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Cover to Cover
Cover to Cover: Getting the Bible's Big Picture | Gerry Mathisen
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What do we have to gain from those long Old Testament sections on the law? What about all that history? What can we learn from Paul's letters to the church in the New Testament? By introducing each of the major sections of Scripture, this guide helps us gain perspective on the whole message of God's Word.
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Love my traveling book club friends. Thank you so much @tpixie #covertocover

tpixie Yay! Glad it got there safety! 6mo
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@EmilyChristine You are an amazing reading buddy! I really enjoyed having you send to me😁 Those socks!😍 The soap smells like a garden, and the pin and metal saying are awesome! Can't wait to read the comments! Thank you! Now on to round 3! #covertocover

EmilyChristine Yay! I‘ve enjoyed sending you things! I‘m glad you like everything! 8mo
Caroline2 Those socks!!! 😯 8mo
Soubhiville Oh my gosh great socks! 🤣 8mo
Avanders Those socks are 💯 8mo
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Can you post a photo of a book cover in which the SKY is very noticeable ? If you can think of more than one, you can post as many as you‘d like.

I read this years ago and really liked it. Haven‘t seen it mentioned anyplace.

Today‘s prompt SKY


Please repost with the above #.

Thanks !

kspenmoll Gorgeous! 10mo
Kaye This is the older cover. I don‘t like the new cover as well. @kspenmoll 10mo
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Does it hurt anyone else to see all the paperback book images that show the front cover folded back to show the front page, dedication page, etc.? I couldn't even do it just for this image. Why would you hurt the books like that? #savethecovers #donthurtthebooks

TK421 I would never fold over the cover, but I have been known to crack the occasional spine. 1y
tonyahoswalt @TK421 That's forgivable 😁 1y
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Trying to finish up my #CoverToCoverBook before the post office closes at noon! Enjoying the cooler, although damp weather, outside with the pups! #DogsOfLitsy I 📚💦🐶📚

MicheleinPhilly YES! I opened the back door this morning and said, “AH.” I‘ll even take the rain! 1y
Beckys_Books It's cool and rainy here in mid Missouri as well. I'd love to read today but I'm going to get to run errands in the rain instead. 1y
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tpixie @MicheleinPhilly yes! Sometimes rain is good! @Beckys_Books but maybe not while running errands! @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ♥️ Luckily I got the book done, wrote in the journal, and made it to the Post Office just in time to send this book to @Daisey! 1y
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1. Yes!
2. No, I am not a big fan of the heat!
3. I like to stop at the end of the chapter.
4. Love magnetic bookmarks! They are my new addiction!
5. Of course! 😀😀😀

SilversReviews I found adorable magnetic bookmarks at Michael‘s Craft Store and ordered some from Etsy that are typewriters that say Begin on one side and End on the other. They are cute, but I think only a “typing teacher” can love. LOL!! Thanks for playing. 1y
Lovesbooks87 @SilversReviews I will have to check Michaels. I ordered some for Etsy too but they are Beauty and the Beast! It is my all time favorite Disney movie! 1y
SilversReviews @Lovesbooks87 Those magnetic ones sound fun. The ones from Michael‘s were on a display of everything black and white...I think it was last year. They are very cute....they are flag banners and have a short one-or-two word saying on them. Thanks again for playing. (edited) 1y
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1. Most of the time the titles are more interesting.
2. Definitely! I love to read outside.
3. I‘d rather finish the chapter, but sometimes it‘s not possible.
4. I love a good bookmark!
5. ✅

SilversReviews Thanks for playing...titles are interesting. 1y
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Happy Monday! My favorite orange iris blooms today!
#CoverToCover #LitsyGoesPostal

Cinfhen Beautiful 🧡💜💙💚 2y
Nikki15 So pretty 💜 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage More gorgeous irises! Mine are nearly ready! 2y
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Redwritinghood Those are beautiful! 2y
JoScho Lovely flowers! 2y
tammysue All so beautiful! 💕 2y
LeahBergen Wow! 2y
tpixie @BarbaraTheBibliophage yay! They are fun to watch bloom!! 2y
tpixie @Cinfhen @Nikki15 @Redwritinghood @JoScho @whatshesreadingnow @LeahBergen thanks! I had to go out of town last weekend I was afraid I might‘ve missed the orange ones but luckily I didn‘t! 2y
Soubhiville Wow! I love the purple and blue ones too. I aspire to have a garden like yours someday! 2y
tpixie @Soubhiville there purple & blue ones are fun colors. Red is almost here. Hope the Black one comes! 2y
Soubhiville @tpixie what other kinds of flowers do you keep for when it‘s not Iris season? When I used to garden at the last place we owned I thought of it that way- my gardens were planned entirely around the iris! 2y
tpixie @Soubhiville well we really just mostly have the Iris. My husband mostly takes care of it and he‘s kind of single minded. Someday I would love to have some crocus and daffodils and tulips so they come up one after another. With work I really don‘t have time to nurture a garden but maybe several years after I retire! I‘d like a vegetable garden also. (edited) 2y
Dragon Your irises are so beautiful! 💕🌸 2y
tpixie @Dragon thanks!! This group has really great colors! 2y
ValerieAndBooks Beautiful!! 2y
tpixie @ValerieAndBooks thanks!!! 💙💜💙 2y
Nerdfins So pretty! 1y
tpixie @Nerdfins thanks! It is great when they bloom!! 1y
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Molly helping me check out the contents of my #covertocover package from @Betty!
Thanks for the treats!

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I am always a little sad sending my books out into the world. But super excited to start round 2 of #covertocover.
This is heading your way @Mccall0113 !!!

Soubhiville Yay! Enjoy round 2! 2y
Daisey I completely agree with these sentiments! 2y
Mccall0113 Eeek! I promise to take good care! 2y
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tpixie Well take good care of your book!! Lol I kept my pen very far away from me with your last book! 😊🤪🤩 (edited) 2y
sammisho @tpixie And I so appreciate that!!! This next book is not as pretty so I am a tad but less anal about it! 2y
tpixie @sammisho ♥️❤️♥️ 2y
Betty ♥️❤️ 2y
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A new book, cute pins, a cool bookmark and artwork from @bookbabe. Thanks for the goodies @tpixie!
(p.s. special thank you for the bag of peanuts and candy corn, how did you know that was the only way I can eat candy corn!)

BookBabe Yay! 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
sammisho It's beautiful @bookbabe! 2y
Texreader I have that print from @bookbabe!!! I love it! Her talent is boundless!! 2y
tpixie I sonehow missed this tag!! 2y
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I cannot believe I just received the last book of the first round of #CoverToCover ! @Betty I love the fun and topical gift 🎁 @sammisho I‘m excited to read your book! #LitsyGoesPostal

Betty Since you have the last book, no need to keep it a secret on Litsy because the rest of us have read it, @tpixie 2y
Soubhiville Has it really been that long already? Wow! I hope you all enjoyed it! 💜 2y
tpixie @Betty lol good point!!! 2y
tpixie @Soubhiville we‘ve had a blast! Thanks for finding us a great group!! 2y
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@sammisho @Daisey ‘s Book is awesome!! You‘ll enjoy it! Thanks to @BookBabe for the artwork!! #CoverToCover #LitsyGoesPostal www.jenbissu.com

Daisey So glad to hear you liked it! I‘m getting excited to get my own book back and see the notes from everyone else! 😊 2y
tpixie @Daisey yes!! Lol I️ need a bigger notebook next time!! 2y
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I love sending book mail almost as much as I love receiving book mail!
@melrailey @Marmie7

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#Covertocover @sammisho You send out some fun pkgs too! I'm so lucky to be your recipient 💕

sammisho Fun but late! lol😂 2y
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@tpixie sends the best packages every month. Whoever gets her in the next round is going to be luuuuuucky!
Kids loved the socks, and I will share the chocolate with my husband!
@ginganinja I am excited for this reread! I loved this series and it have been years since I read it!

CoffeeBooksRepeat Love it!! 2y
tpixie 💚💚💚 @ginganinja it was a good book! I had never read it!! 2y
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It is one of my last free Saturdays before soccer, volleyball and gymnastic seasons start full force! Enjoying a quiet morning with my pup, Mrs.Weasley, finishing up my #covertocover book! @Marmie7 you might actually get this one on time!

Marmie7 I got it yesterday! Really excited to read this one,been wanting to read something by this author. Thank you for the goodies! 😁 2y
LeahBergen I wonder if Mrs Weasley's nose could get a little closer to your bowl? 😆 2y
sammisho @LeahBergen She is such a mooch! 2y
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This #covertocover book about a strong female character on a journey is journeying to its next stop at @tpixie 's Thanks to @ginganinja for selecting this book!

tpixie WOot!! 2y
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Finally finished July's #covertocover book and it will be headed to @Marmie7 on Monday! Diving straight into August's pick by @BrainyHeroine , while my husband gets a jump start on his new semester.

Marmie7 Yay! Ready for another surprise book! 2y
sammisho @Marmie7 I am so sorry it has been taking so long to read these and get them off to you! 2y
Marmie7 It's ok-we have been busy here too with camping/ hiking and other summer activities.😁 2y
tpixie @Marmie7 @sammisho 🎉🎉🎉 2y
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Good mail day! #covertocover
@BrainyHeroine Yaaaaaas! I am excited for your pick!

BrainyHeroine Yay!!!!! I love my pick!! 2y
tpixie Hope the socks are fun!! Enjoy the ???? Book!!! 2y
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@tpixie spoils me every month!

@EmilyChristine Excited for this book!
#covertocover #litsygoespostal

tpixie Yay! Glad it made it to you! Have fun reading 📖! 2y
Betty Lovely! 2y
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Got my next #litsygoespostal book yesterday! And @tpixie spoiled me with a few extra goodies. I am obsessed with this P&P scarf! She's the best book pal ever! #covertocover

CrowCAH Awesome! Love me some JA and P&P!!! 😍 (edited) 3y
Merethebookgal So cute! 3y
LauraBeth That's adorable! 3y
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TrishB Lovely 💖 3y
LeahBergen 😍😍 3y
Eyelit Awesome! 3y
Sarah83 Gorgeous 😍 3y
Mommamanzi This is AMAZING!!! 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Gorgeous! ❤️! Wish I'm your book pal, too, @tpixie 😜 3y
tpixie @sammisho I'm glad you liked it!! 💝 3y
Faibka 😮 gorgeous!!! 💕 3y
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Love my #covertocover #bookclub girls! Three of them have birthdays this month so I'm sending them a little something something!

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Just sent out my #covertocover book!!! Yay! #litsygoespostal

Betty Traveling due south less than 175 miles! 🎫💌📭 3y
RadicalReader @Kat_Reads what's a cover to cover? 3y
Kat_Reads @RadicalReader it's the name of a book exchange I'm participating in! 3y
tpixie @RadicalReader welcome to Litsy!! With time u might find a bookswap group too. Periodically look for #littsygoespostal and u might find a new one 3y
tpixie @RadicalReader email magicbelly@gmail.com to see if that postal book club is closed. We mail a book & journal and then pass it on to the next person monthly 3y
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#CoverToCover is kicking off on January 8th! Getting my notebook ready to send out along with my book, had to order a new copy though; mine wouldn't withstand the mailing haha! Crazy excited for the new year and all these #LitGoals.

Betty Fun! 3y
tpixie Such excitement!! 3y
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