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Book Lovers | Emily Henry
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Wow, @Catsandbooks , what a terrific box of #sliceofsummer goodies! I had a hard time getting it all in one picture. I had coffee in bed & opened my box this morning. What a great way to start the day. The snacks & drinks are perfect, & the glass is so summery and lovely. And I love drinkware, especially with straws! The wee pots! Seeds! A perfect candle . . . I was smiling so big as I unwrapped everything. And the books are perfect summer reads.

MittenGirlPeach And a special shout-out to the tea towels. I collect them, and these are beautiful. I use them on my bedside table, and I change them weekly. I tend to collect stacks of books and candles and journals and drinkware beside me as it‘s where I prefer to read, so I need to go through it weekly! Thank you so much for everything. @Catsandbooks 1mo
Catsandbooks I'm so glad you like everything! I had such fun shopping and making things for you! I hope you have a wonderful summer!! 💕☀️ 1mo
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Untitled | Untitled
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Phoebe has claimed my package and it is hers now! Can‘t wait to see what we got!!! 🤣😁❤️ #sliceofsummer #SOS

Chrissyreadit Hope you like it! 1mo
ShelleyBooksie Adorable kitty! 1mo
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I'll Be the One | Lyla Lee
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@alexus_sb Thank you so much for this bonus birthday gift in my #SliceOfSummer box. I cannot tell you how much I fangirled over the Twilight stickers!!! This extra book love definitely put a huge smile on my face 😁


alexus_sb Yay! As a fellow Twilight fan, I had to include the stickers. It wouldn‘t be a birthday without them haha. Happy birthday! 🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈 1mo
Pigpen_Reads @alexus_sb Thank you so much! It made me super happy! 😁🥰 1mo
Catsandbooks Love twilight and love this!! ❤️ 1mo
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The No-Show | Beth O'Leary
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@alexus_sb did a great job with my #SliceOfSummer box! I am obsessed with pigs and have never seen a wine glass like this one! 😍 Also, she included a bonus birthday present. I will post that on it's own in a bit. The Name of the Wind has been on my TBR for years now 😁

@Catsandbooks thank you for hosting this swap! It was a lot of fun!

alexus_sb Yay! I‘m happy you like it! When I saw the pig glass I had to get it lol 1mo
Pigpen_Reads @alexus_sb It's so cute! I love it! 1mo
Catsandbooks So adorable! Have a great summer! ☀️ 1mo
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Summertime | Raffaella Barker
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My package arrived safe and sound this week @Catsandbooks , and yours has shipped via FedEx for Saturday delivery. I had it in my head that tomorrow is opening day, which doesn‘t surprise me cuz I‘ve been behind all month. I woke up thinking it was still June! I‘ll wait until you get yours to open mine! #sliceofsummer

Catsandbooks OK thank you so much! I'll be on the lookout! 1mo
Catsandbooks The box arrived! Omg it's huge! 😱 I'll open it soon! 1mo
MittenGirlPeach @Catsandbooks Whew and yay! I hope you enjoy the goodies. I‘ll open mine when we get home! 1mo
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Nessavamusic Yay!! 2mo
Catsandbooks Hooray!! 🎉 🍉 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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@Meshell1313 and @Catsandbooks my #sliceofsummer box arrived today! So exciting! It‘s a pretty large box !! I am so curious, I will just have to wait and see!

Catsandbooks The wait is the hardest part! ☀️ 2mo
Meshell1313 So glad it arrived in time!!!! Can‘t wait for opening day! 🥰🤗 2mo
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Buried in the Stacks | Allison Brook
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Finished the cozy, by audio - 3rd in the series. Always happy to visit Carrie in the library. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reading Vladimir for #RealLifeBookGroup… cover removed to avoid certain conversations 😬

And mailed all the things!
#SpookySummerSwap #StaycationinTimeSwap #SITS #LitsySliceofSummerSwap #SliceofSummerSwap #SliceofSummer #CoffeeBeanBookClub #cbbc

And now… for a no-swapping period 😳🚫

AmyG I told myself no more swaps until your cosy swap starts the fall season. 🤣 2mo
Avanders @AmyG that seems like the right amount of time for me to recover!! 🫢😂 2mo
Chrissyreadit 😘🎉 I wish I had more swap control. 2mo
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Avanders @Chrissyreadit seriously!! 😜😘♥️ 2mo
paperwitchs Nice!! 2mo
Catsandbooks Yay! 😎☀️🍋 2mo
BethM Im with @AmyG I‘m banning myself til then lol 2mo
Avanders @paperwitchs 👻🤍 @Catsandbooks 👏🏽👏🏽💃🏽 @BethM it‘s so hard to do sometimes … 🫣🫣🫣 2mo
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Catsandbooks Oh I miss drive in theaters! 2mo
Chrissyreadit @Catsandbooks we have one about 45 minutes away- I just can rarely keep my eyes open to drive home if I stay for two features 🤣 2mo
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Watermelon Seed | Greg Pizzoli
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I completely forgot to snap a picture of the #sliceofsummerswap package I sent out today. So here is a picture of some yummy watermelon, which for me is the perfect summer treat❤️🍉

@Catsandbooks thanks for hosting.

Catsandbooks Fantastic! ☀️🍋 2mo
Meshell1313 @DinoMom package received! Now the waiting to open begins!!! Sending out yours soon! Will post pic! 🤗🇺🇸🇨🇦#sliceofsummer 2mo
DinoMom @Meshell1313 that was quick! 🍉🍉 2mo
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