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#FellowshipofTolkien friends, it has been a very Tolkien day! Not only did I start my day by reading Tolkien, but I ended it by attending a gathering of the Tolkien Society of Kansas City for the annual Toast to the Professor. I hope to attend more events in the future, but the distance makes it unlikely I will participate as much as I might like.

Texreader Sounds marvelous. Tonight my son and I finished watching LOTR extended edition, again. 2w
Daisey @Texreader It was! After all the talk about both the books and movies last night, as well as starting a reread of The Fellowship, I think I may need to watch that movie today. 2w
SilverButtonBooks I‘m so jealous. I wonder if there is anything like this where I live? 2w
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Daisey @SilverButtonBooks I never thought about it until @JazzFeathers mentioned the group she is a part of and I looked up the Tolkien Society. It turns out there are various groups scattered around the world. https://www.tolkiensociety.org/society/smials/ 2w
Amandajoy Where are you at? I‘m in Omaha and have been trying to find area Littens to do a meet up with. I would head to KC, there‘s a bookshop there I want to go to. 2w
JazzFeathers That sounds like a fantastic day, @Daisey! Being part of a face-to-face group is such a great experience. I'm happy you've found one near you. And yes, l need to watch the films again, too 😆 2w
Daisey @Amandajoy I actually live east of KC, and chose this event to attend because it was not quite as far away as some of the others I‘ve heard about. We did have a #KCLitsyMeetup a couple years ago, but I have not heard any plans for another. Just out of curiosity, what bookstore? 2w
Amandajoy It‘s Rainy Day Books. I‘ve heard it‘s a cute bookstore. 2w
Daisey @Amandajoy I‘ve heard good things about that one too but haven‘t made it there. 2w
wordslinger42 I've thought about joining the Tolkien Society, but haven't done it yet! I also doubt I'd be able to make it to many events! 2w
Daisey @wordslinger42 Luckily, the KC group is pretty informal. I have been following their social media for almost a year and chose this event as a good way to check it out in person. I‘m glad I did and plan to attend some more, but it‘s at least an hour drive to any, so it probably still won‘t be often. 2w
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Kind of Kin: A Novel | Rilla Askew
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@KimHM I'm finally starting my #kclitsymeetup swap book I got from you! So excited 😁 You promised me a happy ending right?! 😂😉

KimHM I‘m pretty sure . . . 😬 2y
LoverofLit Hahaha! Well I'll try not to hold it against you if not @KimHM 2y
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Beautiful Ruins | Jess Walter
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Started this last night. It's so good! And I love that you put this little note in it. Thank you, Bri!


LoverofLit I'm glad you're enjoying it and you're very welcome! 2y
tpixie Fun!! 2y
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Goin' to Kansas City | Nathan W. Pearson
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I had so much fun meeting everyone at the #KCLitsyMeetUp ! Littens are great people!! Here‘s a photo of us L to R: @tpixie @sammisho and her daughter Addison; in the back are @ElyssaReads and @Beckys_Books & @Skeebies05 , then @KimHM @Shaunesay @Daisey @BookFreakOut and @LoverofLit with Josephine, her Little Litten!! Thanks to @BookFreakOut & @ElyssaReads for organizing this! #LitsyMeetUp #KansasMissouri

kspenmoll Looks like such fun! So happy you all could meet! 2y
tpixie @kspenmoll It was so great to see how many people could show up! It was sad that some couldn‘t make it, but maybe next time! 2y
emilyhaldi Great turnout!! 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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LoverofLit It was absolutely amazing to meet everyone. Talking books with smart, awesome women and the blind book swap were SO much fun! 2y
tammysue That‘s wonderful! So happy you all were able to meet! 2y
tpixie @emilyhaldi yes I was so excited for how many turned out!! KS & MO likes to read!! 2y
tpixie @LoverofLit it was amazing!! 2y
tpixie @whatshesreadingnow thanks!! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
Smrloomis Awesome! And that baby Litten is too cute! 😄 2y
tpixie @Smrloomis yes she is adorable and was so happy the whole time! A good sport!! And so happy Addi could join us and participate in the book swap! @LoverofLit @sammisho 2y
LoverofLit @Smrloomis Haha thanks. Josephine is such and easy and sweet baby. I got lucky! ❤ 2y
Smrloomis @LoverofLit Nice! You are all cute of course but let‘s be honest it‘s hard to be as cute as a baby 😂 😄 2y
tpixie @LoverofLit oh! I love her name! How did I miss that??!! 2y
tpixie @Smrloomis exactly! Babies and kids and pets! Steal the show! 2y
LoverofLit @Smrloomis It's their chubby cheeks and toothy smiles! @tpixie We had a lot going on yesterday and I'm a quiet, nervous talker too. 😊 2y
tpixie @LoverofLit ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 2y
Beckys_Books Thanks again to @BookFreakOut and @Alyssareads for organizing our meeting. I look forward to next time! 2y
Lmstraubie So wonderful!! 2y
tpixie @Lmstraubie heaven!!! 2y
MicheleinPhilly Love this! 2y
tpixie @MicheleinPhilly 😊😍😊 2y
mariaku21 What a great picture! 2y
Pamwurtzler Looks like fun! 2y
ValerieAndBooks How fun 😍!! 2y
Mdargusch So fun! ❤️ 2y
tpixie @mariaku21 @Pamwurtzler @ValerieAndBooks @Mdargusch we had a great time. I‘m glad I took the effort to drive there!! 2y
LoverofLit Hey ladies! Which one of you guys gifted The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman? I just finished reading it last night and even though I didn't end up with this one from our swap it was AMAZING and I wanted to thank youfor 2y
LoverofLit Bringing it! (Sorry my two year old pushed send and I can't edit and am not deleting and starting my comment ovee again! 😴) 2y
tpixie @Daisey did you? 2y
Daisey @tpixie @LoverofLit No, but I did really enjoy this story when I read it! I brought 2y
LoverofLit @Daisey That's on my TBR list too! 😁 2y
tpixie @Daisey that‘s right that one intrigued me because I had just been to New Orleans! 2y
tpixie @BookFreakOut do you know who brought ( see above thread) (edited) 2y
BookFreakOut @tpixie I don't, sorry! I probably have a picture of the clues but not who brought it. Sorry for the late reply, haven't been on in a few days. 2y
tpixie @BookFreakOut k!!! Thx! 2y
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The Queen of Blood | Sarah Beth Durst
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Today‘s #bokhaul! The Queen of Blood is from our #KCLitsyMeetup today, and I‘ll be adding some more books from our discussion to my TBR. Then I stopped to browse Half-Price Books on the way home. I picked up a copy of Don Quixote so I can attempt it at some point for #1001books, and another Tolkien book I don‘t yet have on my shelves.

Chelleo Great bookmark and nice haul!! 2y
Daisey @Chelleo Thanks! @BookFreakOut made the perfect bookmarks for our meet up. 2y
tpixie Great #BookHaul ! Those bookmarks are great !! @BookFreakOut 2y
Chelleo Nicely done, @BookFreakOut 2y
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Going to Kansas City | Mary Lee Hester
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Last one! My real life bestie @LoverofLit, who makes life infinitely more interesting! Should have taken a picture showing our HP shirts!

Chelleo Looking good, ladies! 2y
tpixie ♥️♥️♥️ 2y
LoverofLit ❤❤❤❤ Nerd besties for life! 2y
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Going to Kansas City | Mary Lee Hester
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tpixie I loved so much meeting you two!! @sammisho @Daisey 2y
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Going to Kansas City | Mary Lee Hester
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#kclitsymeetup was so much fun! I hope we do this again! Thanks for hosting @BookFreakOut and @ElyssaReads
So nice to meet you, @tpixie, @daisey @KimHM @Skeebies05 @Beckys_Books @Shaunesay

BookaholicNatty Soooo much fun!!!! Love Litsy meet ups!!! ❤️ 2y
Skeebies05 Good looking bunch!! ❤️❤️ 2y
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Shaunesay It was fun! I'm so glad it came together, we should definitely do it again! 2y
Samplergal You guys look great! Glad you had fun! 2y
KimHM Great meeting all of you! 📚❤️💚📚 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘m glad you guys had fun! IRL meet ups are the best! (edited) 2y
Daisey It was so much fun to meet everyone and talk books in person. Thanks for sharing the photo. 2y
ElyssaReads So glad everyone could make it! 2y
emilyhaldi Awesome!!!💓 2y
LeahBergen This is so great! 💕💕 2y
tpixie Great Gals!! 2y
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Goin' to Kansas City | Nathan W. Pearson
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The #KCLitsyMeetup was so fun! Thanks for coming, I'd love to do this again & meet people who couldn't come today. L to R: @tpixie, @sammisho and daughter Addi in the front, @ElyssaReads and @beckys_books in the back @Skeebies05, @KimHM, @shaunesay, @daisey, @bookfreakout, @loveroflit & her Little Litten! (Couldn't remember her name, sorry, she was so cute!) I plan on sharing results of the blind 📖 exchange but wanted to get this pic out there!

Jess7 🤗🤗🤗 2y
merelybookish Awesome!! 2y
LoverofLit It was so wonderful to meet all of you and I had such a great time! ❤ 2y
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britt_brooke Wow, amazing group!! 2y
Chelleo Woohoo! Fun stuff! 2y
vivastory I'm bummed I missed this! Hopefully next time! 2y
sammisho This was so much fun! I had a blast! 2y
tpixie @BookFreakOut @ElyssaReads thanks so much for hosting us! It was so awesome meeting everyone we all had a great time!!! 2y
Daisey So glad I could make it today and meet everyone! Thanks again to @BookFreakOut and @ElyssaReads for getting it set up! 2y
Cinfhen Love seeing these posts!!! 2y
rather_be_reading thts awesome! 2y
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Goin' to Kansas City | Nathan W. Pearson
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On my way to the #kclitsymeetup 😊

drbethandherkindle Have fun!! 2y
Mitch Hope you have a great time. 2y
StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego Are you guys doing a blind date at your meet up? What a great idea! 🙈📚 2y
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Cinfhen Have fun!!! 2y
Beckys_Books @Mitch @Cinfhen it was fun, and so nice to meet people in person! 2y
tpixie It was great meeting you!! Your book looks awesome!!! Thx!! 2y
Cathythoughts Sounds like lots of fun ❤️👍🏻 2y
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