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The Devil She Drew
The Devil She Drew: A Novella | Nate Ferreira
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The dark tale of a girl named Lauren and the slate that brought her drawings to life and hell to her doorstep.
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Book 28
The Devil She Drew: Nate Ferreira ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

This book was disturbing, full of gore, dark & eerie. I loved Lauren & found myself hating her parents ARGH! At times I got a little lost & had to re-read the sentences in order to understand, because of the choice of words. But the story was so intriguing, it kept me reading. Nate does a GREAT job bringing the atmosphere to life. I felt lost & disturbed as Lauren at times. Unexpected ending!

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I finally finished my sketch! Inspired by some random chapters from our novel ill Shadows. @jeannasser
Coming out in a couple of days!!!! SO EXCITED!

*** Almost finished reading the tagged book! Only about 25% or less left. Review coming soon! 👍 😃

#sketch #drawing #illshadows #messageinabottle #littens #ocean #belowtheskyunderthesea #stayhuman

BethM Lovely! 8mo
WJCintron @BethM 🥰😃🙏 8mo
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The Devil She Drew is finally on Kindle! Thanks again for all the support 😌


LKK526 Nate you are so well read I am humbled that you want to follow me. Am going to check out your book on kindle 8mo
llcoolnate @LKK526 haha I'm far behind the curve but thank you as well ☺☺☺ 8mo
llcoolnate @LKK526 love to make Litsy friends! 8mo
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LKK526 Me too. Best thing that I have come across in a long time. Sometimes I read something that is popular but I just don‘t get it. Nice to know I‘m not alone 8mo
llcoolnate @LKK526 absolutely! 8mo
Faith.Hadden In this time, things get very lonely. 😅😂 8mo
llcoolnate @Faith.Hadden haha exactly. told myself if I don't finish this story when I'm not allowed to go anywhere then I never will hahah 8mo
WJCintron Awesome!! I sent you an email earlier!!! 😃 👍 7mo
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Currently reading. A Novella by Nate Ferreira, a fellow Litten
I'm very excited to read it!
We writers put SO MUCH work, sacrifice, & love into our books.
When we finish, it's out of our hands. It's up to the readers, we depend on them. We can share posts about our books, but if no one reads it all our sacrifices are in vain.
Let's support each other & those indie authors whose dreams are for you to read their books! Without you we are nothing! ❤

llcoolnate thank you! I hope you like it!☺☺☺☺ 8mo
WJCintron @llcoolnate 😃 👍 8mo
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This book was absolutely terrifying....brilliant....but terrifying. Nate does such an amazing job at setting a scene and putting you in that place. The length of the book was also fantastic. I don't know if I could have handled a huge chunkier book with this content. Definitely out of my normal level of horror, bur so glad I read it.

Thank you @llcoolnate ! Sorry I took so long to review!

llcoolnate thank you very much for reading and for the kind words and review!! 😄 8mo
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Book 111📚
OH KAY! I will have you know this was 0% what I expected!
Through its glimmers of hope it is a heartbreaking and haunting tale🌑

For me some of the subject matter had me considering if I wanted to continue (hence my rating, as I would typically jump 🚢)
BUT! I Even though there were some very real & difficult subjects, Nate did a great job of writing it in gently, almost as a whisper in the novella🌬
@llcoolnate 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

llcoolnate thank you for reading this 👍🏻👍🏻 12mo
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Look what I got @llcoolnate so excited!

llcoolnate aye! much appreciated 🙏🏼☺ 12mo
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@llcoolnate Thank you so much for my signed copy! I can‘t wait to start this one!

llcoolnate thank you for reading it! 12mo
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This was written by a fellow litten - @llcoolnate -
This is a good concept and has a lot of potential - it is violent and some of the images are disturbing in terms of gore and subject matter - it is a scary/creepy/disturbing story. I would read another book by this author (see below for rest of review)

bthegood 2 things which made it so-so and not a solid pick. Word choice/descriptions at times make the story hard to follow, which then led to the story reading as two stories (the two worlds didn't clearly connect for me). (edited) 13mo
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My #FallingForFallSwap #FFFS package arrived 😍 I don't know who to thank yet 😊

Make a great day everyone 🍂

Avanders 😁😁 And yay! 🧡🍂🍁🍁🍂🧡 13mo
bthegood @Avanders thx for hosting this 🙂 13mo
bthegood @AprilMae I think I may owe you a thank you, I'll know for sure in a few days 😉 13mo
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What a great feeling to receive a signed copy of this horror novella written by a Litsy author. I'm giddy with excitement @llcoolnate Thank you!!!

llcoolnate thank YOU ☺☺ 13mo
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Thank you @llcoolnate for sending this my way!👏🏻
& it arrived on my birthday!🎁🎉 How perfect!

Who doesn‘t love a spooky birthday read!!👻

Chrissyreadit Happy Birthday!!!! 13mo
llcoolnate happy birthdayy!! 🎂🥳 13mo
Librarybelle Happy Birthday! 13mo
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WJCintron 🎊 Happy Birthday!!! 🎂 🎈 😃 13mo
BeeMagical Thank you! @WJCintron 13mo
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A few free copies left for horror season!

email at contact@nateferreira.info

DinoMom I ordered a copy from Amazon, can‘t wait to read it 🙂 13mo
llcoolnate @DinoMom thank you so much! ☺☺ 13mo
ErinSueMreads If you are needing reviewers I can definitely help you out! Where do you prefer I get the book? 13mo
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llcoolnate @ErinSueMreads Thanks Erin!! Whatever way works. I have a few free available still if you'd like to email me! 13mo
ErinSueMreads I sent you an email! 13mo
Yuki_Onna As I hate Amazon and will not buy anything from there - but I'd liiiike to read your book - Do you still have a copy left? If so, would you ship it to Germany, too? 13mo
llcoolnate @Yuki_Onna yeah I wish Amazon's KDP wasn't the only direct publishing that's that user-friendly and helpful. maybe soon here the competition will produce some better, more ethical alternatives. for now if you email me I can get you a copy ☺ 13mo
booksandbipolar I know I am hell late but can I still get a free copy 😇 8mo
llcoolnate @booksandbipolar be happy to! send me an email☺ 8mo
llcoolnate contact@nateferreira.info 8mo
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#HHS @wanderinglynn

Make a great day everyone 🎃

wanderinglynn Awesome! Thanks for playing! 🙌🏻🎃🖤 13mo
bthegood @wanderinglynn thx for hosting 😀 13mo
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Just received this in the mail thx @llcoolnate

First line "Lauren Bevill was alone the day it began"......I'm in!!

Make a great day everyone.

llcoolnate Wow thank you🙏🏼🙏🏼 13mo
bthegood Thank you, really enjoying it!! 13mo
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Hey who wants a free book?? Email me where you want it sent at contact@nateferreira.info (or through the messenger on nateferreira.info) and I'll send one out to you! First 15 people to send an email (or website message) get one!

Butterfinger Yes!!!! 13mo
Butterfinger And Congratulations!!! 13mo
llcoolnate @Butterfinger thank you so much!! ☺☺ 13mo
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Hestapleton YES PLEASE 😍 13mo
llcoolnate Thanks @Hestapleton 😊🙏🏼 13mo
BeeMagical Written! Not sure if I‘m late😂👏🏻 13mo
llcoolnate @BeeMagical not too late!! ☺ 13mo
bthegood Sent, thx !!! And even if no free copy it's on my tbr, congrats and looking forward to reading it! 13mo
llcoolnate I'll get on to you soon @bthegood !! ☺☺ 13mo
WJCintron I just added your book to my TBR!!! 😃 👍 13mo
llcoolnate @WJCintron I still have free copies available! 😊 13mo
WJCintron @llcoolnate Awesome! 😃🙏 I really appreciate it! So excited to read it. I‘m currently in the process of renewing my PO BOX. Once I have the new address, I‘ll send it to you!! Hope I don‘t miss out. 13mo
llcoolnate @WJCintron set one aside for ya! 13mo
WJCintron @llcoolnate 😃🙏 You're amazing!! 13mo
llcoolnate @WJCintron 😝😊 13mo
Kajari Congratulations 13mo
llcoolnate @Kajari thank you! 13mo
BeaG Your post never show up on my feed. I‘m adding your book to my TBR List. I‘m sure I missed the freebie. 13mo
llcoolnate @BeaG I can send one out! send me an email! 😊 13mo
BeaG @llcoolnate Sending now! Thanks! 13mo
Nute Congratulations, Nate, on this HUGE accomplishment! Good luck with the success of your book. 13mo
llcoolnate @Nute thank you very much!! 13mo
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Been engaging in some retail therapy 🥸

Yes, @MaleficentBookDragon , I‘m apparently copying your reading choices these days 😂

And yay for getting a fellow #Litten‘s newly published book! @llcoolnate (tagged)

#bookhaul #cozymystery #littenauthor #immagobroke

MaleficentBookDragon That‘s funny. I was going to send you the Coates after the #LMPBC round. 😅 1y
llcoolnate Wow you are wesome! Thank you very much😊😊😊 1y
llcoolnate Thanks for being the first post on it 🙈☺ 1y
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JamieArc I just finished my first Ellery Adams cozy (Murder in the Mystery Suite) and really liked it. Glad I have so many more of hers available when I need a cozy read. (I‘ll probably inhale them this fall - the start of the cozy season). 1y
Avanders @MaleficentBookDragon 🤭😘 Aww that‘s nice! Sorry I beat you to it 😜😁😘 1y
Avanders @llcoolnate you‘re welcome!! I can‘t wait to read it 😄☺️ (edited) 1y
Avanders @JamieArc ooh I really loved that one! And yes, fall is the perfect time to “inhale” cozies! (And I love that imagery 😁😁) 1y
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Well six years is much longer than I intended, but I‘m glad my book is finally done! My horror story The Devil She Drew is now available on Amazon! It‘s been a long, sometimes frustrating project, but overall I really enjoyed the process. I would be very grateful to anyone who would take a peek! Thanks y‘all!

rajithr Congrats 👏🏼 1y
eeclayton Congrats! 🎉 1y
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bthegood stacking and congratulations 😊 1y
llcoolnate @rajithr thank you thank you! 1y
llcoolnate @eeclayton thank you very much!! 1y
llcoolnate @bthegood thank you! I appreciate that!! 1y
The_Penniless_Author Congratulations! Writing can be a crazily frustrating process, so kudos for pushing through it and seeing this through to the end. 1y
llcoolnate @The_Penniless_Author thank you! Yeah it was an experience for sure! Bittersweet to be done 🤷🏻‍♂️ 1y
Avanders Congrats! I‘ve added it to my cart ☺️ (which just means I‘m waiting to do a full order — I‘m not one of those people who use their Amazon cart as a wishlist… 🤔😜😁) 1y
Reggie Congrats! 1y
llcoolnate @Avanders thank you very much that's awesome!! 1y
PatriciaS Congratulations 👏 1y
llcoolnate @PatriciaS thank you very much! 1y
mavey Congratulations!!💗💐And my best wishes to all your future endeavors! 1y
llcoolnate @Mavey thanks so much Mavey!! 😊😊😊 1y
danni0075 Will do 1y
llcoolnate @danni0075 danni thanks!! 1y
WJCintron I just took a pick and I definitely want it!! Thanks for sharing the link!! 😃👍 13mo
llcoolnate @WJCintron no, thank YOU! 😊😊 13mo
WJCintron @llcoolnate 🙏😊 13mo
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