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library staff and friendly neighbourhood witch! this is me attempting to keep track of the books i read from the library
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'the beautiful librarians are dead'

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I picked this up again and honestly Alison Bechdel is a genius and rereading her stuff during pride month is a great choice!

It's been a little while since i posted on here since the library i work at has been keeping me super busy but i hope everyone is having a nice weekend! 💙

mommyincolor I've attempted to read this but could not get into it. Glad you enjoyed it! 1mo
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I saw Roxane Gay reviewed this a while back and decided to read it too and i'm glad i did!

Our main character is a woman who cannot find peace in her own body, with her own weight and it ruins her in such a real way that i found myself wrecked by this book. I don't know if this was what this book set out to do but it served as a reminder to treat my body with the respect and love it deserves, as should we all.

CouronneDhiver Agree! 3mo
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this is literally just a book collecting the names people have called groups of birds over time and i enjoyed it far too much!

some examples :
'a commotion of coots'
'an improbability of shearwaters'
'a swatting of flycatchers'
'a cast of merlins'

it's only a few words per page but i still love this silly bird book and i had to share it

Fridameetslucy I need this book!! I draw birds !! Well very metephorical birds. My Instagram has same name if you want to see them. 3mo
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i liked this!

this is a good place to start if you're interested in reading about body positivity. It markets itself as a handbook and does have challenges to encourage confidence but it also goes into the history of weight and fashion and has guest essays too for extra perspectives!

she even provides a reading list at the back of the book and lists of blogs and websites to check out which as a fellow fat woman i dived right into and loved

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An exploration of death and the unveiling of life beyond the doors of a crematorium. Caitlin Doughty, a real life mortician respectfully approaches difficult subjects with grace and humour and pushes away some of the barriers that separate us from our own mortality.

The author has a channel i recommend checking out if the book sounds like your kind of thing, just search 'ask a mortician' on youtube!

wanderinglynn The book sounds interesting. And what pretty stones. 💚 4mo
spirituells @wanderinglynn thanks!!! i love them 😍 4mo
AutumnRLS Read From Here To Eternity and can't wait to read Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. 4mo
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Karisa Great book! I read it last year, and it has really stuck with me. Truly unique point of view. 4mo
Book_Gobbler Nice! Added to the TBR pile! 😊📚 4mo
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Clwojick Hey! Welcome to Litsy! Hope you‘re loving it so far. Glad to see another graphic novel reader on here 😍 3mo
spirituells @Clwojick thanks! haha yeah i always have a few graphic novels on the go, i'll need to check out your reads to get some recs! 3mo
Clwojick I read a ton last year! I read a lot of them online, so sometimes it‘s like 20 a night. 😀 3mo
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Saving Grace | Grace Wilson
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This graphic novel about a young woman living in London, trying to find a job she doesn't hate and ranting about how expensive it is to live here made me feel very seen™

CrowCAH Welcome to the Litsy family!!! 📚 4mo
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spirituells @CrowCAH thank you sm!! 4mo
RachelO Welcome to Litsy! This sounds great - I hadn‘t heard of it before. 4mo
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