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Burn Baby Burn | Meg Medina
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#lmpbc #groupf
I am getting close to being done and hope to have it in the mail this week. I am sorry I have been slacking. New job has take over my life.
@ambam1987 @whippoorwill815 @Victoriahoperose

On a side note, does anyone know what happened to my book from last round? @OriginalCyn620

whippoorwill815 Oh no it never arrived ??!!! 😢 I mailed it in the middle of July or so, and am almost positive I used your new address (the one for round 6). I‘ll look around but I don‘t think I have the tracking info anymore. It wasn‘t sent back to me or anything. 2w
cwarnier It's ok, I wondered if it got lost in the mail with my move. Thanks for letting me know you tried. If you happen to have the tracking # shoot me an email, if not things happen. 2w
whippoorwill815 I actually found the receipt still in my wallet! The tracking number is 9505 5065 9356 9199 1006 87. It says it was delivered, but where did they put it ?? 2w
cwarnier Interesting. I may go investigate sometime. Thanks. 2w
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Enchante | Gita Trelease
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Will get this sent off tomorrow!
I have included a small suprise I side the book😀
@whippoorwill815 @Victoria @ambam1987
#lmpbc #groupF

cwarnier @whippoorwill815 I sent it off today. It is expected to arrive on Saturday. 2mo
whippoorwill815 And to piggyback off this, I also mailed mine out today! @Victoriahoperose 2mo
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The Dreamers | Karen Walker
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Hello #LMPBC #Round6 #GroupF !!

Have any of you read this book? I know I normally come up with a few choices but I loved this authors first book and have really wanted to read this one! So I figured this may be my pick if none of you have read it before 😊

cwarnier Sounds interesting 3mo
Victoriahoperose I like her too! Haven‘t read it yet!! 3mo
ambam1987 Haven‘t read it! 3mo
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Summer of '69 | Elin Hilderbrand
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#lmpbc #groupf @Victoriahoperose @whippoorwill815 @ambam1987
So what looks good for the next round? All 4 of these are on my tbr list.

whippoorwill815 I haven‘t read any of these! They all sound interesting although Enchantee is particularly intriguing. As usual, I‘m good with whatever you pick!! 3mo
Victoriahoperose These all look good to me. I haven‘t read any and I want to read them all! 3mo
ambam1987 They all look good! 3mo
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All Our Wrong Todays | Elan Mastai
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These are the books I own that I'd like to put forth for options. If none of these look good or you've read them, I have a list of books I don't own also.
#LMPBC #round5 #GroupF
@TheLibrarian @MirrorMask @monalyisha

TheLibrarian I‘ve read Red Clocks and The Road already. 7mo
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TheLibrarian I like to top 3 picks from your picture. (edited) 7mo
Elma Does anyone have an objection to reading an ARC? @MirrorMask @monalyisha @TheLibrarian 7mo
Elma My copy of Melmoth is an ARC, so if everyone's okay with that I'll go with that one. Otherwise, I'll go with The Age of Miracles. @MirrorMask @monalyisha @TheLibrarian 7mo
MirrorMask I don't have a problem with ARCs 7mo
monalyisha I‘m cool with reading an ARC! 7mo
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Here are my choices. Trying to stay under 300 pages was harder than I thought. If you're not big on poetry or twisted fairy tales, I can definitely tweak my list. There's so many books on my to read list.


@Elma @monalyisha @TheLibrarian

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monalyisha @MirrorMask Oh man, I totally didn‘t even heed the page limit thing. I know I chose shortER books, just for my own peace of mind 😅, but I don‘t know that all my original choices fit within the limit. Personally, I wouldn‘t mind if they were longer than 300 — just no giant chunksters. I don‘t know how @Elma & @TheLibrarian feel. 7mo
TheLibrarian @MirrorMask @monalyisha @Elma The instructions say under 400 pages. (edited) 7mo
TheLibrarian My vote is for 7mo
monalyisha @TheLibrarian Ha! That must be why I wasn‘t so concerned with it. At least one of us is on top of things. 😅 7mo
monalyisha @MirrorMask If you decide to stick with these (which I‘m cool with! just leaving the option there now that we have the correct page limit), I vote for 7mo
MirrorMask @TheLibrarian Thanks! Most of my other choices were still above 400 pages. @monalyisha @Elma 7mo
monalyisha @MirrorMask Cool. 😎 7mo
Elma I haven't read any of these and they all sound interesting. 7mo
monalyisha @MirrorMask do you have a preference? 7mo
Bookishthoughts The tagged book looks good! 7mo
monalyisha 2nd choice: 7mo
MirrorMask @monalyisha I don't. I'll probably read them all this year. 7mo
MirrorMask @LazyDays Right!!! 7mo
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The Mere Wife: A Novel | Maria Dahvana Headley
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@Elma @MirrorMask @monalyisha - Have you read any of these? Do any stand out to you? I‘ll tag the rest in the comments.

#LMPBC #GroupF

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scowler1 The Power👍👍👍 7mo
monalyisha OoOooO. So many good ones! I haven‘t read any. I own “The Power” & would prefer to read my copy rather than sharing one. Top choice (which wasn‘t even on my radar!): 7mo
monalyisha I peeked inside of all of them on Amazon & would say I‘d *least* like to read “Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.” But honestly, I wouldn‘t be upset about that one, either. 😊 7mo
MirrorMask I haven't read any of these but I'm leaning towards 7mo
TheLibrarian @monalyisha @MirrorMask That‘s the one I‘m leaning towards too. That‘s the one I‘ll go with unless @Elma has any objections. 7mo
Tamra I loved Underground Airlines! 7mo
Elma I haven't read any of them. They all sound good. I'm good with 7mo
Bookishthoughts Butting in here, thats the one I would have picked also! 7mo
monalyisha Woop Woop! 7mo
Elma Yay! 7mo
bookishbitch I read The Power and really enjoyed it. 7mo
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The Little Snake | A.L. Kennedy
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@Elma @TheLibrarian @MirrorMask

Some books I‘m sorely tempted by! Have you read any of them? Tagging each title (either above or in the comments below) for further inspection. I read the first few pages of each on Amazon & they all seem great!

(Don‘t let the Litsy ratings immediately deter you; one or two have a pretty low “score” but only the smallest handful of reviews, so it‘s not really a fair assessment).


monalyisha *Adult historical fic set in the 1920‘s, based on “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”* (edited) 7mo
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monalyisha *Recommended by Maggie Stiefvater* 7mo
MirrorMask I haven't read any of these. They all sound interesting but I really want to read 7mo
monalyisha @MirrorMask ME.TOO. (even though it‘s not remotely spec. fic 😆) 7mo
Wife 🐌 was very good! Unusually calming read. 7mo
Elma I haven't read any of these. They all look interesting. 7mo
aeeklund I picked up The Enchanted because it was blurbed by Erin Morgenstern, and was completely blown away by it. I also really loved Girls at the Kingfisher Club. 7mo
Velvetsun I have The Enchanted and read the first couple of chapters and it seems intriguing. Just have to be in the right head space for it, I think. 7mo
TheLibrarian They all sound good! 7mo
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The Book Club | Marjolijn Februari
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Please excuse my level of excitement. I tend to go all-in. 😅

Idea 1: #LMPBCnC

Each book sent with chocolate accompaniment? 🤤

MirrorMask Yes please!!! Or fudge 7mo
monalyisha @MirrorMask “Fudge” definitely falls within chocolate‘s parameters. 😉 7mo
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Elma I love this idea! I'm limited to sugar free chocolate for the foreseeable future though. 7mo
monalyisha @Elma We can revisit maybe, when @suvata sets up our schedule? I‘d be totally fine with finding sugar-free chocolate to send! Or maybe there‘s a different snack you‘d prefer? 7mo
Elma @monalyisha I'm currently doing Keto, so my snacks are pretty limited. I'm good with sugar free chocolate, as long as people can find it. Our local Kroger sells it with their organic chocolate, but I'm not sure about other places. 7mo
MirrorMask @Elma How do you feel about coconut in your chocolate? 7mo
Elma @MirrorMask I'm not a huge fan of coconut flakes (although I like coconut flavor) or nuts. I love caramel and peanut butter in my chocolate though. 7mo
MirrorMask @Elma Thanks! That's good to know. 7mo
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Evil Genius | Catherine Jinks
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Already plotting which title to choose for #LMPBC Round 5. 😈

Leaning into the speculative fiction aspect of my preferences pretty hard, since my group seems to be totally cool with that. This is particularly exciting because most of my IRL book club‘s not nearly as into ghosts & gods & wonder as I am.

I‘ve got a good group of books that I‘m considering, if I do say so myself! 🙌🏻

DivineDiana Love that sweet 🐰 7mo
TheLibrarian I‘ll be searching for some choices tomorrow at work. And I love ghosts, gods, and such! 7mo
Macnjen Oh that is super cute 7mo
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