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Had to go with this #dead title for today‘s challenge as it is my favorite in the Sookie Stackhouse series & I am rewatching True Blood for #Scarathlon2022 & am currently at Season 4 where Eric loses his memory & Sookie protects him. A vulnerable Eric Northman (#TeamEric) is an irresistible (& very hot) Eric Northman.

A good book/series for #TeamMonsterMash points!

Laughterhp Yes! Team Eric! 💚 3mo
Eggs ❤️💜❤️ 3mo
LeahBergen Oh, Eric Northman. 🤤 3mo
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@Cosmos_Moon #thankfulthursday
I‘ve read a lot of books that have been made into movies or series, but it all started with The Neverending Story. I saw the movie first - as a result I bought a very expensive hardcover of the story, which was my first self-bought book ever. ❤️❤️❤️
1. True Blood 🤤🤤🤤 #teameric
2. Old friends who are able to make room for a spontaneous visitor.
And you @julesG @Catherine_Willoughby @erzascarletbookgasm @VeKu ?

Cosmos_Moon Ooo! I love the Neverending Story, but I‘ve never read the book! I must, one day. Thanks for joining in this week 🥰 (edited) 2y
Catherine_Willoughby Guilty Pleasure Show : Lucifer. ❤😈 Netflix S4 ❤😈 Season 5 (part 1) in 14 days . S6 confirmed. 2y
Catherine_Willoughby Haven't read the Comics yet but on my TBR list 2y
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#FebruaryFeels #amnesia

The book that made me solidly #TeamEric back in the day. When Sookie finds Eric & he has amnesia, he is downright adorable. Plus, I‘ll take any excuse to look at pics of Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman on True Blood 😍😘🤩😋

Cindyelizavaz I loveeeeee Eric too!! 3y
LeslieO Oh, I loved amnesia Eric! 3y
InBooksILive Ohh I loved when he had amnesia too! He was like a very big, lost puppy ❤ 3y
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Kalalalatja Eric 😍😍😍 3y
maich Eric❤❤❤❤ 3y
Eggs He is eye candy 🍭! 3y
Bookzombie This one made me #TeamEric too! 3y
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1. I hung all through the entire (gradually worsening) book series & HBO series & then was not happy at all with Sookie‘s romantic choice.😡 #TeamEric 😍
2. Seinfeld & Friends reruns always make me 🤣
3. Today fried rice with an over-easy egg, tomorrow hoping for 🥑Toast 😋
4. HST
5. Black Floral Print Matters! 🖤💐😆


Laughterhp Definitely Team Eric! 💚 3y
Coleen_Nieto @DebinHawaii I agree 100% Team Eric! 3y
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Cleaning out my son‘s room and found these boxed under his bed. My guilty pleasure and the TV series too. There‘s 9 of them which is not the complete series as I got some at the library. FREE TO GOOD HOME! Let me know if you‘d like them and I‘ll ship them out. #teamEric

InBooksILive I'd nobody else has asked for them yet, I'd love them! 4y
TheBookAddict I only need Dead Until Dark and All Together Dead. 4y
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InBooksILive The TV show is a recently new guilty pleasure of mine as well 😊 I'd love to read the books! 4y
jillannjohn @InBooksILive you got ‘em. I have your mailing address. 4y
InBooksILive @jillannjohn oh yay! Thank you so much! I'm pretty excited to read them 😁 4y
jillannjohn @InBooksILive The books and the TV show are very different. I loved both. I hope you enjoy the books. 4y
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Dead Until Dark | Harris Charlaine
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#SeptemberDanes #day14 #SleepingMyDayAway Besides myself😉the first thing that comes to mind for this prompt is Vampires! And how could I not feature my favourite ever Viking Vampire,Eric Northman & his super disdainful,sarcastic sidekick, Pam,his twinset & pearls wearing progeny. Some of my favourite “vampire genre” scenes are the banter between Eric, Pam & Sookie. Highly recommend if you like hot men, Louisiana, lots of snark & the supernatural.

Kalalalatja Yasssss great pick! 4y
LoverofLit #teameric for liiiiiife! I love this series. 4y
Cinfhen Great choice....vampires or Liz 😜😘 4y
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Definitely Dead | Charlaine Harris
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Just finished this one. Pretty good, but not my favorite so far.

LoverofLit I loved the lightness of this series. And I'm #teameric both book and HBO show for sure! 4y
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