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30 Days of Night | Steve Niles
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I'm late, sorry!

For #HereComestheSun I thought of 30 Days of Night. It's definitely a long, cold lonely winter for the folk in this comic series. Never has a group wanted to see the sun more than them!

#BeatleMaynia @Eggs

Eggs Nice one ☝️ 6mo
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Eggs Great choice 🤗 Happy SUNday to you as well! 6mo
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Room: A Novel | Emma Donoghue
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Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right
It's all right

This was the first book I thought of when I saw the song title.
@Eggs #BeatleMaynia #HereComesTheSun

Eggs Quite apropo! 6mo
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George Harrison, my favorite Beatle, wrote #HereComestheSun. This book looks at his spiritual and musical life. There are a few different covers!


Eggs Stacked 🤗💗! 6mo
Weaponxgirl Have you heard Nina Simones cover of that song? It is gorgeous! And of course George was the best beatle and he was in the best supergroup (the travelling wilberries) of all time! 6mo
wanderinglynn Love George—the songs he wrote are my fave Beatles‘ songs. 💜 6mo
Eggs I always enjoy hearing album All Things Must Pass (edited) 6mo
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Under the Tuscan Sun | Frances Mayes
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Eggs Great choice! Wasn‘t this a movie with Diane Lane?? 6mo
CoffeeNBooks @Eggs Yes! The movie and the book were both good! 6mo
tracey38 Loved the movie 6mo
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Evil Under the Sun | Agatha Christie
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‘It is romantic, yes,‘ agreed Hercule Poirot. ‘It is peaceful. The sun shines. The sea is blue. But you forget Miss Brewster, there is evil everywhere under the sun.‘

It‘s the holiday season, and for the guests staying at the seaside hotel in Devon, they had better watch out, for #HereComesTheSun !

Another great read (and watch) featuring the Belgian detective.

Cinfhen Good one 🙌🏻 6mo
Heideschrampf It's one of my TOP 3 poirots! 6mo
MaureenMc I can‘t remember if I‘ve read the book, but I watched the movie with Diana Rigg a bajillion times when I was a kid. 😁 6mo
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Eggs Great choice 🤗💗 6mo
BooknerdsLife OMG I LOVE Agatha Christie so much and I remember loving this book a lot too!!! But sadly I‘ve forgotten most of the plots😂 Irs been too long! Think it‘s time for a reread 🤗📚📚 6mo
BooknerdsLife Its* 6mo
batsy I love this one 💜 6mo
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Here Comes the Sun | Nicole Dennis-Benn
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Too literal!?!?? It‘s on my TBR @Eggs #BeatleMaynia #HereComesTheSun 😎

squirrelbrain Nothing wrong with being literal 🤣 6mo
Eggs Works for me 🤗 6mo
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East of the Sun: A Novel | Julia Gregson
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Love the cover of this one!

julesG Oooooo, look at that cover! 😍😍😍 6mo
Velvetfur Those colours are so beautiful! 💚💙 6mo
Lcsmcat Pretty cover! 6mo
Eggs Gorgeous cover!! 6mo
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This is definitely a #herecomesthesun to save the day kind of vampire short story. In it, Kristen thinks “I can‘t believe #howfarIllgo.” She‘s a librarian, who after a vampire kills her boyfriend on a secluded mountain late into the day, has to spend the night in a dead elk carcass for warmth on some rocks in the middle of a stream. Side note: did you guys know vampires can‘t cross water? I had no idea. #MayMovieMagic #BeatleMaynia

Cinfhen Really??? Like the Wicked Witch of the West??? #WaterIsMyNemesis 6mo
Reggie @Cinfhen I looked it up on the internet, because you know it never lies, but it says that beside sunlight, water in motion is the only other natural vampire killer. Who knew! #vampiresoflitsy are probably pissed about this post. (edited) 6mo
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rohit-sawant This was one of my faves from the collection! 6mo
rohit-sawant Have you read "Paper Cuts," "Shadow and Thirst" and "We are all Monsters here" yet? Those ones really stayed with me. Can't wait to read your review of this. Speaking of, I should get around to reviewing it myself ? 6mo
Reggie @rohit-sawant I‘m up to We are all Monsters here right now, but honestly I‘ve liked all of them except for the firefly interpretation and even then Seanan McGuire still writes the most beautiful 2 paragraph metaphor about the real impending storm and the one we all go through with puberty. Anyways, yeah, Paper Cuts was good. Vampires as books, with a Nazi intersection. It was pretty good. This book is definitely scratching an itch. 6mo
Megabooks I did not know this. I have the tagged book in my #Audible TBR. (edited) 6mo
TrishB I learned that in the Hammer films 😁😁 always good to know. 6mo
Reggie @TrishB I don‘t know why I‘m thinking Terminator but what are the Hammer films? 6mo
TrishB https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer_Film_Productions the original Dracula films with Christopher Lee scared me so much when I first saw them! 6mo
Eggs Great use of media/books 6mo
gradcat I‘m stuck on vampires not being able to cross moving water...nice little factoid there. 😂 6mo
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Sunrise Point | Robyn Carr
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Eggs Perfect 🤗 6mo
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