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The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase | Joan Aiken
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Wicked wolves and a grim governess threaten Bonnie and her cousin Sylvia when Bonnie's parents leave Willoughby Chase for a sea voyage. Left in the care of the cruel Miss Slighcarp, the girls can hardly believe what is happening to their once happy home. The servants are dismissed, the furniture is sold, and Bonnie and Sylvia are sent to a prison-like orphan school. It seems as if the endless hours of drudgery will never cease.With the help of Simon the gooseboy and his flock, they escape. But how will they ever get Willoughby Chase free from the clutches of the evil Miss Slighcarp?
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I wish this book and I would have crossed paths when I was a child. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ruthiella Agree! 3mo
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Saturday morning. Reading a childhood favourite on the balcony.

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Back to one of my favourites again! Sylvia and Bonnie skate on thin ice indeed as they're out and about when the wolves are likely to be around.

Yes, today's prompt has defeated me ... I've just gone ahead and replaced the tigers with wolves 😂

#RunningAcrossThinIceWithTigers #OrWolves #WinterWonderland @TrishB @Cinfhen

DivineDiana I like the way you think! Just about to post my own unconventional spin! 😉 12mo
Cinfhen It works for me! 12mo
TrishB I was going with lions for a while! 12mo
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Reggie Hey, you did pretty good! 12mo
BarbaraBB 😂😂 12mo
batsy @DivineDiana @Cinfhen @Reggie Haha, thanks 😁❤️ 12mo
batsy @TrishB all of these growly creatures with pointy teeth work 😆🦁🐯🐺 12mo
TrishB Exactly 😁 12mo
Ruthiella Totally works!😀 12mo
saresmoore I want my next reading challenge to be just reading whatever Suba recommends for a whole year. I suppose that would be a bit lazy on my part, but I bet it‘d make for some excellent reading! 12mo
LeahBergen 😂😂 12mo
batsy @Ruthiella 😁🐺 12mo
batsy @saresmoore ? But I'll worry about you if you do. I think it'll be largely spinsters and bleakness and despair and the occasional "fun" children's book where they escape from wolves? ? 12mo
saresmoore I mean, that sounds pretty great. 🙃 12mo
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Joan Aiken's fantasy world of #wildcreatures is imbued with sublime magic & slowly mounting danger. Love this book 💙

#NoFemmeber @Billypar @Cinfhen

Cinfhen I love the graphics you created ❤️ 13mo
saresmoore It‘s cold and rainy here, today, and it makes me want to read this right now! 13mo
readingjedi This brings back some lovely childhood memories - read this book many times over. 13mo
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ElishaLovesBooks My 10 year old daughter just read this and loved it!! 13mo
Cathythoughts Amazing picture ❤️ 13mo
batsy @saresmoore It's rainy here, too, and cold (by our standards 😂). It does make me want to crack this one open again... 13mo
batsy @readingjedi @ElishaLovesBooks The best memories! So happy kids are still discovering it ❤️ 13mo
LeahBergen I‘ve never read it! 😮 13mo
Billypar "sublime magic and slowly mounting danger"-- I love this description- it's a combination that makes for great novels! 13mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Neither have I, but I need to. 13mo
rohit-sawant Great pick! I loved this one. I remember reading it right after I finished Gone with the Wind 😆 13mo
batsy @Billypar Thanks! I agree, and the best kind of children's novels. None of that cutesy sanitised magical stuff, please. 13mo
batsy @rohit-sawant Yay, glad you loved it too! Haha, interesting that it came after GWtW 😆 13mo
GatheringBooks i have this in my shelves waiting to be read. now i want to pick it up, stat! 13mo
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If you like Lemony Snicket, you might like this tale of adult deception and mistreatment of children.

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Can't believe I never read this as a kid. Has all the elements I love and would have adored as a child - orphans, strong female lead characters, running away, and other assorted adventure...plus a mansion with secret passages. Will be continuing with this series and can't wait to read with my kids. Thanks to Gretchen Rubin for the recommendation. #strongfemalecharacter #childrensclassic

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perfect read for tonight, the snow is piled high, the wolves are howling in the distance, and the evil miss slighcarp has just been given reign over willoughby chase. how shall we form a resistance? #seasonsreadings2016 #notmypresident

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This beloved book was read aloud to my sixth-grade class many, many moons ago. I just finished reading it aloud to my ten-year-old. It's quite the adventure with resourceful children, a happy ending and a rich vocabulary. As well received today as when it was written.

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"It was dusk - winter dusk. Snow lay white and shining over the pleated hills, and icicles hung from the forest trees."

MrBook 😻 3y
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