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Completed my summer and winter prompts for #Booked2021
#TitleIncludesLibraryorLibrarian: The Badass Librarians of Timbuktu
#Translated: NoFriendButTheMountains
#UNPeacekeepersAre: Salt Houses
#MusicalInstrument: ComingThroughSlaughter
#Anti-Racism: Caste
#Poetry: Here In Harlem
#Frenemies: Butter Honey Pig Bread
#Jewish: Where the Jews Aren‘t
#Blackjack21: Open Heart
#NewIn2021: Missed Connections
#HiddenGem: Chop Suey Nation

Cinfhen Woohoo!! Congrats 🎉🎊🍾 will tag you in a few days with the new link to record your prompts for the #Final2021Drawing (edited) 2mo
Singout @Cinfhen Thank you! I can‘t believe I‘m done so early! 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Hopefully I‘ll have it ready over the weekend. But I can‘t guarantee—with the holiday family time. Might be early next week … 2mo
Cinfhen No worries @BarbaraTheBibliophage I‘ll keep a list of who needs to be notified xx 😘 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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This book by Sarah Ashley was not in the database, I did suggest though. I enjoyed this little haunted tour through my state. Most of the legends I had heard but not all of them.
#LittensDressedInBlood @MidnightBookGirl
#Booked2021 #Hear/Here @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft @BarbaraTheBibliophage

KathyWheeler I have Weird Louisiana, but not this one. Looks like fun. 5mo
Cinfhen Cool!!!! 5mo
MidnightBookGirl I love exploring that haunted history of states! 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Perfect choice! 4mo
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We Run the Tides | Vendela Vida
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I chose this audiobook for #booked2021 #hear/here because being set in San Francisco it satisfies both options for the prompt. Sadly I didn‘t like it as much as everyone else does. Vida does a great job with the mean girls aspects of school girls which brought back so many memories. I got bored with it all though before the plot took some eye-roll inducing turns.

Fully Booked | Emma Strandberg
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And that's a wrap on #Booked2021 Spring quarter!

7. Title includes Library: The Paris Library
8. Translated into 1st language: Drive Your Plow...
9. Set in a country where UN Peacekeepers are: An Unnecessary Woman (Lebanon)
10. #Hear/Here: The Subtweet
11. Musical instrument on cover: She Come by it Natural
12. Anti-Racism: All Boys Aren't Blue

@BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft

Ruthiella I read the same book for UN Peacekeeper presence! 😀 (edited) 7mo
Cinfhen Don‘t forget that we are now tallying completed prompts with a form submission???Every book read, from April 1- June 30th earns you a chance to win our quarterly drawing? You have until midnight, **July 3** to fill out the second quarter form? ?
Cinfhen Well done 👍🏽 7mo
mhillis Great choices!! 7mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Awesome job!! 7mo
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Fully Booked | Emma Strandberg
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Just a reminder: Hi #Booked2021 Friends! Don‘t forget that we are now tallying completed prompts with a form submission???Every book read, from April 1- June 30th earns you a chance to win our quarterly drawing? You have until midnight, **July 3** to fill out the second quarter form to be entered ?

Keep sharing your book choices~ we LOVE seeing what you‘re reading ???

Cinfhen 7. TITLE INCLUDES LIBRARY OR LIBRARIAN (National Library Week - April 5-9)


9. SET IN A COUNTRY WHERE UN PEACEKEEPERS ARE (Int'l Day of UN Peacekeepers - May 29)


11. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT ON COVER (World Music Day - June 21)

12. ANTI-RACISM BOOK (Juneteenth - June 19)
Cinfhen If you read books from January 1-March 31 and never submitted them, you can submit those as well!!! 8mo
Ruthiella I‘ve got two more to read! But am very much enjoying the challenge and how it is structured my reading. 😀 8mo
Cinfhen Yay!!! That makes me So HAPPY @Ruthiella 💚😄💜and you still have plenty of time to finish this quarter!!! 8mo
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The Promise | Katerina Diamond
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This is the fourth in a series and while none of them have been as good as the first, I am still enjoying and continuing them. I think I read this one after too long a gap though, I‘d forgotten a bit of the back story which probably would have made it even better. Read for #booked2021 #hear/here - creepy murders set in the city where I live!

Cinfhen I love a hometown setting & it‘s even better when the book is good too 😁 8mo
Helen19 @Cinfhen My sense of direction is not great but even I could keep up with where the MC was most of the time!! 8mo
Cinfhen I like when they mention local hangout spots or the mini market or pizza place / a long time ago, a neighbor wrote a book and she very thinly disguised names of places but it was SO EASY to pickup on where and who she was describing 😂like all the moms used to hang out at coffee planet and she renamed it coffee world and all the kids went to Miss Cathy‘s dance studio and she called it Ms. Katy‘s ballet studio. 8mo
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Loved this! Read it as an audiobook (which I highly recommend) .. I‘ll definitely be subscribing to their podcast now

#Booked2021 pick for #Hear/Here (audiobook or set where you live)

Cinfhen I‘ve been curious about this book / you have me more intrigued than ever 😍 8mo
Pageturner1 love the title! have friends that remind me of that title. 😁😆 8mo
samanthagutt @Cinfhen i thought it was so good! I laughed, I cried, but I couldn‘t stop listening. The authors (who also read the audiobook version) are so funny and charismatic 8mo
samanthagutt @Pageturner1 such a good title! My fiancé passed by me when I was listening to it and was like “wow, that‘s a really catchy title!” LOL 8mo
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Just Fly Away | Andrew McCarthy
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A #Booked21 #Hear/Here overachiever: I listened to this book set in an unnamed NJ town, speculated to be nearby Westfield (where the author was born.) Mentions of going down the shore and taking the train to the city felt familiar to me.

I was really hoping to enjoy this one, but it was just MEH. Fifteen year old Lucy's life is disrupted when she finds out her father had a brief affair and she has an 8 year old brother living IN TOWN. 😲⬇️

Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick There was some promise of good family dynamics, but Lucy was very one-note regarding the infidelity. I mean, with her angry outbursts early and often, I almost thought that SHE was cheated on. Yes, teens have lots of hormones and I remember feeling like the world was ending, but Lucy was rather shitty to her parents the rest of the way through. Scenes with her grandfather improved the book to average but more interaction with her sister ⬇️ 9mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick might've added more depth and another viewpoint on the situation.

@4thHouseontheLeft @barbaratheBibliophage @cinfhen
Another #Bookspinbingo box @Thearomaofbooks and #YApril @Allylu
Allylu Way to go! 9mo
TheAromaofBooks Great progress!! 9mo
Cinfhen I bought this for THAT author but found it meh too ☹️props for choosing a HearHere book!!! #JerseyGirl 9mo
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All the feels for this book! I loved this whimsical, feel-good, quirky fairy tale that left me alternating between sobbing and smiling. Lovely on audio as well. My favorite for the year so far! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

#Booked2021 #Hear/Here

Cinfhen I‘ve seen SO MANY glowing reviews for this one!! Glad you enjoyed as well 💗 9mo
AmyG Have you read this @Cinfhen? Because if not....you need to. It‘s that lovely. 9mo
Cinfhen I haven‘t @AmyG but now I feel like I need to remedy that 9mo
Jovy @AmyG @Cinfhen Yes!! ♥️ 9mo
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A Promised Land | Barack Obama
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OK, folks, please don't judge me, but...I found this book boring. I love President Obama, I really do, but I'm not THAT interested in politics. I was hoping this book would be more personal. On the plus side, I enjoyed hearing him read to me!

ETA: And it fits a #booked2021 prompt! #hear/here

@Cinfhen @BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft

4thhouseontheleft I will concede that it is a very long book for people not interested in politics! Have you read any of his earlier ones? Especially this one: 9mo
Cinfhen I love an honest review 🙌🏻❣️😁And apparently this was only part one... 9mo
triplem80 @4thhouseontheleft Yes! I read Dreams from My Father a few years ago. I struggled with that one at times too, though I think listening to it would have helped. 9mo
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