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It's Fall | Linda Glaser
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Look what arrived today! Thank you @TorieStorieS ! I can‘t wait to open it! Happy Fall reading! #fallbookexchange

TorieStorieS Yay! Glad it arrived safely!! 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess @TorieStorieS Thank you! Yours should arrive either tomorrow or Thursday! 🥰 3y
TorieStorieS @MyBookSwapClub Mine arrived today!!! 🥳🥳🥳 3y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot Great!!!!! Enjoy xoxo 3y
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Secret Santa | Scarlett Bailey
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My lovely hubby @TheEscapist got me some bookish goodies to unwrap today since my #secretsantagoespostal is MIA. He is so sweet!

Tamra So thoughtful!! 5y
LA_Mead @Tamra he's a keeper! 😍 5y
Mollyanna How thoughtful. 5y
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Alfoster Nice!😍👏👏👏👏 5y
AmyG He‘s so sweet. And that sucks. I am sorry you didn‘t get anything. 😪 5y
CatLass007 Sounds like he‘s a keeper 5y
TheBookAddict So sweet. I hope it‘s just a little late! 🤞🏽 5y
ReadingSusan That‘s so sweet! I never got my #halloweengoespostal box 😭😭 5y
Cinfhen #husbandsofLitsy are the best!!! Hubby did same for me on the #FallBookExchange and then 2 days later my package arrived!!! Hope you have the same results!!!! 5y
Cinfhen I'm sorry @ReadingSusan 😔☹️😤I might have a book or two on your TBR that I could send....I'm going to check 😘 5y
Cinfhen Yup! Email me cindyh666 at iCloud dot com I'm happy to mail you a little treat!!! 5y
tpixie What a special treat. @ReadingSusan you both need to be sure to let the organizers know, to maybe put these players on the no swap list. 5y
GlassAsDiamonds Great hubby, sorry your SSGP didn‘t arrive! Definitely tell the organizers and email me your postal address ( glassasdiamonds at gmail) - I‘ll join @Cinfhen & we can be your stand in not-so-Secret Santa‘s !! 😊😊😊😊). 5y
GlassAsDiamonds @Cinfhen 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️❤️ definitely!!! 😊😊😊😊 5y
MrBook Oh no 😕!!! We'll reach out to your sender tomorrow. I promise. I just did 5 hours of #SSGP emails, and I have to be up in a few hours for work 😆. 5y
LA_Mead @MrBook wow! That's a lot of emails! thanks for all of your hard work! 😊 5y
LA_Mead @GlassAsDiamonds you are so sweet! 5y
LA_Mead @Cinfhen aww thank you! That's really sweet 😊 Litsy really is the best community around 😍 5y
tpixie @Cinfhen yes that's true-blue it mm at still just be stuck in the mail 📪 🎄🎁 5y
ReadingSusan @Cinfhen omg you are so sweet! You don‘t have to do that. 5y
ReadingSusan @tpixie yeah I would have told the organizer but since it was during the hurricane I definitely didn‘t want to bother her! 5y
tpixie @ReadingSusan oh yes I understand. That certainly complicates things!! 5y
Cinfhen It's really my pleasure @ReadingSusan email me!! Did you have a better experience with #SSGP?!? 5y
Cinfhen I'm happy to #payitforward @LA_Mead but I may have to surprise you! I don't see too many books on your TBR that I've read or own 😜 5y
LA_Mead @Cinfhen I love surprises! Anything is awesome 😊 you are very sweet! 5y
ReadingSusan @Cinfhen I didn‘t do it 😢 Halloween goes postal was my first attempt so it made me not want to do it again. But the person I bought for loved all of her stuff so that was good enough for me. I will probably do the next one. The worst part was that my match told me three times that she was sending my box and I never got it. It was disappointing. 5y
LA_Mead @ReadingSusan that's rough! 5y
Cinfhen Boo!!!! That's terrible @ReadingSusan I'm happy to send some #LitsyLove your way 🤗🤗🤗 5y
GlassAsDiamonds Did your SSGP ever turn up??? 5y
LA_Mead @GlassAsDiamonds sadly, no... I wonder what happened to it? ...Happy Holidays by the way! 5y
GlassAsDiamonds Okies - email me your address! @ReadingSusan : you too 😊😊😊 5y
LA_Mead @GlassAsDiamonds you‘re so sweet! Thank you! 5y
GlassAsDiamonds @LA_Mead 😊😊😊🎅🏼🎅🏼🎅🏼 It‘s Christmas! 5y
Avanders Hi! We have not forgotten you! Nor has your Santa. Unfortunately she's had medical issues, but you should be receiving your package soon!! We'll stay on top of this! 5y
Avanders @ReadingSusan I hope you're signing up for #CupidGoesPostal! Make sure you mention your experience in your sign up form 🤗🤗🤗 5y
LA_Mead @Avanders oh my goodness! I had no idea! I hope she is ok! 5y
ReadingSusan @Avanders I will definitely be signing up! 5y
Avanders @LA_Mead I think so! 😘😘 5y
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I know this is SUPER late and I'm sorry about that. I've been sick so I wasn't up to posting before now, but want to say a huge thanks to my #fallbookexchange #halloweengoespostal buddy @SewItGoes These are lovely. Thanks dear! ❤

RiaWritten I‘m so glad they arrived and that you like them! Hope you‘re feeling much better now. :) 5y
eri.reads @SewItGoes Yes finally starting to feel a little better every day. Months of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis flares are no fun. But I started Humira about a month ago and I think it's beginning to have a positive effect! 😁 5y
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Y'all: I have been doubly blessed by @riversong153 with #HalloweenGoesPostal and #FallBookExchange! (This, her original package, was mailed five weeks ago and finally arrived today.) Thank you so much!

riversong153 Yayy!!! Finally!!! I‘m glad it made it to you! Now Hawthorne can read about the moose and the mouse! 5y
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Untitled | Unknown

Just mailed off #FallBookExchange for @rustoryhuf sorry it's so late :(

rustoryhuf No problem, trust me. I‘ve got 2 exchanges that need to be mailed. Did I do it yesterday? Nope! Thanks in advance for getting my name in the exchange. @Juli_Reads (edited) 5y
Serenity_Within86 @rustoryhuf You're very welcome. :) 5y
rustoryhuf @Juli_Reads Juli, my #fallbookswap arrived today. Thank You So Very Much! Books, chocolate, coffee, and a candle. Such a nice treat!!! Thanks again. 5y
Serenity_Within86 @rustoryhuf You're very welcome!!! Enjoy!!!! 5y
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Halloween Friends | Rita Walsh
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@LibrarianRyan : It will most likely be #ThanksgivingGoesPostal but I could finally mail the things I had purchased at @TheBookmarkPR before Hurricane María. #FallBookExchange (⬅️ can still apply) #HalloweenGoesPostal

LibrarianRyan You are a dear. That is so nice. I will have a package of games coming your way as soon as the games box is unpacked. Hopefully soon. 5y
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