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The Far Cry
The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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Thanks for the tag @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick

1. The tagged book is a Persephone book set in India - I loved it!
2. Yes, one of my other favourites was The God of Small Things.
3. Yes, a lot. We live near Bradford, UK, with its large Indian community, so lots of nice Indian restaurants round here....we also cook curry at home. I prefer ‘flavoursome‘ rather than ‘blow your head off‘ spicy! 🥵

Anyone else want to play along?

TheEllieMo Blow-your-head-off spicy is an English invention! Flavoursome is much better 😁 4y
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick Both books sound good. I am also a fan of the more flavorsome foods. Thanks for playing! 4y
Blackink_WhitePaper Blow your head off spicy 🌶 😝😝 nice one ...😛 thanks for playing 4y
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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Besides having far in the title this book is definitely all about #howfarillgo.

It‘s the story of Teresa, a young girl who is ‘dragged off‘ to India by her father, to avoid her mother who has recently returned to Teresa‘s life after abandoning her as a baby.

The descriptions of the boat trip there, the people Teresa meets and, of course,India itself are just fabulous.....

Loving the Persephone endpapers, as usual!


Cinfhen Jealous!! I think I‘m ready to own a Persephone book 5y
erzascarletbookgasm All these #Persephone and #NYRB editions are driving me crazy (in a good way) 😉 5y
RohitSawant How wonderful! 5y
gradcat I guess I‘m going to have to buy books (as opposed to e-books) so that I can have a nice row of #Persephone & #NYRB editions...really lovely endpapers! 😍 5y
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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Loved this book, I‘d call it a ‘classic‘ but with a slightly dark twist. It‘s a tale of difficult relationships through the eyes of a young teenager swept off to India suddenly by her father.

Thanks to @laurenbescoby for the Amazon Qb.99 tip off! Have either of you made a start on this yet @Oryx @MayJasper ? I think you‘ll enjoy it!

laurieluna That was quick! Glad you liked it, going to be at least another month until I get to it as I clear my currently reading pile 🙈 5y
squirrelbrain I just picked it randomly off the TBR shelf, and glad I did! @laurenbescoby 5y
Oryx Not started it yet, not sure when I'll get to it, but maybe will bring to Gladstone library in April if I don't get to before then. 5y
MayJasper No I haven't yet. To be honest my TBR pile (or rather piles) is getting out of control! 5y
squirrelbrain Me too @MayJasper ! 😜 5y
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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I got this Persephone book on Amazon UK for £3.99 thanks to a Litsy tip off❗ Yes £3.99❗And I had to buy another book to qualify for free postage 😜 I am sorry I can't remember who the tip off was from. Thanks whoever you are ❤️
Oh happy day 😊 #Persephone

squirrelbrain It was @miralunasbooknook as I got one too! ❤️ 5y
Eyelit That‘s awesome!! 5y
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laurieluna Via @Oryx I believe 😁 x 5y
MayJasper Thanks to @Oryx as well 😊 5y
Oryx It's just a chain of enablement... 😘 @miralunasbooknook @MayJasper 5y
MayJasper I like that @Oryx - a chain of enablement 😊 5y
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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It's here! A Persephone for less than £4! Thanks for the tip @miralunasbooknook


GondorGirl 😍 5y
laurieluna YES! Amazing. I think I may be checking the Persephone's on Amazon on a regular basis now... 5y
MayJasper I read this and trotted off to Amazon myself and found this deal. Thanks 😘 5y
Oryx @MayJasper Yeah 😄 5y
squirrelbrain Gggrr they tried to deliver mine to my husband‘s office about 10 minutes after it closed last night, and no doubt they‘ll try again today, seeing as it‘s Saturday... 5y
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The Far Cry | Emma Smith
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When you take a punt on a book on Amazon stating it's a Persephone for only £3.97, and it actually is! Bargain!! ❤️ #persephonebooks

Oryx You have the best luck with Persephone! Well done 5y
laurieluna @Oryx it's still listed, gone down to £3.77 now too! 5y
rockpools Wow! 5y
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Oryx @miralunasbooknook Thanks for the tip! Ordered 😁 5y
Reviewsbylola Score! 5y
squirrelbrain Naughty @miralunasbooknook ! I didn‘t need any more books, especially not this close to Christmas, but hey it‘s ordered now! Do we feel a #buddyread coming along? @oryx too! 5y
Oryx @squirrelbrain Good idea! 5y
laurieluna @Oryx @squirrelbrain yes because I've read the blurb and I'm itching to read it!! 5y
squirrelbrain Let‘s ‘book‘ that in then! @Oryx @miralunasbooknook - just let me know when as I can fit it in whenever... 5y
toric £3.73 whoops fingers fell on the buy it now button 5y
laurieluna @toric it keeps going down!! I should have waited 😂 join us for the buddy read? 5y
toric @miralunasbooknook I've never done one before but i'm always up for trying something new! 5y
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