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A daily collection of literary events of great importance, amusing anecdotes & incidents that occurred on the page; Nissley's lively collection is the perfect choice for #TomorrowNeverKnows
@rohit-sawant @Cinfhen

rohit-sawant Oo, this is so fascinating! 4w
Cinfhen Fun book! 4w
ruskigurl16 I love trivia like this. Thank you for recommending such a cool book. ❤️ 4w
ValerieAndBooks I have this one! Fun to pick it up now and then. 3w
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Sputnik Sweetheart | Haruki Murakami
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“..But falling in love is always a pretty crazy thing. It might appear out of the blue and just grab you. Who knows — maybe even tomorrow.”

#MayMovieMagic #tomorrowneverknows if love will come knocking on its door.

BarbaraBB Well played 💕 4w
Cinfhen Fabulous 🏆 4w
rohit-sawant Love this! 💜 4w
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Gone with the Wind | Margareth Mitchell
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First thing I thought of. #tomorrowneverknows #maymoviemagic

Cinfhen Such a perfect choice!!!!! 💚💚💚 4w
rohit-sawant Such a fitting pick! 👏🏼👏🏼 4w
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This is one of those books I read in the aftermath of The Hunger Games. It wasn‘t as epic as that, but it was really good. YA dystopian fic that has since been turned into a movie. #tomorrowneverknows #maymoviemagic

Cinfhen Not familiar with book or movie 😬🤷‍♀️ 4w
rohit-sawant Sounds interesting! 4w
LeeRHarry #ozfiction🇦🇺 kids read this at school here 😊 4w
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Letters to a Young Poet | Rainer Maria Rilke
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“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. [L]ive in the question.”

#MayMovieMagic | 20: #TomorrowNeverKnows

📷: Made with Typorama

Cinfhen Brilliant!!! Such a thoughtful response to this prompt 🙌🏻 4w
rohit-sawant Love this! 💜 4w
Cathythoughts I love this too ♥️👍🏻 4w
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If #tomorrowneverknows maybe to find the answer you need to go in search of lost time? 🤔
In my head, this is grouped with Ulysses, Don Quixote, and Infinite Jest as 'intimidating books I want to read at some point but never as my next read'. Of course, there's the risk I'll never get to them, but who knows? 🤷
#MayMovieMagic @rohit-sawant @Cinfhen

RealBooks4ever Don Quixote is my all-time favorite book but I've tried reading Swann's Way a few times and just. can't. do. it! 😄💜 4w
LeahBergen I‘ve read the first book in the series and really liked it. Now to get to the rest. 😆 4w
Billypar @RealBooks4ever Ah, good to know: I'm more persuaded to read a classic when I hear it's someone's favorite than general commentary on its brilliance. 4w
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Billypar @LeahBergen I'm the worst at following through with a series. I've completed a grand total of two. Not two this year, two in my life 😄 4w
StephanieMarie I absolutely hated Ulysses lol. But Don Quixote I enjoyed even though it took me awhile to get through, I had it on kindle and just read a chapter a day. 4w
BarbaraBB I‘ve been reading Proust for over two years now but I made it to the sixt part and will hopefully finish next year 🤞. Ulysses was way more difficult. But I can understand if you never read them 😂😅 4w
Cinfhen Nope!!!! Not even gonna think about it 4w
rohit-sawant Still on my TBR. And will likely remain there for a long time 😄 4w
Cathythoughts I think I try dipping Into these books every now & then. Very difficult to do more than a little dip though .... 😳 4w
Billypar @StephanieMarie Ulysses is definitely last on that list: I'm more interested in the others. @BarbaraBB I always forget that Proust is 7 volumes, not 5- maybe when I see your review of the thrilling conclusion it will motivate me to pick up ☺️ 4w
Billypar @Cinfhen We all have a few 'not in a million years' shelves 😂 4w
Billypar @rohit-sawant @Cathythoughts For me, the first step is to acquire them and get to my physical TBR shelf. Then they will likely sit for 2-5 years before I pick up on a whim 😀 4w
Liz_M Overall I am glad I read Ulysses and ISoLT! I really enjoyed the structure and the connections between the different sections of Ulysses, even if some chapters were a slog. The first and last volumes of Proust had stunning writing, but some of the middle was less interesting. 4w
Liz_M I found Don Quixote boring. Not my type of humor at all 4w
Billypar @Liz_M Thanks for those reactions! I find it tough to predict which classics I'll end up enjoying or find boring. For other novels I can look at the plot and read passages, but I feel like those strategies don't work as well for classics. 4w
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Dead Tomorrow | Peter James
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#tomorrowneverknows #maymoviemagic
Couple of tomorrow titles on my kindle 😁

Cinfhen Yay for that kindle search button😉💚 4w
rohit-sawant 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 4w
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(Day 20 - #TomorrowNeverKnows)

*Just a few of the influences on the Beatles for this song: (bottom left, clockwise) Timothy Leary; Nietzche; Indica Bookstore, where John found Leary‘s book; ego death; Revolver album; LSD; Samādhi; Tibetan Book Of the Dead—“Bardo Thodol.”
The only film reference that I found for this song is “Sucker Punch;” is that the right movie?

Cinfhen I‘m loving your collages!!!! They would make awesome wall art 🤩🤩🤩 4w
gradcat @Cinfhen Thank you so much, Cindy...you guys keep me from feeling ridiculous for spending so much time on them! Love you much ♥️ 4w
rohit-sawant Nice! Totally agree with @Cinfhen about them making cool wall art. I went with the version featured in Children of Men by Junior Parker. 4w
gradcat @rohit-sawant Thanks for your kind words. I wondered about that one...wasn‘t sure—which is kind of dumb since I saw that movie! 😂 (edited) 4w
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My heart 🎶 is not dying 🎶 - I have had a clean bill of health from my heart hospital! #tomorrowneverknows @Cinfhen @rohit-sawant

2 books I picked up yesterday from Hughenden

rretzler That‘s wonderful news! 4w
Kaye Terrific ! 🌸💕🌸 4w
Moray_Reads Thank goodness! Glad to hear you're in good health 🧡 4w
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Cinfhen Yay!!!! Great news 💕💕💕 4w
squirrelbrain Yay! Fab news! 💕💕💓💕💕 4w
CaitZ Fantastic! 4w
RachelO Yay! So pleased for you! 💖 4w
LeahBergen Wonderful! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4w
Lynnsoprano Great news!

Itchyfeetreader Wonderful news happy happy Monday to you x 4w
Annl 💜😘👏🏻 4w
erzascarletbookgasm Great news! 4w
CarolynM That's marvellous news! 💕 4w
rohit-sawant So great to hear! 💜 4w
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