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Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef | Mark Schatzker
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The definitive book on steak has never been written-until now "Of all the meats, only one merits its own structure. There is no such place as a lamb house or a pork house, but even a small town can have a steak house." So begins Mark Schatzker's ultimate carnivorous quest. Fed up with one too many mediocre steaks, the intrepid journalist set out to track down, define, and eat the perfect specimen. His journey takes him to all the legendary sites of steak excellence-Texas, France, Scotland, Italy, Japan, Argentina, and Idaho's Pahsimeroi Valley-where he discovers the lunatic lengths steak lovers will go to consume the perfect cut. After contemplating the merits of Black Angus, Kobe, Chianina, and the prehistoric aurochs-a breed revived by the Nazis after four hundred years of extinction-Schatzker adopts his own heifer, fattens her on fruit, acorns, and Persian walnuts, and then grapples with ambivalence when this near-pet appears on his plate. Reminiscent of both Bill Bryson's and Bill Buford's writing, Steak is a warm, humorous, and wide-ranging read that introduces a wonderful new travel and food writer to the common table.
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Four of my kids got together this week in NYC (actually Brooklyn) for a meal at world-famous Peter Lugar‘s Steak House. The daughter in Houston couldn‘t make it, and neither could we in Seattle.

merelybookish Lovely! 7mo
LazyDays 💛 7mo
sprainedbrain What a nice photo! 7mo
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Megabooks That‘s fantastic! 7mo
Leftcoastzen I want to go there! 7mo
kspenmoll How wonderful for them! 7mo
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The annual steak feed with one of my besties... super yummy food and lots of laughs!!

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😂👏🏻 #LitsyHumor

Leftcoastzen Or not. 1y
erzascarletbookgasm 🤦‍♀️ 1y
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Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells someone was 😋 hungry 1y
kspenmoll 😂😂 1y
freyaheart But people do 1y
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Megabooks Omg that looks so good!! Nom nom!! 2y
Audrey Brilliant!😍 2y
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Laura317 Slap it on the rump as it runs thru the kitchen, my Dad always said. 2y
PurpleyPumpkin Wow, my hubby would LOVE this! 2y
8little_paws @Laura317 @PurpleyPumpkin 5 minutes per side on a screaming hot grill! 2y
Kris10 Yummmmm!!! 😋 2y
Nuwanda Mmmmmmmm! 2y
mcipher Oh, that looks wonderful!! 2y
Karkar Nom nom nom 😋 2y
Dragon Perfection! Yummy 😋 2y
Texreader That's gorgeous!!! Yum!!! 2y
Jinjer Exactly how I like my steak cooked! 2y
BooksForEmpathy This looks amazing. 2y
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A belated #BookNDinner post from my early #anniversary celebration with the wonderful @MrBook ! He took me out for a delicious steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Prime rib with loaded baked potato and bacon-flavored green beans. Mmmm! 😋

Suzze And the wonderful butter for the bread. 💕 3y
Desha Happy early Anniversary!! 🍾🎊🎉🎊 @BookBabe @MrBook 📚📚📚 May the books be with you! ❤️ (edited) 3y
Bostonmomx2 😋 3y
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Graciouswarriorprincess Happy early Anniversary! 3y
mdemanatee I was just at Texas Roadhouse yesterday and this is still making my mouth water. Happy Anniversary! 3y
Texreader Yep, those Texans know how to make a steak! ❤️😋 3y
LauraBeth Nice! Happy Anniversary 😀 3y
ValerieAndBooks Happy anniversary ❤😊! 3y
MrBook 😍😍😍 3y
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#BookNDinner! Anniversary edition (4 years Valentine's Day for me & @BookBabe 😍)! #TexasRoadhouse. Accompaniment tonight: 20 oz. bone-in ribeye medium-well with mushrooms; loaded mashed potatoes (minus the sour cream, MrBook doesn't do sour cream 😜); house salad with ranch; raspberry iced tea (I'm driving); and warm bread. MMMMmm 😋!!!! Happy reads & happy eats! 😎👌🏻

Dragon Happy Anniversary 🎉 3y
Laura317 Happy Anniversary! Hopefully y'all finished off with a bookstore or two. 3y
Branwen Happy Anniversary! :-) ♡ 3y
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OrangeMooseReads Yum! Happy Anniversary! 3y
LeahBergen Happy Anniversary! 3y
CouronneDhiver Happy Anniversary! 😍 3y
Chachic Happy Anniv! Dinner looks awesome.👌 3y
Donna_sBookMinute Happy Anniversary to the cutest couple! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎻🌹🌃 3y
Cinfhen Happy anniversary to my favorite literary couple 💘💘 3y
BookBabe 😍❤❤❤❤❤☺️ 3y
QuietlyLaura Happy Anniversary! 🎉💝🌹 3y
kspenmoll Happy Anniversary! 🎉❤🎉 3y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings What's the book? Is it a love story for the theme ❤ 3y
Cupofjo Happy early Anniversary! 👏❤️🌹 3y
bookishbunny Happy Anniversary! 3y
Graciouswarriorprincess Happy Anniversary! ❤❤❤ 3y
MyNamesParadise I knew that was Texas Roadhouse from the rolls! Happy Anniversary!! ❤️❤️📚🎉 3y
dragondrool Happy anniversary! 3y
Lynnsoprano How did I miss this? Happy anniversary 🎉🎉❤ 3y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 3y
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