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I'm a day late, but the winner of my #GG40k giveaway is @JoScho!

The two runners up are @RainyDayReading and @BookwormAHN!

Congratulations! Please email me your shipping address at PirateColey@yahoo.com and I'll get your prizes in the mail!

Kaye Congrats you guys ! 💕 2y
AmyG Yay!!! Congrats! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
RaimeyGallant Woohoo! 2y
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wanderinglynn Congrats! 🎉👏🏻 2y
Avanders 🎉🎉🎉 2y
LeahBergen Woohoo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Bronte_Chintz Congratulations guys!! 2y
TrishB 🎉🎉 congrats 2y
BookwormAHN Thanks so much and email sent 😸 2y
JoScho Yay!! What a great thing to wake up to!! Thanks so very much!!! 2y
BookishTrish Congratulations, winners! 2y
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I cannot explain how in love I am with the illustrated versions of Harry Potter. It just adds a whole other dimension to the series I grew up with. I feel like it‘s a total cop out using Harry Potter but it truly was a huge part of my reading life. Still is 😅 This is an illustration of Hogwarts at the end of Sorcerer‘s Stone. So pretty! @GondorGirl #GG40k

bobregina Amazing ❤️ I have to buy those books 2y
GondorGirl I love the illustrated editions! 2y
LitsyGetsGraphic So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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This is an illustration from a vintage copy of Robin Hood that I pored over as a kid. I loved medieval European clothes but unfortunately, this book has far more male characters than female, so I think I memorized every dress depicted 😂 Thanks for the giveaway opportunity @GondorGirl ! #GG40k #illustrations #classics

GondorGirl Much pretty illustrations! 😍 2y
LeahBergen That‘s wonderful! 2y
ju.ca.no Gorgeous! 2y
ladym30 So beautiful! 2y
batsy Lovely! 2y
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@GondorGirl congrats and thanks for inviting us to share in your celebration! 🍾🎈💐 #GG40k I‘m attaching a book illustration I love which I found online. Most books I read these days done have illustrations but this is one I‘d love to have on my wall as a picture.

GondorGirl I'd hang that on my wall any day! 2y
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Congrats @GondorGirl ! Thanks for doing a #giveaway. The tagged is one of my favorite versions of P&P that I discovered on a England road trip. #GG40K

GondorGirl How pretty! 2y
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Wildwood | Colin Meloy
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@GondorGirl Thanks for this great giveaway!! And congrats on your milestone!🎉 #GG40k
I really love this illustration from Wildwood, which is one of my favorite books

GondorGirl Such unique artwork! 😍 2y
Cinfhen Beautiful 💜 2y
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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Kelican17 I loved this series! The illustrations are beautiful! 💚😍💚 2y
overtheedge I hope I can find it!! Great illustration. 2y
SandyW That artwork is lovely. 2y
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Peach and Blue | Sarah S. Kilborne
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My mom gave me Peach and Blue for Christmas in 1996. It is a beautiful children‘s book about friendship. If you haven‘t read it I think most of you will adore it. The pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats @GondorGirl This is my favorite illustration 🍑💙 #gg40k

AmyG That‘s wonderful. 2y
GondorGirl I'm not familiar with this book, but I'll have to check it out! 2y
JoScho @GondorGirl @amyg it is one of my all time faves. The story is so touching. 2y
batsy I've never heard of this! What a unique idea for a book and I love that image. 2y
JoScho @batsy thanks 😊 2y
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A Monster Calls | Patrick Ness, Siobhan Dowd
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kidamy Woah. 2y
gibblr @GondorGirl Thanks 😊 @kidamy Exactly. Check out this version if you haven't. 2y
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Reminder that today is the last day to enter my giveaway! I'll be drawing winners tonight!

(International littens welcome!)


Arthur Rackham's Book of Pictures | ARTHUR RACKHAM, Arthur Quiller-Couch
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Congratulations @GondorGirl on your 40,000 litfluence score! And thanks for the #GG40k giveaway! My favourite illustrations when I was younger were the Arthur Rackham illustrations for Alice in Wonderland I‘ve always found them@stunning. 😍

LaraReads Very cool! 2y
GondorGirl Beautiful! I don't think I've seen these illustrations before! 2y
Bronte_Chintz @GondorGirl I‘ve always adored them, his illustrations are worth looking up! @LaraReads thank you! 2y
BookishTrish Yes!!! 2y
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