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This novel, set in a 1950s Sydney department store‘s frock shop, has been described as Barbara Pym in Australia. That‘s good enough for me (and I hope to get to it soon)!


Cathythoughts Lovely pic ✨book sounds good 👍🏻 6mo
CarolynM It's great. The movie is ok but... 6mo
BarbaraBB Attractive cover! 6mo
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Cinfhen Love the cover and book sounds charming💕 6mo
AlaMich Working in apparel retail as I do (🙄) I will have to check this out! 5mo
Freespirit It‘s a lovely story...movie is good too 5mo
Crazeedi Sounds intriguing! 5mo
rubyslippersreads I would buy it just for that cover! 😍 5mo
jillrhudy It's available on Netgalley right now! I got it. 2mo
LeahBergen @jillrhudy Is it? 👏🏻👏🏻 I hear there‘s also a movie or TV series based on it? 2mo
jillrhudy @LeahBergen I‘ll read it and then I‘ll find out! Book first, adaptation afterwards! 2mo
jillrhudy @LeahBergen read the book then found the movie on Amazon Prime, and the movie is even better than the book! 2mo
LeahBergen @jillrhudy Oh, good to hear! 👍🏻 2mo
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Of course when I hear #DownUnder, I have to think of the classic 80s song by Men At Work

#WanderingJune @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

Bklover And now it‘s stuck in my head!🎶🎵😉 (edited) 6mo
Swe_Eva That was my brother and his wife‘s wedding dance. 😂 Not very romantic, but it was the first song they danced to when they first met, so it had to have a major part in the wedding. 6mo
rretzler 💕 6mo
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Cinfhen I‘ve always wanted to try a vegemite sandwich 😜 6mo
RamsFan1963 @Cinfhen Don't!!! It tastes like gack!! Vile nasty stuff, I couldn't keep it down 6mo
Centique @Cinfhen @RamsFan1963 the secret is to spread it super thin. Like 1/3rd of a teaspoon, maybe even less, its just scraped on barely. It mixes in with the butter. Great when you add cheese on top and then melt it! We all laugh when we see Americans slathering it on 🤢 (edited) 6mo
BarbaraBB Great song! Is vegemite similar to marmite, @Centique ? 6mo
RamsFan1963 @Centique That was my mistake, way too much it was overpowering!! Its not the worst thing I've ever eaten, that would be durian fruit from the Philippines. Oh. My. God!! What a nightmare that was!! 6mo
Centique @BarbaraBB yes! Almost exactly the same although I prefer vegemite. 6mo
Centique @RamsFan1963 I‘ve heard that about durian. Haven‘t tried it yet though 😬 I think maybe I should avoid it 😂😂 6mo
RamsFan1963 @Centique I would if I was you. The texture is creamy but it tastes like $#!+ in your mouth and smells like rotting flesh. 6mo
Cinfhen Ha @RamsFan1963 I‘ve heard it‘s NASTY!!! But now @Centique has given us an insider‘s tip 👍🏻 (edited) 6mo
Cinfhen Ugh!!! Is Vegemite the equivalent of American Spam??? 6mo
RamsFan1963 @Cinfhen Hey don't knock spam!! Spam, ramen noodles and neon orange Kraft mac & cheese got me through college 6mo
Cinfhen The 3 food groups of college and beer! 6mo
rwmg I ❤ durian 6mo
RamsFan1963 @rwmg Really?! I admire you then sir, you have a cast iron stomach and a nose of steel. 6mo
BarbaraBB Spam is meat in a tin isn‘t it? That sounds even less attractive than durian 😂 6mo
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The Denniston Rose | Jenny Pattrick
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#WanderingJune #DownUnder

Most often I think of Australia as Down Under, but I‘m stretching this to include New Zealand 🇳🇿 This book not only takes place in New Zealand, but the author is a Kiwi!

Cinfhen Hey @Centique are you familiar with this book? Author? 🥝 6mo
Centique @Cinfhen I haven‘t read it but it was super popular historical fiction, and I think she‘s written more in the same vein. And yes, @CrowCAH officially NZ is also a part of “down under” so thanks for including my little corner of the world! 😘 (edited) 6mo
BarbaraBB @Centique I wasn‘t sure if New Zealand was called down under too, in that case I‘d have chosen my favorite 6mo
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Cinfhen I wasn‘t sure about that either @BarbaraBB Although for me, NZ will always be the place my baby had his injury😭😭😭 6mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I can understand that! It‘s been a tough year for your family. Is your husband progress still going on? 6mo
Cinfhen They never determined what he had but he‘s 95% back to normal. He still tires easily and he‘s lost his sense of taste!! His taste buds are gone😳 6mo
CrowCAH @Centique aww yay! 🥰 I received this from my email pen pal, Kate Heaphy, from NZ. 5mo
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Kate Morton is my favourite writer from #DownUnder 🇦🇺

The tagged book is my favourite, followed by The Forgotten Garden. I could have done without The Clockmaker‘s Daughter. It wasn‘t up to Morton‘s usual standards IMHO.


Crazeedi I agree, I've loved her books mostly 6mo
sprainedbrain Same! I adore her books. 😍 6mo
Cinfhen She used to be an auto-buy for me but her last few haven‘t been as good as her earlier work. IMHO😉 6mo
BarbaraBB I only read The Forgotten Garden but I will look out for more. 6mo
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The Thorn Birds | Colleen McCullough
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#WanderingJune 🇦🇺
I was going to show my plethora of cookbooks from chefs from #DownUnder 😋🥄(I have multiple cookbooks from Jill Dupleix, Kylie Kwong, Curtis Stone, Bill Granger & Donna Hay) but because there are so many, instead I went with a handful of fiction titles that are set in Australia. Of course The Thorn Birds is the grande dame of my shelves ever since I read my mom's copy one high school summer before the miniseries came out. 💛

CarolynM Nice cook book selection🙂 6mo
Hooked_on_books You could just post a picture of Curtis Stone and that‘d be ok by me. 😉😂 6mo
Cinfhen Ha @Hooked_on_books 😍I reread the Thornbirds last year and it was just as good as the first time reading it!!!maybe even better. It felt a little dated at times but it was such a richly created saga. So good 6mo
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Burning Sky | Sherry Thomas
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julesG Don't even know why I picked this trilogy for 21 - I know there is a scene where the MCs are in the desert, neither knowing who they are. 6mo
BarbaraBB Well played! 😘 6mo
Cinfhen I love this!!! Well done 🥳🙌🏻 6mo
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The Promised Land | Barry Maitland
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(Day 26 - #DownUnder)

*The Brock & Kolla series, written by Barry Maitland (who calls Australia home), is one of my favorite police procedural series ever. He has written 13 of them (of which the 13th, tagged, is unavailable in the US 😭), all set in Scotland Yard. He has one stand-alone, and one trilogy, called the Belltree trilogy, named after the detective featured in those books. Above are some of the settings of his books.

BarbaraBB BookDepository has it and ships to the US but it is expensive!! https://www.bookdepository.com/Promised-Land-Barry-Maitland/9781760632670?ref=gr... 6mo
gradcat @BarbaraBB I know—I looked it up, and it is pretty high. When I saw he was going to write a new one in that series, I was so excited—could not wait for it to be published. Then it was—in January of this year—and I‘m still waiting for it. Makes me so mad—I really, really like the series. 🙁 6mo
Cinfhen Here we go my #seriesSquad ~ do u know this series??? @EadieB @Andrew65 @TrishB 6mo
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Andrew65 @Cinfhen Oh no, you caught me out again, 🙈😳, another series I wasn‘t aware of. 6mo
TrishB I think in the dim and distant past I read the first one. Not sure why didn‘t continue, but looks good and may have another go if find some decent prices! 6mo
gradcat @Cinfhen I know, right? I knew I was starting something, but dammit—I want that last book! 😂 5mo
gradcat @TrishB If you like detectives who are full of problems (Harry Hole, Will Trent, e.g.), you might have given these guys a pass. They‘re pretty straight up until deeper into the series, and even then, they‘re not really complicated...I‘m not sure why I like them so much...but they stuck with me (or, I stuck with them, I suppose). 5mo
gradcat @Andrew65 Okay, I deserve some kind of award for this, doncha think? 🏅 🤔 5mo
EadieB I have many books and 4 books by different Maitland authors but no Barry Maitland. But my library has 12 of his books. So I ordered the first book called The Marx Sisters. His books look very interesting. I think @gradcat is holding out on us and we need to check out her read books and see what other series she has hidden away! @cinfhen @Andrew65 @TrishB 5mo
Cinfhen HahHahaha @EadieB and how great that your library has so many of the books!!!! 5mo
EadieB @Cinfhen I know but I really need to read some of my 5,000 books that I own. I have no will power when someone mentions a new book or series. (edited) 5mo
gradcat @EadieB The tagged book is really drew me in. My mother loves this series as well. We both read them back-to-back as soon as we could get them. But be forewarned: They are not quite as action-packed and/or as gritty as some others. They‘re just well written, compelling stories. And, oh yeah, that‘s a HUGE library! 📚 😂 ♥️ (edited) 5mo
EadieB @gradcat My library grew to 10,000 but didn‘t have room for all those books. Husband was not happy so I have been dwindling it down. 5,000 is still too many but I‘m still working on it. 5mo
Andrew65 @gradcat Most definitely, catching me out is starting to become a habit! 🙈 🏆 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Totally agree, especially as @gradcat , you and I seem to have similar tastes. 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Oh no you‘ve halve£ the national collection. @gradcat @Cinfhen I‘m contacting Donald Trump about a more important national emergency! ? 5mo
EadieB @Andrew65 i‘m not really sure of the number but I do get rid of some daily and/or weekly. Got to get to the point where they all fit on a shelf. I need to reorganize them too because i have lots of empty spaces so a total refiling is necessary. Have to wait until my husband, John, goes golfing all day or an away trip because I have to alphabetize them again and need to spread them through the house and if home, he will surely complain! lol (edited) 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Yep, think he will. Perhaps you should send him over to the U.K. to watch The Open, a week and you might just get it done. 😳 (edited) 5mo
EadieB @Andrew65 That‘s not a bad idea because we have a friend we met in Jamaica and the Open is in his hometown in Northern Ireland. (edited) 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I love it when a plan comes together! 😂 5mo
gradcat @Andrew65 @EadieB You guys crack me up! I love this tête-à-tête going on here. Sorry I‘m only just getting around to responding, but better late than never, right? By the way, are we doing the buddy read? 5mo
EadieB @gradcat Are you talking about the Cara Black one for the end of July (edited) 5mo
gradcat @EadieB I am talking about the Cara Black novel...is that when we‘re reading it? 5mo
EadieB @gradcat Yes we decided the end of July. We will have to check with Andrew for the exact date. @Andrew65 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB I‘m still trying to get hold of a copy of this. Providing I do any time after22nd July is good. @gradcat (edited) 5mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Ok just keep us informed. @gradcat 5mo
Andrew65 @EadieB Put requests in for two libraries to buy the book. @gradcat At the moment the library only has one book in the series! 5mo
gradcat @EadieB & @Andrew65 This is perfect for me! Let‘s just keep up with each other as to start date. I‘m pretty open to anything you guys want to do for this month. 5mo
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Walkabout | Bill Bryson
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Cinfhen I‘ve heard Bryson‘s travelogues are hilarious. I‘ve only read one book by him, it was really well done 6mo
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#WanderingJune #DownUnder Australia always reminds me of Steve Irwin 🐊
@Cinfhen @BarbaraBB

TheSpineView Good pick! I Totally forgot about the Irwins. 6mo
Cinfhen So sad when he passed away 6mo
SW-T Loved watching that show! Sad when he died 😢 6mo
GingerAntics Krikey! is actually a really good show. It‘s amazing to see how knowledgable and skilled Bindi and Robert are already. @SW-T @Cinfhen (edited) 6mo
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