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#BookHaul (Book socks and book gifts for others not pictured.) #MoreBooks #NeverEnough 📖📚

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The Hobbit | J.R.R. Tolkien
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I started this a couple of days ago and read it aloud to my boyfriend in the car on the way home...
Who else has a problem with starting multiple books at once? This spills over into other things in my life as well. I always have several crochet projects started and video games half finished. I should never complain about being bored haha. #thehobbit #neverenough

dragondrool I always have a dozen or so books started. I switch according to mood until I settle into one. "In-between books" can be tricky sometimes. 7mo
chloemichelle @dragondrool sometimes I end up mixing plots or names of characters. Only for a moment though but it gets weird when I switch from fantasy to crime or non-fiction. 7mo
CoffeeNBooks Welcome to Litsy! 📚 7mo
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Kaye Welcome 💖 7mo
chloemichelle @CoffeeNBooks @kaye thank you so much!! 7mo
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Welcome to Litsy 📖💙 6mo
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻🤗 6mo
BridgetteM Welcome to Litsy! 6mo
TheSpineView Welcome to Litsy! 6mo
greenhairdontcare Welcome to Litsy! 💚 6mo
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Gonna take a break from the Outlander series (just finished book 5, The Fiery Cross) and give this one a try... Already ready for my morning commute 😊 #dianagabaldon #neverenough

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I loaded up my kindle with books - you know, in case I run out of reading material. 😳 #toomanybooks #neverenough

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Faces | Martina Cole
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From Book Riot fb

#books #neverenough #howdareyou

riversong153 Hahahaha 2y
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Uprooted | Naomi Novik
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So I'm reading an audiobook on my phone, an audiobook on cd in my room, a digital book in bed and an actual print book in those extra minutes between. 😂 #multibookreader

Joanne1 I like your style. 2y
Nat_Reads That's the way! I have my audiobook in my car for commuting, my before bed book, my gym book, and my other times book! 2y
Nat_Reads PS I LOVE Uprooted 2y
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LizzyM Haha it pays to have all possibilities covered. And I love Uprooted too! 2y
Foragingfantasy @LizzyM @Nat_Reads glad to hear it's a good one! 2y
Chachic Uprooted is one of my favorite fantasy books! 💖 2y
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Day 72: Ah...I love this!! Because it is so true for every book lover! Never enough books 📚 😆😉
#ashsbookmarks #the100dayproject #bookmark #craft #booklover #neverenough

krismac I love Cecelia Ahern! 2y
ashsbookmarks @krismac I have read everything except her two most recent. My TBR is just so long and I have so many books 📚 but never enough ☺️😉 2y
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Moby-Dick | Herman Melville
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Trying to convince my self I don't need this gorgeous collection of Franklin and Easton Press special editions...I've already snagged three. #bookloverproblems #buyallthebooks #neverenough

Suzze I get Easton emails, I'm surprised I'm not totally destitute. 3y
BeckaroniAndCheese So pretty! I think you need all the books 😁 3y
LeahBergen Don't be silly. Of COURSE you need them! 😛 3y
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the_alternate_ending_library I need the Jane Eyre one!!! How much and where is this sale located? 3y
Lizpixie They're so pretty!😍 3y
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