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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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Just saying Hi 👋🏽 Here‘s #Stormy and #Mogwai I will post the #litsylove Christmas cards I got tomorrow. Just so exhausted. Had 5 doctor‘s appointments last week got put on 4 new meds. I have 3 appointments next week and then I am done for 2019!! Yay!! Sorry this isn‘t a bookish post and I have not been playing in any of the December games😞 Just a little update. Love you all and I hope you are doing well!! That‘s my tiny altar in the background

Untitled | Unknown
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So many beautiful cards from so many beautiful friends!!! Thank you all so much!! @Stacypatrice @Soubhiville @Lovesbooks87 @Crimson613 @CoffeeNBooks @jenniferw88 @AmyG @Eggs @BookwormAHN @Kayla.Adriena ❤️💌🎄💚


Soubhiville 💗💗💗 38m
BookwormAHN 😸😸 32m
Eggs You are welcome 🙏🏻💗🥰❣️ 23m
Stacypatrice 💌🤗💛 7m
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Thunderhead | Neal Shusterman
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I thought this second book in the Arc of the Scythe was just as good as the first! I‘m very glad The Toll is out, I‘ll probably pick up a copy after the holidays.

Pictured with the Christmas cards I‘ve received so far, most of which are #LitsyLove! Thanks friends!

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love your card holder!!! 30m
Kayla.Adriena Love the rainbow tree card! 7m
bookishbitch I saw they have these books at my local library. They are on my tbr list for sure. now
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Christmas Cards and Tags | Meredith Corporation
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• Thank you ❤️ so much for the lovely holiday card @LouBeth it means a lot that you thought of me 🎄 I love the owl on this beautiful little card. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thanks again!! •

#happyholidays #LitsyLove #LitsyMail #holidaycardswap #thankyou #friends #WinterGames #TeamFestivus ☃️

Party | Elizabeth Day
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Thank you for the tag @Bookwormjillk

I‘m going to tag @TorieStorieS for always sending #litsylove letters that make my heart smile. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with me Torie - you are wonderful!

My favorite childhood book was “Harold and the Purple Crayon.”
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Friendsgiving | Alexandra Shytsman
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Lovely Christmas card and bookplate from @Bookwormjillk today...thank you so much, Jill! 😊💕❤️💚 #LitsyLove

@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 4h
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Next paperback, from @mngraham in the #litsylove swap! ❤️📚❤️📬

mngraham Tell me how it is! 14h
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Christmas Ever After | Sarah Morgan
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Got my package @Eggs Can‘t wait until Christmas Eve! 📖🍫🎄❤️☃️💚🎅🏻

Sending some #Litsylove to a special Litten!


It's My Party: A Memoir | Jeannette Watson
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Happy birthday!!!!!! 🥳👏🥳🥳 What do you mean we're supposed to have ONE favorite Litten?!? 😱 I chose someone who helped me, even though she probably doesn't know it, @UwannaPublishme . I had to drop from #litsylove because I've been overwhelmed with life, & I still got a letter from her, even when she couldn't find my address on the lists (for now!) And told me it was ok if I needed a break & to write when I can. I will! Thank you my friend.

LibrarianRyan I couldn't choose just one either. It's hard. But I figured us 6 digit club members get hit lots because we are very visible. It's nice to see the some of the not so noticed Littens. Thank you for playing. 1d
UwannaPublishme Awww, I am so touched by your sweet words. ☺️❤️You are too kind to give me such an accolade, my dear friend. There are so many kindhearted and generous Littens in our #LitsyLove group. I can‘t count how many times these letters have arrived at a time I needed them most. Sending a big hug your way and hope life is calming down and you‘re doing better. Be well! 😘 19h
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