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The Big Book of Jack the Ripper
The Big Book of Jack the Ripper | Otto Penzler
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A new anthology from Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler, centered around the historical enigma whose name has become synonymous with fear: Jack the Ripper. Of all the real-life serial killers whose gruesome deeds have splashed across headlines throughout human history, few have reached the near-mythical status of Jack the Ripper. Terrorizing the world with a rash of violent murders in Londons East End in the fall of 1888, Saucy Jack seemed to vanish just as quickly, leaving future generations to speculate upon the Ripper's identity and whereaboutsand living on in some of the most spectacularly unnerving fiction and nonfiction ever written. Collected here, for the first time ever, are 41 tales featuring the infamous slasher, from classics by Marie Belloc-Lowndes, Robert Bloch, and Ellery Queen to never-before-seen stories by contemporary masters Jeffery Deaver, Loren D. Estleman, Lyndsay Faye, and many more. Also featured in this volume are essential true-crime artifacts of Jack the Ripper lore, including genuine witness statements, autopsy reports, contemporary news articles, and astonishing theories from the worlds foremost Ripperologistsas is only proper for a case that is truly as chilling as fiction.
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Exhaustive! A mix of fact and fiction. I liked the factual info better. #2018

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#HotDrinkAndABook This is actually a really huge mug of hot chocolate but you can't tell when it's next to the monster book that @Bookworm54 bought for me 😂 (I can't stop paging through it). #SeasonsReadings2016

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3y
scripturient 👍🏻👍🏻 That books looks awesome! 3y
Tsubame This looks beyond amazing!!! 3y
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stacybmartin I think I need that book in my life! 3y
Godmotherx5 Ooh, that looks cool! 3y
Bookworm54 I'm so glad you like it! 💕 3y
DiruVamp @callunakeep we both need this! 3y
BookishBlonde12 Everything in this picture looks divine! 🤗🙌🏻 3y
saresmoore I love it when both the hot chocolate and the book are too big to give proper perspective to one another! It's a good problem to have. :) 3y
callunakeep @DiruVamp OMG!! Neeeeeeed!!! 3y
LeahBergen @scripturient It IS! 😍 3y
LeahBergen @Tsubame It's awesome! 3y
LeahBergen @stacybmartin I think you do! 3y
LeahBergen @Bookworm54 I'm LOVING it. 😘 3y
LeahBergen @DiruVamp @callunakeep Yes, you both do! It's awesome. 3y
LeahBergen @saresmoore I know! What a horrible problem 😂 3y
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@Bookworm54 , you are a Litsy Stalker extraordinaire! Historic crime, pirates, Egyptology, tea ... the gifts are so ME that it's a bit scary. I can't wait to page through the Ripper tome with a cup of this festive tea and I'm touched that you chose one of your favourite YA novels for me to try out. The little pharaoh bookmark?! I'm in love. Thank you so much for all the work you did to make this a truly wonderful #SecretSantaGoesPostal for me. 😘

LeahBergen And @BookishMarginalia ? I can't thank you enough for organizing this crazy exciting event for us. YOU'RE THE BEST!! 😘😘😘 3y
Martta That Pirates is so good! I read it years ago and still remember it as one of the best YA books I've ever read. 3y
LeahBergen @Martta It looks so good! 😍 3y
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I-read-and-eat That book on Jack the Ripper looks so good 😀 3y
LeahBergen @I-read-and-eat I'm paging through it right now and it's amazing! 3y
sprainedbrain Nice!! 3y
Cinfhen Hurray @LeahBergen so happy your Litten nailed it 💞🎉💕 3y
SaturnDoo Woooohoooo 😍😍😍😍 3y
shawnmooney Woo hoo!! 3y
TheLondonBookworm Pirates!!!! Great book you enjoy that one! :) 3y
Bookworm54 Yay! I'm glad you like it all :) I did my very best with the stalking haha ☺ 3y
Michelle_mck 🎁🎁🎁🎅🏼 3y
Gissy Gorgeous books! That Jack the Ripper edition is beautiful! Enjoy!!! 😍📚 3y
LeahBergen @Bookworm54 You did some FANTASTIC stalking. My husband said to tell you, "Thanks for making him feel bad" (he's been Xmas shopping for me and now he has to top YOUR gifts! ?) 3y
LeahBergen @BookishFeminist Look what I got! 👆🏻I saw your blurb about it under the title. I'm ghoulishly excited for some Jack! 😂 3y
Bookworm54 Haha my boyfriend said the same thing! He was like well...not sure what I have got you can beat this 😋 3y
BookishFeminist @LeahBergen What wonderful gifts!! This Jack the Ripper is SO GOOD you're going to love it! So many awesome stories in it. I love Lindsay Faye's. 🔪💔 3y
suomi I love books about Jack the Ripper 3y
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scripturient Love the photo! 😂 3y
JSW True story, bro. 3y
BookBabe Mysterious Bookshop! 🙌🏻 They rock. 3y
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I went to the Mysterious Bookshop today and I met the legendary Otto Penzler! HE WAS SO NICE. Thanks to @ultrabookgeek for pointing out that we were close by. ❤️️📚🤘🏻

Graciouswarriorprincess So cool!😎 3y
sprainedbrain Nice!! 3y
vivastory That is awesome! I've never been but it is definitely on my list of bookstores to visit next time I'm in NYC. 3y
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quirkyreader Your new glasses rule. Now you look even more of the book superhero that you are. 🐸🐙 3y
Stephykitten I love Jack the Ripper and had no idea this book existed 🙀 3y
minkyb Sweet! 3y
ultrabookgeek Yay!!! That place is super cool! 3y
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Just got back from B&N with this BEAUTY. It's a new Otto Pensler collection. I want all his anthologies. When I studied in London in law school I lived in Jack's old neighborhood in East London—tons of street art & lore there dedicated to him. I've always been intrigued but seeing his old haunts & murder sites made me obsessed. Can't wait. 🔪🔪

The wine is great too. I recommend it if you can grab some in the states! 🍷

#scaretober #creeplife

Stephanie-Anne I'm all about the creepy stuff right now 😸🎃🕸🕷 3y
LeahBergen Nice!!! 3y
Yamich49 Top notch #creeplife tonight! And in college! Way to stay 💯💯on brand! ❤️😉👻 3y
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Peterdamien Oh! I have that! I forgot all about it til now. I gotta read it 3y
BookishFeminist @Yamich49 Girl you know I'm ALWAYS 💯💯 on brand. Especially in October!! If not feminism, then CREEPY. 👻💀 3y
BethFishReads Nice! 3y
BookishFeminist @Peterdamien You do! There's so much awesomeness in here. Even the autopsy reports and letters! I swear I'm not a murderer for being excited about this but it's a super cool anthology. 🔪💀 3y
BookishFeminist @LeahBergen @BethFishReads It's shaping up to be a great night so far! 3y
BookishFeminist @Stephanie-Anne Me too! I am all of the time but especially in October it becomes a full-time obsession. 👻🕸🍂🍁💀 3y
fairlyliterary Oh someone's having a good, creepy read...and with wine! Nice! 3y
Clare-Dragonfly Whoa... I need that book! 3y
readingnatalie Must get this! I also love Otto Penzler's anthologies. 3y
PatriciaU Must have this! I see a trip to B&N in my future! 3y
ValerieAndBooks I have his Big Book of Ghost Stories anthology! Most are so scary that I can only handle a few each Halloween 😱! I wonder if he has a theory on who the real Jack the Ripper was? 3y
callunakeep @DiruVamp Hells yes!! 👏🏻🎊👏🏼 3y
MrBook Liking this pairing 😎👍🏻! 3y
BookishFeminist @MrBook Meh I don't do pairings, I just drink. 🍷🍷🍷 3y
BookishFeminist @ValerieAndBooks I really want that one!! And yes I wonder! It's so speculated. There's a lot of nonfiction & true crime in here too, I wonder if I'll develop theories of my own. 🤔 3y
BookishFeminist @PatriciaU @readingnatalie @Clare-Dragonfly Yes you guys do need this book! It's so great! 🔪 3y
BookishFeminist @fairlyliterary Sure am! 😀 That's what fall is for! 3y
fairlyliterary @BookishFeminist that's exactly what it's for! 😁 3y
Shortstack And of course I had to add this one!! 😂❤️💀 3y
BookishFeminist @Shortstack Omg you would LOVE THIS. It's perfect for #creeplife. 🔪🔪🔪💀 3y
Zelma Your drinking comment slated me! And I am so envious of your super cool London experiences. 👍 perfect book discovery for you. 👏 3y
Zelma *slayed, not slated 3y
Tonifica Uuuu I like this :) 3y
MrBook 😂👏🏻👍🏻 3y
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