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The Fifth Season | N. K. Jemisin
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Loved this book!! The prelude was hard to get through but once you do the story is epic. Intricate world building and capturing story. Loved all of it and definitely getting a spot on my favorites shelf. If you enjoy sci-fi / fantasy, check it out! So happy my bff gifted this to me in our #scififantasyswap 💋 & she even did a buddy read with me! 🖤❤️🖤 @kellyann28

Skyrimir This has been one of my favorite reads this year! Can‘t wait to have time to finish the series. 2mo
hermyknee It‘s so good!!! 2mo
Geeklet It‘s sooooo good. When I finished the second one, I freaked out and immediately ordered the third one. Love that series so much. 2mo
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TheBookKeepers @Skyrimir Same!! So good! 2mo
TheBookKeepers @Geeklet 😱 good to know... I‘ll go ahead and put a hold on Book 3 now as well lol!! 2mo
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Crystal Singer | Anne McCaffrey
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@Lizpixie What?!?!? I literally gasped when I opened the last package that just came in mail! This was too generous! On a side note.... I‘ve really enjoyed decapitating the koalas and sucking out their caramel insides 😂 I can‘t thank you enough for everything you sent me!!!

#scififantasyswap #shocked #mpls #twincities

Serotonin Crystal Singer. That takes me back long long ago....😆 2mo
Lizpixie You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy Samantha Shannon‘s doorstop of a book & The Crystal Singer was one of my first SciFi loves as a teenager. I still regularly reread the whole trilogy. BTW, that‘s exactly how most aussies eat Caramello Koalas too🐨🍫 2mo
Avanders Hey chica — I just wanted to let you know that I sent Liz a couple extra books because *I* messed up — your package was wonderful. I realized way after the fact that Liz had signed up for a bigger package 😳 Since I had failed to realize it or let you guys know so you could *both* adjust accordingly, I just sent her a couple extra books via Book Depository 😁 Since you sent such lovely bookish goodies, I didn‘t add any of those 😉 😘♥️ 2mo
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The Great Book Swap | Alan Mitchell
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Thanks so much to @MyBookSwapClub for the #scififantasyswap! I‘ve already started one of the books, and some of the chocolate has somehow disappeared...😳🤷‍♀️😋 Love book swaps! #sffs. And thanks to @Avanders for setting this up! Sorry this is so late!

MyBookSwapClub My pleasure :) xoxo 2mo
Avanders 😘🥰💗 2mo
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The Swap | Megan Shull
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Can I just say how lucky I am to have gotten such a fantastic swap partner for the #SciFiFantasySwap! These are just the books I got in my package! I could barely fit anything else in the pic. I‘m so excited to read Four Dead Queens & I‘ve had Fierce Fairytales on my TBR forever! @kamoorephoto you did a fabulous job! Thank you so much! What excellent selections!!! #sffs #litsyfriends

RadicalReader Can‘t wait to read Saving Megan been looking forward to it 2mo
Lovesbooks87 Everless and Four Dead Queens were both really good! 2mo
ReadingRover @RadicalReader It looks really good! 2mo
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ReadingRover @Lovesbooks87 They have both been on my list for a while now. I can‘t wait! 2mo
Lel2403 Red Sister is stunning....real world building and strong female characters I loved it 2mo
ReadingRover @Lel2403 It sounds awesome! 2mo
kamoorephoto I‘m so glad you love them all!! Thank goodness for Goodreads lists. We like a lot of the same books; I looked through and I was thinking, ‘yes, I approve; I‘ll send that for sure! 😹‘ 2mo
ReadingRover @kamoorephoto I know! I was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike!!! 2mo
Avanders 🤭🤭🧬🦄♥️♥️👏🏽 2mo
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Sleeping Giants | Sylvain Neuvel
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This is amazing! I love the mug, and the books! @Stephuhhnieee thank you so much! Did yours arrive yet? It should have. #sffs #SciFiFantasySwap

Stephuhhnieee Glad you‘re enjoying!!! 😊 I just got a notification of a package so I think so! I‘ll open as soon as I get home from work 😍 Thanks!!! 2mo
Avanders 🧬🦄♥️😁👏🏽 2mo
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The Book Dragon | Kell Andrews
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I mean... these are all just perfect bookish items. Words fail me. 🤭Thank you sooo much for such generosity!! @Chili

#scififantasyswap #sffs

Chili @Avanders You are very welcome! Enjoy! 2mo
Avanders @Chili 😘😘 2mo
MaleficentBookDragon I 💚💜💙♥🖤 everything in this package! Wow! 1mo
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon right?! @Chili was bang-on 👏🏽👏🏽😍 1mo
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Alias Hook | Lisa Jensen
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Thank you @Marmie7 for everything for #Sffs I love it all!! I‘m super excited to read Alias Hook, I have never heard of it but it sounds so good! The other two have been on my want to read list for awhile! Also the Funko of Drogon is adorable and I can‘t wait to add him to my shelf!! I also can‘t wait to use the notebook it‘s so gorgeous!Thank you! Also thank you @Avanders for hosting the swap! My first swap was amazing!


Marmie7 Glad you like everything. This was a fun swap! 2mo
Avanders 🧬🦄♥️♥️👏🏽 2mo
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#BonBonCat has taken over my new Hogwarts tote from @TK421 ! I guess the #CatsofLitsy can‘t resist @Avanders ‘s #SFFS #scififantasyswap either 😂

Robothugs 😻😻 2mo
TK421 😁 2mo
Leftcoastzen BonBon!😻 2mo
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rretzler 😻 2mo
Soubhiville Looks comfy! 2mo
Gissy 😍❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
Avanders 😹😹 2mo
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The Final Six | Alexandra Monir
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Finally made it home to open my #sffs package from @PagesByTheWater I 💜💜 everything! It goes without saying that the books are awesome! The candle smells divine. I want to light it right now. The coffee and mug are perfect... so me. I LOVE the journal! Purple and the quote... it is just awesome! Thank you so much!!

Thanks also to @Avanders for hosting. #scififantasyswap

PagesByTheWater Yay!! ❤️ I‘m so glad you like everything! I saw The Final Six just by chance and thought and hoped it‘d be a great read for you! I hope you enjoy everything~ 2mo
Avanders 🧬🦄♥️♥️👏🏽 2mo
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Such wonderful goodies! Thank you, @taraWritesSci !! I love it all! ❤❤❤ I'm excited to read the tagged book.

#SciFiFantasySwap #SFFS

taraWritesSci Yes! Both of your wishlist items sounded so good, I'll keep an eye out for your reviews 😜 2mo
Avanders 🧬🦄♥️♥️👏🏽 2mo
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