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Since @TrishB beat me to the obvious choice for the #IAssassin prompt, I had to think it over. Until I realised, my favourite Fitz is still an assassin in the second trilogy we meet him. Although, he is trying to get away from his assassin ways, old habits die hard, and Fitz finds himself in a situation or two were he has to draw on his old skills.


TrishB And the saddest bit in all the books happens in one of these - but I‘m not giving it away to anyone! 😢 5y
Melissa_J @TrishB I cried big time! 5y
Kalalalatja @TrishB @Melissa_J it was heart breaking! 💔 5y
TrishB @Kalalalatja @Melissa_J I get upset just thinking about it! I got my friend to read them and she rang me sobbing at that point saying how could I make her read that! She always says she‘s still traumatised! 5y
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#NuYear #day13 #IAssassin It would‘ve been tempting to go with Nevernight or Throne Of Glass For this prompt, but I‘ve gone with an Oriental ninja assassin series,Tales Of The Otori.In the lands of Otori,a young boy grows up part of a Hidden people,a peaceful people,until everything & everyone is taken from him in a massacre only he survives.Rescued by a lord, he trains to become the vengeance his family deserves. Full of beauty,magic & violence.

Cinfhen Oooh, sounds good ❤️ 5y
JazzFeathers I bought it when it came out... and l haven't read it yet 😭😭 5y
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I‘ve only read the first book but have watched all the films featuring Jason Bourne. I‘ve heard the films are different from the books but I‘ve enjoyed them.
In the process of discovering his own identity as he suffered from amnesia, Bourne was pursued by shadowy people, professional assassins, and the CIA. He also assumed the identity of a mock assassin to bait the ‘bad guys‘.
#nuyear #iassassin

Nute Love the movies. Always wanted to read the books. Enjoy! 5y
Cinfhen I've only seen the films too💗💗💗so good! 5y
SandyW I read the books a thousand years ago and LOVED them. I'm not sure if they'll be dated though... No cell phones! 😱 5y
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There‘s lots of 1880‘s culture, slipshod police work, murders, and questions in this true crime book. #nuyear

emilyhaldi 👍🏻👍🏻 5y
Cinfhen Sounds good 💜I like true crime 5y
TrishB Good pick 👍🏻 5y
Reviewsbylola Definitely want to read this! 5y
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Orphan X: A Novel | Gregg Hurwitz
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Since @Cinfhen has already posted about my favorite Israeli #iassassin Gabriel Allon, I‘ll share another #blameitonLitsy pick. My obsession with Evan Smoak is entirely @TrishB ‘s fault and I couldn‘t be more grateful! #NuYear

CocoReads Yes, I like Evan too. 5y
Melissa_J Is Orphan X the first book? If you and @TrishB enjoy these books I‘m sure I will too 😊 5y
DGRachel @Melissa_J Yes! Orphan X is the first. 5y
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Melissa_J Thank you! I‘ve stacked it 📚 5y
TrishB @Melissa_J @DGRachel these are great 👍🏻 Evan is awesome 😁❤️ New one in Feb 🎉 5y
DGRachel @TrishB Already preordered! 5y
Cinfhen I own the first book, should really give it a try!! Thanks for the reminder 😁😘 5y
TrishB @Cinfhen all action thriller with a good guy at the centre 👍🏻 (edited) 5y
Cinfhen Excellent! @TrishB right now it's #somanybookssolittletime 5y
TrishB @Cinfhen I hear ya 😁 5y
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Pyramids | Terry Pratchett
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Teppic is a new pharoah, with 'a recently acquired certificate from the Guild of Assassins'. It's entirely possible that he has no idea what he's doing! One day, I'll work my way through more Pratchett and find out. But I do like this cover!

#IAssassin #NuYear @Cinfhen @TrishB

julesG I loved Teppic! 5y
TrishB Cool looking book 👍🏻I‘ve still to read any Pratchett!! 5y
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Jane Steele | Lyndsay Faye
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TrishB Another I haven‘t read.... 5y
Cinfhen Me neither @TrishB you let me know how it is, if u read it 5y
TrishB @Cinfhen so many books ...... 5y
Cinfhen Hahaha 😊 @TrishB 5y
LornaDH It's you! Hello! Also want to read Jane Steele. 5y
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Zero at the Bone | Jane Seville
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#NuYear #iassassin D is a hired assassin who is about to be tricked into killing a doctor who saw a mafia hit. He has a change of heart looking into the doctor‘s eyes. Jack, the doctor, and D will take off together where they discover the desire they have for each other. This one was ok. Didn‘t think I‘d like it like I did near the end. Side note-@Trishb I like this song. I feel like it‘s one of the ones that doesn‘t have the Car‘s chord in it.

Cinfhen Interesting plot twist😉 5y
TrishB Sounds like an interesting book! I didn‘t even mention the song today! It‘s not one of my favs- hubby loves it though and the album as it‘s bass heavy and he‘s a bass player! Really interesting that you like it though as I don‘t think many people outside fandom do 😁 5y
Centique Hey Reggie! I‘m just catching up with my Reading Envy podcasts and I listened to you today while I did my walk. It was so lovely to hear your voice and you were talking about one of my favourite books too! I was so impressed, you did so well podcasting 👍😁. Hope you are having a great start to your 2018 reading 📚💕 5y
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Reggie Hey, thanks so much @Centique!!!! I‘ve kind of hit the ground running this reading year. 7 books already. Hope you had a good time at Australian Open!!! 5y
Centique @Reggie that‘s amazing 😳😄 I‘m only at 2 but I‘m happy to admire you reading stars way ahead of me ⭐️ I‘ll try and get a snazzy photo or a tennis autograph for you 5y
Cinfhen What??? Reggie on a podcast???? Please share link @Centique 5y
Reggie @cinfhen there‘s the link. 5y
Cinfhen The link won't work for me 😩😩😩 5y
Reggie http://readingenvy.blogspot.com/2017/12/reading-envy-105-best-reads-of-2017.html... I‘m sorry @cinfhen try this one which is a link to the page it‘s on. 5y
Cinfhen Apparently israel is one of the territories were certain services don't have distribution rights! I can't listen 😣😡 5y
Reggie @cinfhen boooo!!!! 5y
Cinfhen I know!!!! 5y
Centique @Cinfhen oh bother! Is it not in the podcast store on iTunes either? That‘s how I listen. 5y
Cinfhen I was able to change my settings through iTunes @Centique and I just had a listen to Reggie!!! Well done😃I'll need to add Kindred to my list 5y
Centique @Cinfhen yay! It‘s such a good book too 👍💕 5y
BookMaven407 You did such a great job on the podcast and you write such great reviews, I think you could start your own blog or podcast! (Assuming you don't already have one) 5y
Reggie @BookMaven407 Thanks for the kind words. I think about it but I don‘t know, maybe one day. 5y
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Probably an obvious choice for me too. Fitz is the royal assassin, with special skills. My fav fantasy series ever and my fav character. Fitz is definitely my literary husband 😁❤️
#iassassin #nuyear

MinDea Those are beautiful! 5y
DivaDiane Beautiful! 5y
TrishB @MinDea @DivaDiane the blue ones are 20th anniversary editions and they were all birthday gifts off people! So even better! I also have a paperback set that I actually read and lend to people! 5y
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Cinfhen You‘re #literaryhusband 😊❣️😍🙌🏻then Gabriel Alon is definitely my #literaryhusband 💕💕💕💕 5y
TrishB @Cinfhen we‘re all allowed one 💜 5y
Kalalalatja I had a feeling you would beat me to this 😅 now I need to find another assassin! 5y
TrishB @Kalalalatja 😁 it was our obvious one! 5y
alisiakae I‘ve never read this series, but now I‘m intrigued if both you and @cinfhen love it! 5y
Christine11 They are so gorgeous! 💕 5y
TrishB @4thhouseontheleft just me! Don‘t think @Cinfhen has read them - they have dragons in!!😂 5y
Melissa_J I‘m totally picking the same books for this prompt, just like I copied you yesterday 😉 5y
Melissa_J Update - I just found another book that works so I‘m not going to copy you after all. Plus, your editions of the Hobb books are so much nicer looking than mine. 5y
DivaDiane I don‘t know how I missed the 20th anniversary editions. I desperately need to get nice hardcovers of the first and second trilogies. 5y
Cinfhen Yup the dragons and the 1000 + pages were probably a deal breaker for me😜 @4thhouseontheleft 5y
TrishB @DivaDiane you get still get them on amazon - they are expensive , which is why I was very glad to receive them as presents! 5y
DivaDiane @TrishB I‘ve got Nos. 2 and 3 in my basket, but I‘m unsure is Assassin‘s Apprentice is actually the same edition. It looks different, but there aren‘t any others! I guess I‘ll just have to bite the bullet. 5y
TrishB @DivaDiane if you‘re on amazon Assassins Apprentice is not the blue 20th anniversary edition - it looks like the purple one in my photo! It is hardback and a collectors edition but not the blue one. There is one on eBay for Q8 ?? 5y
DivaDiane I found one, I hope! It‘s a third party used copy and there was a pic. Looks like the blue ones. Are they cloth bound? It‘s only (ce! 5y
TrishB @DivaDiane mine are in a slip case? 5y
alisiakae @Cinfhen @TrishB Lol, I swore I saw them in @cinfhen‘s timeline this morning too. Must not have been totally awake. 😂😊😊 5y
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