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The History of Living Forever
The History of Living Forever: A Novel | Jake Wolff
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A chemistry student falls for his teacher and uncovers a centuries-old quest for the Elixir of Life Conrad Aybinder is a boy with a secret; sixteen and ready for anything. A chemistry genius, he has spent the summer on an independent-study project with his favorite teacher, Sammy Tampari. Sammy is also Conrad’s first love. But the first day of senior year, the students are informed that Mr. Tampari is dead. Rumors suggest an overdose. How can it be? Drugs are for unhappy people, Conrad is sure, not for people who have fallen in love. Soon, though, it is clear that Sammy had a life hidden even from Conrad, evidenced by the journals he left for Conrad to discover after his death. The journals detail twenty years of research aimed at creating recipes for something called the Elixir of Life. Sammy has left Conrad a mystery and a scientific puzzle, but also, it seems, the chance to cure his father’s terminal illness. Conrad must race against time and other interested parties to uncover the missing piece of the recipe. What will he do to discover the formula? Spanning centuries of scientific and alchemical inquiry, ranging from New York to Romania to Easter Island, featuring drug kingpins, Big Pharma flunkies, centenarians, and a group of ambitious coin collectors, Jake Wolff’s The History of Living Forever is equal parts thrilling adventure and meditation on mortality, thoughtful investigation of mental illness, and a reminder to be on the lookout for magic in science and life.
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1. Great book. Fascinating ideas. Don‘t miss.
2. Caity
3. Baked Brie with apple slices. Mmmm!
4. Scrabble and a visit from Family traveling from Georgia.
5. “Gott sei Dank ist es Freitag”


Enjoy your weekend everyone!

annamatopoetry Oooh, baked brie 2w
CaitlinR @annamatopoetry I love your screen name! 2w
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The best book I‘ve read this year. 🤙🤙

Wolff has crafted a story about people chasing an elixir that will cure illness and/or halt the aging process

Conrad, who we first meet as a teenager trying to save his Dad, finally understands, and leads us to understand the beauty and live found in a natural life span.

Beautifully written and captivating. If you read one book this year, make it this one.

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META: Reading about the first of June on the first of June.

SUPER META: I also turned 16 on the first of June. (but not this year! 😂)

Sharing a birthday with a fictional character! 🤓

tournevis Happy birthday! 🎇🎇🎇 3mo
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Holy 💩! What am I getting myself into?! 😜

JanuarieTimewalker13 Hahaha...that‘s a great note! 3mo
Slajaunie Love it! 😂 3mo
Soubhiville That‘s hilarious and makes me want to read the book! 3mo
Hazel0303 What an author‘s note!! 3mo
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