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Man Called Ove | Fredrik Backman
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Only book in my collection that fits the prompt. #goldenyears. #septembowie

Cinfhen 🙌🏻 5y
JoeStalksBeck I adore this book 5y
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This is not book related but my son just showed me such an awesome video....#GoldenYears #Glorious😀watch it, it'll make you smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OrLroFa0AI&sns=em

LauraBeth ❤️ it! We die when we lose our zest for life, but live and live well when we keep it and share it. 5y
Cinfhen Well said @LauraBeth how sweet is Grandma Helen??? And Macklemore 😍😍🙌🏻 5y
TrishB Brilliant 😂💟 5y
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Leftcoastzen What fun! Very cool! Yay Modesto! 5y
Annl Beautiful! 5y
Cinfhen #joyful @TrishB @Leftcoastzen @Annl 😍wish I could take my grandma out for the day!!! 100 #AWESOMENESS 💗💗💗💗💗 5y
TrishB I hope I'm like that at 100 💜 5y
tournevis It's pretty good, indeed! The song is .... but the vid is wonderful! 5y
Bluebird Fabulous! 😃 5y
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Cinfhen Is that Jane Fonda??? 5y
JacintaMCarter @Cinfhen Yep. She is starring with Robert Redford in the movie version. 5y
Lizpixie Really! I so hope they do it justice🤞 5y
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On Bowie | Rob Sheffield
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I'm a day late, but here's a picture of an older David Bowie reading. 😍
#someoneelsereading #goldenyears

#fallintobooks #septembowie
@RealLifeReading @Marchpane @Cinfhen

Mdargusch Perfect! 5y
mom2bugnbee I love this picture! 5y
LauraBrook Love this! Do we know what he's reading? 5y
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JazzFeathers 😍 l heard he was a strong reader who read many books a year 5y
Cinfhen Great pic 👊🏼I tried to make out the book title...I think I see the word Johnny @LauraBrook 5y
readordierachel @LauraBrook @Cinfhen I tried my damnedest to figure it put, but the pic quality/my eyesight aren't cooperating. Perhaps it's something from his favorite books list? https://www.nypl.org/blog/2016/01/11/david-bowies-top-100-books 5y
Cinfhen Thanks for sharing the list....will definitely check it out 🕵️‍♀️ 5y
readordierachel @JazzFeathers I've heard the same. He really was the best ❤ 5y
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#septembowie #day5 - #goldenyears

Going with a literal read of "golden" here, as this cover so beautifully displays. It occured to me to do The Golden Compass just as I was starting this post, but I'm already settled in bed and can't be bothered to get it off the shelf.

Amazing Mrs. Pollifax | Dorothy Gilman
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Retirement is super boring and depressing for Mrs. Pollifax, until she accidentally joins the CIA. Not only does she become an ace spy, thwarting political plots around the globe, but she makes friends and falls in love whilst doing it. Not a bad way to spend your #goldenyears. #septembowie

Bluebird Lol. I also thought of the spunky Mrs Pollifax. Must have been creating my post as you finished yours! (edited) 5y
quietjenn @Bluebird great minds ... 😉 She's the best! 5y
mcipher I haven't read Mrs Pollifax in years, and I think I should remedy that. I love Dorothy Gilman!! 5y
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Bluebird 😊. My grandmother introduced her to me more than 30 years ago. A few years ago I rediscovered the series on audiobook. Barbara Rosenblatt brings Emily Pollifax to life! 5y
Dragon Great choice! I read my Grandmother's Mrs. Pollifax books . I think there was a movie too. 5y
quietjenn @Dragon @Bluebird I love that you all discovered these via your grandmothers 💖 5y
quietjenn @mcipher yes! I've been saving the last few, but I think I must cave soon. 5y
mcipher I'm going to see if my library book sale has any. And if not get some elsewhere. I suddenly feel a deep need for Mrs. P books! ❤️ 5y
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Lately I've been rewatching many classics I've loved all my life. For that reason I'm photographing them for the #septembowie challenge - #goldenyears and tagging a book on the subject which I read quite some time ago. @Cinfhen & @Marchpane

Cinfhen 🙌🏻💙fabulous 5y
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Trond Sander wants to spend his #goldenyears alone in an isolated cabin but cannot stop thinking about his past. A sparse, reflective book that others I know found too slow but I really liked . #septembowie

Tamra My kinda book! 5y
Cinfhen The cover is really beautiful 5y
Leftcoastzen It's on my TBR,a lot of folks rave about it. 5y
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On Bowie | Rob Sheffield
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My grandfather hasn't slowed down in his #GoldenYears The man is 91 and still gets up and goes in to work 5 days a week and a half day on Saturdays selling cars at the local lot.

Here he is last Christmas perusing one of my gifts, some thematically appropriate reading material. #SeptemBowie

batsy 💙 5y
IamIamIam What a treasure!!! Give him a hug for us! 😄 5y
Marchpane This is so perfect! 5y
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saresmoore That's remarkable! 5y
shawnmooney ❤️ 5y
cathysaid Is that an iPhone in his pocket?!? Impressive! 5y
AlaMich I love this!! 😀 5y
Zelma Fantastic photo and description! 👍💕 5y
Cinfhen AMAZING 💙🙌🏻📚🏆🥇 5y
Centique I think you won at this photo prompt! This is amazing!! 5y
Izai.Amorim That's what probably keeps him fit, I'd say. I also don't plan to retire, will work until the very end. He's a role model! 5y
LauraBeth I agree with @Centique - you won this one! ❤️ 5y
Balibee146 I agree with @Centique too. What a guy! 5y
ValerieAndBooks Love this!! 5y
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When I think of #goldenyears, I think of this book. Loved it! Haven't see and probably won't see the movie. #septembowie

DrSabrinaMoldenReads I really need to read this among a zillion other books! 5y
kyraleseberg This is such a beautiful story! 5y
DivineDiana Oh, I heard there was going to be a movie! Is it out in theaters? 5y
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KAK Loved this book. A very unusual way to get together. 5y
Megabooks @Joyfulmimi It is really good! 5y
Megabooks @DivineDiana Idk. Just saw it on google. 5y
Megabooks @KAK Yes, very interesting. 5y
Cinfhen Didn't know it's a movie!!! And echoing @Joyfulmimi 5y
Megabooks @Cinfhen Yes, it's short. Definitely needs to be on TBR! 5y
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