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Peter Pan | J M Barrie
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My #FavoriteCaptain is probably the Once Upon a Time version of Captain Hook. I think it's the eyeliner that does it for me. #WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

BookKenz Love him! ❤️ 6y
CrowCAH I do have to agree; Once Upon a Time's Hook is one devilish looking rogue! ⚔️ 6y
Chelsibno I love OUaT's Hook so much! I think it's his sexy Irish accent that does it for me. 6y
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Peter Pan | J M Barrie
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This pick is more because Captain Hook is so memorable than because I think he's the best. #FavoriteCaptain #WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

TheNextBook I love this movie!!!! 6y
CrowCAH Though he is a pretty good captain, just not against Peter Pan lol 6y
MariaW 😍😍😍 6y
DGRachel I still want my mom to make me Captain Hook's coat. She's got skills. She could do it. *sniff sniff* @dsfisher 😂 6y
dsfisher Yeah, I fear not any time soon Cap 6y
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My #favoritecaptain is the Pirate Queen herself, Grace O'Malley. These are just a few of the books I have about her. #PiratesLife #WhatAWayToLive

CrowCAH She sounds heroic; haven't done much reading on her, since she's not in the Golden Age, a little before, but I'd like to learn more about her! Great choice!!! 6y
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Captain Pugwash | John Fca Ryan
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Surely there can only be one #favoritecaptain, and that is Captain Pugwash (of course this may have just been a British Phenomenon). Captain Haddock from Tintin came a close second! Of course in those innocent days we missed out on the use of names and the messages in them, thankfully. Spoilt what shouldn't have been spoilt.


Melissa_J Cute pick 😊 6y
Andrew65 A key part of my childhood! 6y
CrowCAH This sounds so cute! And the cover picture is jolly 😊 6y
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Andrew65 @CrowCAH Even all these years on I could hum the theme tune and do the voices! (edited) 6y
CrowCAH @Andrew65 that's adorable! 6y
Andrew65 @CrowCAH Or sad! 😂😂😂 6y
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Dragon Nice 👍 6y
CrowCAH He's a good Captain to have chosen; has sense, but at times rash. ⚔️ And a blacksmith, the best sword fighter there is! 6y
Born.A.Reader 😍😍😍 6y
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JazzFeathers Hey, that was too easy 😂 6y
sprainedbrain @JazzFeathers yep, easiest one! 😂 6y
writerlibrarian Orlando at his best. 6y
Mc_cart_ny *sigh* You win for best post of the day! 😍 6y
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Okay, so I may not be a fan of this series' humor, but I am a fan of the purpose behind it. After hearing an interview with Dav Pilkey I had no choice, but to add them to my collection. His intention was to reach the reluctant reader and I would say it was a job well done! #favoritecaptain #whatawaytolive #pirateslife @CrowCAH

CrowCAH lol great choice of captain!!! 6y
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It goes without saying who my #FavoriteCaptain is; Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

There are several great captains throughout the POTC universe: Barbossa, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Davy Jones, The Bretheren Court, Lord Cutler Beckett, and Blackbeard! Can't wait to see who will join their ranks in the new movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Hallmark ornament, with sound!

#WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

Melissa_J I'm shocked that Captain Jack is your favourite 😉 6y
CrowCAH @Melissa_J well, you know it was a tough choice to make ☺️ 6y
PirateJenny I'm entirely shocked as well. I simply could not believe it when I saw this post. 😊 6y
CrowCAH @PirateJenny I have no clue what you could possibly mean. Am I that easy to figure out?!😂 6y
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The Ghost and Mrs Muir | Frieda Grafe
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My #favoritecaptain, in both his screen incarnations, as well as his bookish one. #pirateslife #whatawaytolive

CrowCAH OMG I 😍 love that movie! Haven't read the book yet, but he's a great captain!!! Thanks for joining #WhatAWayToLive! 6y
mrp27 Grew up with this movie, loved it. I was a grown adult before I ever realized it was a book! 6y
rubyslippersreads The tagged book is about the movie; here's a link to the original novel, in case anyone wants to read it 6y
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Rachbb3 I love this movie!!! 6y
Dragon Love ❤️ the movie, such a fabulous Captain!!! 6y
lynneamch Never saw the movie, but loved tbe tv show, with Hope Lange, when I was in high school. The ghost was SO handsome! 😉 6y
rubyslippersreads @lynneamch I know—my junior high self had such a crush on him! 😍 6y
Happybooknerd Movie was wonderful. Didn't know there was a book. Will have to check out !!!! 6y
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Persuasion | Jane Austen
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Sorry fellow readers, I couldn't wait any longer to get to The Letter, & finished the book, not just today's chapter. #sorrynotsorry #allthefeels

I don't think this will ever not be my favorite Austen. Also, I know it's a day early, but as I can't think of anything for today's prompt, I'm going to jump ahead and declare Captain Wentworth my #favoritecaptain, and worry about today's prompt tomorrow. #classicbuddyread #pirateslife #whatawaytolive

elkeOriginal Those bookmarks! 💖💖 And YES to it being the best Austen 👏👏 6y
Bambolina_81 So glad you love it as much as I do! I think Anne is the most realistic of her heroines or at least the most like me our of all of them. Thanks for joining in with the #classicbuddyread 6y
EvieBee The letter! Gah!!!! Those bookmarks! I need them in my life. (edited) 6y
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DGRachel @EvieBee84 @elkeo I got them on Etsy. They're available as both an instant download you can print yourself and already printed. The card stock the shop uses is really nice. https://www.etsy.com/listing/508617175/jane-austen-elizabeth-bennet-darcy 6y
DGRachel @Bambolina_81 I loved the excuse to revisit this novel. 💖 I, too, relate to Anne and see more of myself in her than any of Austen's other characters. 6y
elkeOriginal Oo - thanks for the link!! 6y
LeahBergen The bookmarks! 😍😍😍 6y
CrowCAH Love it! He's a great captain! 6y
Bradleygirl I love Wentworth. I love Tilney more, but Wentworth beats everyone in the #talkingaboutmyfeelings dept 6y
hlgreenfield Omg those bookmarks are amazing! I might need to get those! 6y
hlgreenfield Also P&P will forever be my favourite Austen, but Persuasion really is amazing and doesn't get enough praise! Wentworth is perfect. 6y
Melissa_J I love those bookmarks! I think I need to reread this book, it's my all-time favourite novel. 6y
ScientistSam Love the bookmarks! May have to get them! And the Wentworth letter - my favorite!😍 6y
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