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This is by one of my favorite children‘s illustrators. The pointillist style pencil drawings are detailed and entrancing! And the story itself is the perfect amount of scary for little kids, complete with a wonderful happy ending.

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Spooky and fun. Great for inferential thinking. A widow finds help from an old witch's broom.

#Scarathlon #TeamHarkness @StayCurious

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The Young Queens | Kendare Blake
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Couldn‘t think of a book with a broom, so I took a pic of my next witchy read with one. Excited to see these characters‘ backstory! 🧙🏼‍♀️ #broom #witchyreads

erzascarletbookgasm Nice pic! 4y
Elisa Yes! Both novellas are fantastic. Such cool background. 4y
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Harry Potter: fun book | J.K. Rowling
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Of course I thought of Harry Potter when I saw today's prompt of #broom. I'd love to be able to fly around on a Nimbus 2000. #witchyreads

Linsy Agreed! HP all the way! #always 4y
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Witches Abroad (Revised) | Terence David John Pratchett
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The #witchyreads photo challenge today is #broom and broomsticks feature in Witches Abroad. Guaranteed to make me laugh every time I pick up a Discworld novel, Witches Abroad included.
@Linsey 😊

AlaMich That cover is the best!! 4y
Linsy I need to read! 💚💚💚 4y
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Twist: Yoga Poems | Janet S. Wong
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#WitchyReads Day 23:
As found in this poem Breath from the poetry book Twist:

“Breath is a #broom
sweeping your insides

Smooth and slow:
You pull scattered bits of dream fluff
and heart dust into neat piles.

Short and quick:
You coax shards of broken thoughts
out of forgotten corners.

Breath is a #broom
sweeping you fresh.”

My full review: https://wp.me/pDlzr-5Rr

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CoffeeNBooks Yum! 4y
Linsy So cute! 💜 4y
Judybskt Disclaimer - I found this pic on google. Now I have to make them!! (edited) 4y
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My favorite witchy darling! #broom #octoberputaspellonyou #kikidoyouloveme

Nu-Bibliophile 💜That anime movie 4y
blithebuoyant @nu-bibliophile I might watch it today, hasn‘t been a good day lol I could use some good vibes! 4y
Nu-Bibliophile @blithebuoyant That's a great idea👍My daughter and I are just bummed out because the VHS and dvd version were different and there were songs and scenes missing in the dvd version😕 4y
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blithebuoyant @nu-bibliophile oh no! I‘ve been streaming it 4y
Nu-Bibliophile @blithebuoyant My daughter has been obsessed with Hayao Miyazaki's works for years, that's why we have most of his movies in dvds. She was sad when he retired. 4y
blithebuoyant @nu-bibliophile I have a few of the movies but not all! I wish I had Howl‘s Moving Castle on hand 4y
Nu-Bibliophile @blithebuoyant Oh that's my favorite! My top faves are Howl, Kiki, Spirited Away, and Whisper of the heart. You should watch Your Name. 4y
Autumnscribe @nu-bibliophile I heard recently that he will be coming out of retirement for “one more movie” I really hope this is so. 4y
blithebuoyant @Autumnscribe WHAT 😮🤗 4y
Autumnscribe @blithebuoyant he is making “one more film” for his grandson, and is based in Boro the Caterpillar. https://nerdist.com/hayao-miyazaki-out-of-retirement-reason-studio-ghibli/ 4y
blithebuoyant @Autumnscribe AHHHHH this is so exciting 4y
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I still remember the first time I read as Harry discovered the joy and thrill of riding on a #Broom! Of all the magical fun to be had in the Potter-verse, this is one of my favorites to contemplate! #OctoberPutASpellOnYou @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @vkois88

vkois88 Another gorgeous photo ❤❤ The flying scenes are fantastic... both in book and movie adaptation 4y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @vkois88 😊Thank you! 🎃💕 4y
Linsy Great Potter haul!⚡️ 4y
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Room on the Broom | Julia Donaldson
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This a great Halloween read aloud. It was also made into a TV movie but I haven‘t seen it.

Day 9: #broom

Robothugs My nieces and nephews love the movie. 4y
Readingismyescape @Robothugs cool. I‘ll have to look for it. :) 4y
vkois88 We loved the book, and watch the movie ALL THE TIME. My daughter is obsessed and shouts "Whoosh!" Every time the broom takes off ??? 4y
Readingismyescape @vkois88 very cool! 💜💜 4y
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