. I‘d rather pay a small yearly fee instead of ads. Also it would be nice to scroll from last post seen as sometimes there are a lot of posts I miss going from new to old. 3mo
ljuliel @jb72 @julesG @Megabooks Well, it doesn‘t sound like I‘m missing much on Instagram. I only tried it fir a short time and really don‘t like the setup. It‘s easier in here to see what‘s going on, etc. 3mo
julesG @ljuliel Facebook and Instagram are crutches I use to stay in contact with a handful of people. Litsy is my home! 3mo
LibrarianRyan You can do that changing thing on the desk top. But I would love it on the app! 3mo
julesG @LibrarianRyan Ha, didn't know that! Thanks! And yes, it would be great to have it on the app, too. 3mo
wanderinglynn @jb72 @julesG IG started sucking when Facebook acquired it and adapted their weird algorithms and stupid ads to IG. I check IG a few times a week. I agree, it‘s not as easy to connect on IG. 3mo
Hooked_on_books Oh my gosh, a strong agreement to #3! 3mo
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