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What a beautiful day. Time for a brain break after an exam #bliss

Nowhere Boy | Katherine Marsh
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First #audiostitching evening of 2022 #bliss

Eggs Beautiful 🧵 4mo
wanderinglynn Love the colors! 4mo
kspenmoll So beautifully bright! 4mo
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julesG 😍 4mo
Wife So pretty!🤩 4mo
AmyG Love it! 4mo
StaceGhost What a gorgeous pattern! 4mo
DivineDiana Great job! The pattern lifts my spirits! 🐦 4mo
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A trip to the bookstore to browse (and buy) followed by a trip to the cafe to snack and read #bliss

HotMessJess This is perfection 5mo
LeahBergen Murchie‘s!! 😍 5mo
BookishTrish Murchie‘s 💕💕💕 @LeahBergen 5mo
wanderinglynn That dessert looks delicious! 😋 5mo
BookishTrish @wanderinglynn It was soooo good - chocolate passion fruit cake 5mo
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Terciel & Elinor | Garth Nix
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Can't wait to return to The Old Kingdom for the story of Sabriel's parents.
Cosy blanket and cup of tea at the ready and the sound of rain outside #bliss #currentlyreading #nextread

TrishB Enjoy ❤️ 6mo
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Smithy | Amanda Desiree
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Happily reading in a sunbeam listening to the new Kedr Livanskiy album #bliss

Neverending Story | Michael Ende
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Never read this classic only seen the film. So seeing as it my bday. Treated self to some books to go with new book marks got off friends. New pjs on #bliss

aperfectmjk Happy Birthday! 🥳 9mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Happy birthday! I‘ve only seen the films too - hopefully the films did it justice! 9mo
Bookworm04 Will keep you posted as i read it. Thanks 9mo
Kdgordon88 Happy birthday! 🎈🎂🎈 9mo
Tera66 Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day! 9mo
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After an amazing massage, stopped for green tea & a ham, broccoli, corn muffin at my favorite coffee “ spot” in town. #nirvana #bliss #selfcare

Mitch Massage...lawn chair....muffins - your life today is full 😍 10mo
Amiable Sounds positively delightful! 10mo
Tamra What a great day! 10mo
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LeahBergen A perfect day! 10mo
Cathythoughts Perfect ❤️ 10mo
kspenmoll @Mitch Very full! Walked with my neighbor later and now am watching out local soccer team.😊 10mo
kspenmoll @Amiable @Tamra @LeahBergen @Cathythoughts It was delightful & so perfect!!! Hoping yours was a good one as well. I decided not to work this summer so I can go back renewed for teaching in August. Definitely the right choice for me. 10mo
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Malibu Rising | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Hi friends!! A few photos of what I‘ve been up to since the kids arrived. Mostly beach days, playing lots of backgammon (board painted by my son‘s girlfriend), a trip to Levinsky Market in Jaffa with a famous gazoz drink by Benny Briga and a beautiful sunset at Gazebo Beach, Herzliya ♥️Nearly finished with this audio. Like @britt_brooke said #RightBookRightTime #HappyDays #Bliss

LeahBergen Awww! You‘re having a GLORIOUS time! 😘😘 10mo
squirrelbrain Looks wonderful! 💕 10mo
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BarbaraBB So much happiness in those pictures! Enjoy ❤️❤️ 10mo
Simona Happy moments ☺️ Enjoy❣️ 10mo
TrishB Looks perfect ❤️❤️ 10mo
Megabooks How wonderful!! So glad y‘all are enjoying every minute! 💜😘 10mo
Cinfhen Life doesn‘t get much better @Megabooks @TrishB @Simona @BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain Hope you‘re all having a wonderful week too ❣️❣️❣️ 10mo
KarenUK Such beautiful pics… enjoy you time 💕💕💕 10mo
kspenmoll So happy for you that they all got there & you are enjoying life tigether!!!💜 10mo
britt_brooke Sounds like so much fun. Love the photos! 10mo
AmyG Enjoy your beautiful family!!! 10mo
Cinfhen Thank you SO MUCH @AmyG @britt_brooke @kspenmoll @KarenUK and my brother and his whole family got approval too so they are here and I have another brother who lives in Israel so tonight im hosting a bbq for 17!!!! Lots of good times, indeed 😁 10mo
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s fabulous! ❤️ 10mo
Centique Fabulous! Have an amazing time 😍🎉🎊🍾 10mo
Cinfhen Im EXHAUSTED 😩 bbq was awesomesauce @Centique @erzascarletbookgasm but it was quite a mess to clean up - just finished now 11:45 pm 10mo
Freespirit Must be great to be travelling again!!! 10mo
Cinfhen It **almost** feels like **normal** again @Freespirit 🥰 10mo
Centique @Cinfhen have a happy sleep and recover from all the busy-ness! 😘💕 10mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Centique Niki & Adam took the car & went to meet friends so I‘m gloriously home alone and relishing the quiet 🙏🏼 10mo
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Deception Point | Brown, Dan
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I‘ve read this one a few times and really enjoy it. Sadly I feel like Dan Brown‘s latest few becomes have been hugely below average. Also, don‘t you just love a good book in a warm bed #bliss

TheNeverendingTBR This bedding! 🙌 14mo
Halfbloodprincess20 @TheNeverendingTBR Awwww thanks. They‘re my fav ones. They are super comfy as well. Downside is that it‘s really hard to get out of bed. I start work at 7:30 so that‘s not a good thing 😂 14mo
TheNeverendingTBR @Halfbloodprincess20 Oh, I know the feeling! 🙈 14mo
RamsFan1963 Digital Fortress is still my favorite book by Brown. 14mo
Halfbloodprincess20 @RamsFan1963 YES!!!! That one was so good as well 🤩 14mo
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#poetrymatters @TheSpineView

Title: World's Bliss
By: Alice Notely

The poem is in the tagged book.