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Even though I really should focus on my own books to complete my #mttbr challenge - I couldn‘t resist snagging these gems while volunteering at the library today. #bookishproblems #libraryhaul

Crazeedi Of course its perfectly proper to pick up a couple books, just on case you run out of something to read!😉❤ 3w
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Starless Sea | Erin Morgenstern
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So excited to have received my Waterstones edition of The Starless Sea today! I honestly can‘t tell which cover I like better.
#bookcovers #bookishproblems #cantwaittoread

Scochrane26 I‘ve realized recently that I need to pay attention to the Waterstones‘ editions, they‘re so pretty. 3w
Theeclecticreader @Scochrane26 I saw this through someone‘s feed on Instagram. There are three different colors of the book under the dust jacket: red, teal, dark navy. When you order it you don‘t know which one you‘ll get. I got the red one. 3w
Crazeedi Welcome to litsy! Are you new here? You'll love it!! 3w
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Theeclecticreader @Crazeedi Yes I am! Thank you! I was so excited when I learned about Bookstagram last year and this seems so much better! Nothing but books! 3w
Crazeedi Check out #litsywecomewagon and @LitsyHappenings , ask questions and jump right in!! 3w
Theeclecticreader @Crazeedi Thank you! I will! 3w
EliNeedsMoreShelves Ugh, I think I'm going to have to order the blue cover too....it's SO pretty. 3w
Theeclecticreader @EliNeedsMoreShelves I think it was totally worth it. The side of the pages even had the key, bee, and sword stamped on. It‘s beautiful 😍 3w
Brittybuhh This was my favorite book of the year and I asked for the Waterstones edition for Christmas because it‘s so beautiful! 3w
Theeclecticreader @Brittybuhh You‘ll have to let me know what color you get! I got the red cover 3w
rather_be_reading 😍😍 3w
emz711 Black! ☻🕵🗣👤👥🕴👣💤💣🕳🕶🎩🎓 3w
JoyBlue Ooh—I love the Waterstones cover! Is it signed? I enjoyed the book so much that I suggested to my DH that I would happily accept a signed edition for the upcoming holidays (he has a favorite place to order signed editions). He bought it right that minute on his phone and gave it to me the day it arrived! Score! 📚💙 3w
Theeclecticreader @JoyBlue That‘s awesome! Happy early holidays! 3w
JoyBlue @Theeclecticreader Thanks! Happy holidays to you! 3w
Nute Does Waterstones ship outside of the UK? 2w
Theeclecticreader @Nute Yes they do! It takes a little longer and there‘s more for shipping but for a book like this it was worth it 😊 2w
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Mortal Mischief | Frank Tallis

I happened to see a trailer for a new BBC series called Vienna Blood it looked intriguing and then I learnt it was based on a series of books so guess what...

You guessed it I have downloaded book 1 in the series to be read before 18th Nov when episode 1 airs.

This is not helping my TBR 🤣🤣


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It‘s a surprisingly slow Monday at work so I took a brief jaunt to the library across the street - initially just to pick up 2 holds... but ended up walking away with 7 items 😂 #bookishproblems #libraryhaul

Battledoll Oooh Bitter Root! I haven‘t read it yet but it‘s got to be good! 1mo
Eyelit @Battledoll I‘m really looking forward to it - have only heard good things! 1mo
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Waco | Eric S Ames
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If we lived closer I‘d be living in this little nook every day! #bookishproblems ( Fabled in Waco)

TorieStorieS I was in this bookshop on Friday!!! I love it!!! 2mo
Mitch @TorieStorieS oh my goodness - we were there on Tuesday! 2mo
TorieStorieS Wow!!! It is such an adorable shop!! Unfortunately I didn‘t get to stop in any Austin shops, but I really enjoyed seeing your posts!! It‘s on my wishlist for the next time I‘m there! 2mo
Mitch @TorieStorieS I loved Fabled. Small and perfectly formed! With so many lovely places to sit and read! 2mo
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JazzFeathers 😂😂😂 2mo
Chrissyreadit 😂🤣😆 2mo
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The Fire Witness | Lars Kepler
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I‘m heading out of town tomorrow and I can only get this as audio from my library. I guess I‘m gonna take the long way. #TheAudiobookIsLongerThanTheDrive

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I was lucky enough to find a used copy of this, and I fully enjoyed the beautiful drawings, doodles, and paintings of JRR Tolkien as he drew places from his world the way he envisioned them.

Daisey I might have given in and ordered an extra book of Tolkien‘s illustrations with my copy of Sauron Defeated. Waiting for it to arrive . . . 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey I so sorry for leading you into book buying temptation. #BookishProblems (edited) 3mo
Daisey 😂 It doesn‘t take much when it comes to Tolkien. It was more a matter of making my mind up and finding a reasonably priced copy. 3mo
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey Yes...you‘d think by now there‘d be a cheaper priced softcover art book for Tolkien, or maybe a coffee table book. 3mo
Daisey @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I actually chose a different one that I‘ve been considering for a while, so we‘ll see when it gets here if I made a good choice. 3mo
JazzFeathers @Daisey @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Gals, stop talking about this, or l might do something irreparable. 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JazzFeathers But if I post all the pictures, then you shouldn‘t need a copy...right. 3mo
JazzFeathers @Riveted_Reader_Melissa What blasphemy are you talkimg about? 😨 Of course l'd still need my own copy. What an idea! 😏 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JazzFeathers LOL! I know! Bookish temptations are so real! 3mo
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I‘m supposed to be ‘working from home‘ today - writing a grant application. But I have new birthday present books that are begging to be read! New book it is, work can wait!


AmyG I hope you enjoy this. A friend had recommended this to me and I didn‘t think I‘d like it. But wound up loving it. I wished it was a bigger book! What a beautiful reading day. 💕 (edited) 3mo
Mitch @AmyG I was just going to read the first chapter - but it‘s quite compelling - so that didn‘t work! And the sun is so fresh today ... I know I‘ll pay for it later in the week, but I‘m gonna read today! 3mo
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Testaments | Margaret Atwood
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I‘m sure I‘m going to be in the “RAVE” camp..but please Foyles - get a wriggle on and deliver my pre ordered book that I ordered back in January! #bookishproblems

squirrelbrain Oh no, that‘s a bit rubbish! I just finished mine.... 3mo
Leftcoastzen Oh my , I‘m so sorry the screw up fairy came to visit.😡 3mo
Birdsong28 Glad I am not the only one! I am still waiting for mine from Foyles, and I ordered 2 and one is a birthday present for my friend who joined me the other night for the live performance and she is really looking forward to reading it, and with her being a non reader its really special .Also her birthday is Monday but I'm seeing her tomorrow as I thought it might be here and we are going out for a meal. 😢😡 3mo
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Birdsong28 Mine dispatched on Sunday did you get that email? @Mitch 3mo
Mitch @Birdsong28 hahah - it‘s my birthday on Monday too and Mr K has got me the book as part of my present ( hopefully!) 3mo
Oryx @mitch @Birdsong28 How annoying! Now I'm wondering if mine will even have arrived when I'm home on Saturday. I ordered from Foyles too. 3mo
Mitch @Oryx 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 3mo
CoffeeNBooks I sent you a little birthday gift through Amazon that was supposed to have been delivered yesterday. Just wanted to make sure it made it to you. 😊 3mo
Mitch @CoffeeNBooks ahhhh... Mr K is keeping my packages so I‘m not tempted to open them. There is one from Amazon. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Big Thank you for thinking of me 😘 3mo
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