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The Twilight Wife | A.J. Banner
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**GIVEAWAY ALERT** I've got 20 extra ARCs of this fantastic psychological thriller to give away—Litsy only! To enter, just follow us + tag a friend in the comments.

Marine biologist Kyra Winthrop had the perfect life...until she lost her memories. Now, her past is a mystery to be untangled. They say she was a good person, a good neighbor, a good wife. But what if they're wrong? What if her entire life is a lie?

U.S. only. Ends 12/1 11:59 pm EST

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LitHousewife @jennifersmeth This looks good! 3y
jennifersmeth It does look good @LitHousewife 3y
Notafraidofwords Omg I never win anything. This is awesome!!! 3y
BooksTeasAndBookishThings Thank you!!! ❤️😊🙌 3y
jennifersmeth How exciting!!!! 3y
BookishMarginalia Yey! Email sent 👍🏼 3y
aizekj Thank you!! :) 3y
gibblr Thanks! So excited 😄 3y
LitHousewife Awesome!!! Thank you so much! 3y
LittleWonder Wonderful news! I'm very grateful! Thank you! 3y
Rhondareads Thanks so much lovely surprise 😍 3y
[DELETED] 1409720085 Yay!! Thank you! 3y
Bookishaf Bomb dot com! Thanks!! Can't wait! 3y
Reese_Pearly.Pages 🙀 Yay!!!! 3y
megt Awesome! Thank you! 3y
BookishMarginalia I just received mine! Thanks! 3y
Jess7 Ohh I want to read this! I‘ll tag @MinDea for a chance to win 2y
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"Are there any leading men in your life?" "Several, but they're all fictional." #thisbookishilariousyouguys

BethFishReads Oh I haven't seen the paperback cover before 3y
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At the Thurber Awards for American Humor two years ago, John Kenney's speech was so unbelievably hilarious that I bought this book immediately and read it. It did not disappoint. And nor did John disappoint as host last night—such a fricken funny human being.

Also, big congrats to Harrison Scott Key who won last night's prize!!

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? "The most romantic memoir you're likely to read in a lifetime." –Elin Hilderbrand


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Scrappy Little Nobody | Anna Kendrick
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"Do it you beautiful monster." Scrappy Little Nobody galleys are on their way to indies!!! Everyone else, go preorder at scrappylittlenobody.com. Trust me on this one.

BookishClaire What I wouldn't give for an ARC of this one! 3y
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Still Mine | Amy Stuart
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"Sometimes I dream of my escape. In my sleep I conjure a way out, another life waiting for me beyond this one. Sometimes I am climbing, or driving, or falling through a void with no clear place to land. But most often I am running, sprinting through the field and into the trees, my clip too fast for you to catch me."

The international bestselling psychological suspense finally comes to the U.S.! Read it.

[DELETED] 2232195534 Got this one on my list! 3y
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Scrappy Little Nobody | Anna Kendrick
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"Do it you beautiful monster" -Anna Kendrick basically telling me to eat ALL THIS PASTA

MrBook Omg, that looks so good!!! Wonderful book and picture! 3y
BookishFeminist I want that dinner. 😍 3y
balletbookworm I need this!! 3y
Jess_Read_This Yes to that pasta! I'm sure Anna Kendrick would approve! 3y
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We Are Called to Rise | Laura McBride
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We Are Called to Rise | Laura McBride
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7 pages in and I was HOOKED. So thrilled and honored to be publishing Laura McBride's next novel in 2017!!!!!

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The Blue: A Novel | Lucy Clarke
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UMMM holy crap. 😮 Have you guys read this yet?? Since I'm fairly new at Touchstone I've been playing catch up with our list and just finished this one....HOLY CRAP. NEED TO DISCUSS IMMEDIATELY. EVERYONE PLZ READ STAT. THANK YOU AND YOU'RE WELCOME.

Jinjer The ending!😳 2y
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YOU GUYS. Years That Followed is like the entire Ferrante series condensed into one book. And I won't lie to you–I liked this better. It's about the lives of 2 women, spanning decades in Greece, Ireland, and Spain—love, family, revenge, SO DAMN GOOD.

TouchstoneBooks Had to put this under My Brilliant Friend because Years That Followed apparently isn't in the Litsy system yet and you can't post without a book. But appropriate because FERRANTE FANS WILL LOVE 😍 4y
LitHousewife I do need to read Ferrante, but I want to add this to my TBR, too. Saved a screenshot to my phone to remind to keep looking for it. 4y
TouchstoneBooks @LitHousewife you are too kind but GIRL I'll just send ya an ARC 😉 DM me your addy 4y
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TouchstoneBooks How did you do that?!?!?! I searched by title, author, omg are you magic.... 4y
LitHousewife @TouchstoneBooks I'll do that through Twitter, right? I don't think Litsy has that nice feature yet. 🙃 4y
Simona @TouchstoneBooks Why do you like this more? I'm curious, because I don't like to much Neapolitan novels. 4y
SarahRotenberry Me too @Simona. I felt like I was the only on who struggled through Ferrante. I loved the idea but the execution for me was off 😞. Hope to read this one soon @TouchstoneBooks 4y
SusanInTiburon @TouchstoneBooks hahahaha - stubborn maybe? It sounds so good. Thanks for posting about it. 4y
Miznanner @SarahRotenberry I felt the same way! Had a really difficult time even finishing. Loved the idea but just kept getting bogged down. I will give this one a try when it come out-- sounds perfect! Thanks for posting 4y
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Monsoon Summer | Julia Gregson
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Keep an eye out for this one - new from the wonderful author of EAST OF THE SUN, coming in August! I was so thoroughly transported to the sights, smells, + FOODS of India that I had a major craving. Reviewers, let me know if you want an ARC!

Autumn I loved East of the Sun! 4y
The_Real_Nani I would love an ARC! 4y
Rhondareads Loved East Of the Sun would love an arc😍 4y
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kathy_h yes please! 4y
TheBrockUEnglishMajor I'm new to this app but I would love to read the arc for this novel to give a thoughtful review. 4y
ReadingOver50 I would like an ARC 4y
ebrady I'm new to this app also but I'd love an ARC. And I could feature it in our LFL! 4y
thatkruegergirl I would love a copy. :) 4y
MalkaWrites I would love a copy! 4y
MsMegV That is a great picture! I am a book reviewer and blogger..first day on this app and loving what books I am seeing😄😉 4y
JSW Loved East of the Sun! 4y
jennifersmeth Would love an ARC to read and review! 4y
LittleWonder I would absolutely love a copy to review! 4y
haanim Total newbie here, excuse my ignorance. But what's an ARC 🤔 🙈 4y
charlotte @Haanim An ARC is an advanced reading copy. A version of the book that certain people such as reviewers are given to read before it's officially published. 4y
haanim @Dragonsatemyface got it 😁 thanks! 4y
BeckyLeJ I would LOVE an ARC of this one!!! 4y
Valkeerie An ARC would be wonderful! I would be happy to give a detailed review on Amazon as well. 4y
Alyazia I love it 4y
rahrahread I'd be very interested in an ARC! 4y
rahrahread (and now I want Indian food.) 4y
quirkyreader Yes please, I would like an ARC 4y
Antigone Heading up India next week.... Arc would be awesome! 4y
LianneB Love your photo. Yummy! 4y
LauraLeah I would love an ARC. 4y
Britleigh I would be interested in an ARC. 4y
pH7 I'd be interested in an ARC too. 4y
Darkmoonrising2361 I would be interested in an ARC. 4y
Melli I would be interested.. Sound interesting 4y
Ericka Definitely interested in an ARC 4y
BeverleeWitvoetAbell Would love to have an ARC 4y
readinginthedark I'm definitely interested in an ARC! I'll be reading it anyway, so earlier would be awesome. :) 4y
comealongpond180 Totally interested in an ARC! I just joined litsy but am active on goodreads Instagram Twitter and my blog! 4y
melissajayne I would like an ARC; sounds like a fantastic book 4y
kmcieslak Would LOVE an ARC! 4y
Toowellred Please consider me for an ARC. I happily review for Netgally, Goodreads and Amazon. I'm new as of today to List, and will be posting reviews here as well! 4y
Yasdnilr I read East of the Sun - it was great. Would love to review the latest 4y
Mel41099 I'd love an ARC! 4y
EmiRu Would really love an ARC. Books about India are my kryptonite. 4y
HappyOccurrence I'd love an ARC! 4y
Emmalee I'd love an ARC! 4y
Cynthia I'd love an ARC to review on my blog! 4y
sprainedbrain I would love to read and review an ARC! 4y
Suzyb I would love to an ARC to read and review xx 4y
Louise Would love an ARC to read and review. The book sounds intriguing! 4y
Craftylady New to the site - what is an ARC please 4y
Kate2 Would love an ARC 4y
AmandaRenee.1127 @Craftylady I'm new here too but... ARC=Advanced Reading Copy. Not sure how you get that though. This should be interesting! 4y
MilenaM That sounds so good! I love forbidden love stories and would love to get ARC 4y
TaysMommy11 I would love an ARC 4y
Han13091 I would love an ARC 4y
MarissaKennerson I would love an arc! 4y
Niks_Nook I would love an ARC!! 😍 4y
GretchenA +1 for an ARC 4y
Donna_sBookMinute @Craftylady an ARC is an Advanced Review Copy. Publishers send them to readers who request them in order to have reviews available before the release date. There are, usually, guidelines for making requests on the publisher's website. 4y
Donna_sBookMinute I would like an ARC please. Thank you. 4y
ModernGypsy I would like an ARC please. Thank you. 4y
SRSbook I'd love an ARC :)) 4y
MellieAntoinette 📚 I would love an ARC! 😎 4y
loweredvoices ARC lover, here! Do you still have more to give? 4y
Alyss741 I feel stupid asking but what is an ARC? 4y
Colleen1 Advanced reader copy- sometimes publishers send these free 4y
golightly Oh, me please! 🙋 I went to India when I was young, I'm still always looking for ways to go back, even just through words! 4y
books_cats_art @Alyss741 it's an Advanced Reader Copy.... It is provided to certain groups of people (booksellers, readers, librarians, etc) prior to publication and often is a more "rough" copy in that it may have a different binding and may be slightly different than the final copy with typos and such. 4y
books_cats_art Also, I would love one, please!🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 4y
Iira Me too! 4y
belovedaboyeur I would greatly appreciate an ARC! This book sounds intriguing. Thank you! ✨📚 4y
rogueitup I'd love an ARC, this sounds like a book that really whisks you away ^.^ 4y
JohnsPrincess I've always wanted to go to India! Would love an ARC! 4y
CatieTaylor I'd love one! Sounds beautiful! 4y
Niks_Nook Would love an ARC! 4y
DivineDiana Just added to my "to read"! Would so appreciate an ARC! 4y
boymom_77 I would absolutely love an ARC!! 💕👊🏻 4y
pinesandpalms Would love an ARC! 4y
Miznanner Added to my stack! I am a periodic BookBrowse/Goodreads reviewer-- would love an ARC! 4y
BriMae Would love an ARC, this book sounds great! 4y
jjokisch I'm a HUGE reader and actually reading a book set in India right now. I would LOVE an ARC! 4y
ChrisM Would love an ARC of this! I'm a librarian and occasional book blogger 4y
tairy.fales would love to have an ARC of this! 4y
Kristin_Martin I would love an ARC as well! 4y
Libwithattitude Yes please would love an arc to review :-) 4y
AmberTheArtist This sounds like a great read; I'd love an ARC! 4y
jayecasso I would love an ARC! My review policy as well as my contact information and rating system can be found here: jaycasso.wordpress.com/review-policy 4y
Brittacakes20 I'd love an arc!!!😊 this looks super interesting! 4y
TouchstoneBooks WHOA hey guys, totally overwhelmed and delighted by this response! ☺️ Unfortunately we only have so many ARCs, but if you are a book reviewer please email me your name, blog, + address + we'll try to work it out! kelsey.manning@simonandschuster.com 4y
Hsudonym Love an advanced copy too! Sound wonderful! 4y
Go4cubies I would love an ARC. I really loved East of the Sun. I work at a bookstore if that helps. 4y
InspirationClothesline I'd love an ARC! I'm a book review blogger with a few publishing groups and a true foodie at heart so this sounds up my alley! 4y
shafs @TouchstoneBooks I'd love to have an advanced copy of this book, As an ardent fan of India based books east of the sun is one of the best I've read so far ! Even though am not a professional reviewer l'd love to start reviewing books starting with this book ,by my favorite author 🙃 4y
RachM I'd love an ARC! 4y
Renee_Cupp I'd love an ARC if they're still available. 3y
Momspeerad I'd love an ARC!!!! 3y
Pexter Ditto 😀 3y
Lasalsas I would love to read this book! I'm intrigued. Yes, please to an ARC! 3y
Reviewsbylola East of the Sun was amazing. I definitely want to read this as well. 3y
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Gonzo Girl: A Novel | Cheryl Della Pietra
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Books, bloggers, and burgers. What could possibly be better?? Photo by one of our faves, Natasha of bookbaristas. Follow her on Insta like...yesterday.

susanw This book has been on my radar for a long time. Let us know how it goes. 4y
TouchstoneBooks True life: it is one of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time. You'll devour in a couple hours 4y
TouchstoneBooks Guys she's on litsy so I can finally say GO FOLLOW @Bookbaristas 4y
Bookbaristas Soooo yum!!!!! 4y
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Coming in October, this haunting memoir of a lost first love has our entire team raving. We're just a tad excited about the beautiful cover, too. Mark your calendars ❤️❤️❤️

jennifersmeth So looking forward to this one! 4y
Rhondareads Love the cover 😍Perfect for me. 4y
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"This story feels like one giant poem. It's straight up gorgeous writing." –@foldedpagesdistillery Thank you #fpdbookreview for the lovely review and photo! SUNDAY'S ON THE PHONE TO MONDAY IS OUT TOMORROW!

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? "A sharply observed and bittersweet family romance with a rock 'n roll heart...Reilly's dreamy, slipstream style dazzles." –ELLE magazine ? Speaking of dazzling has Spring sprung in NYC or what?!?

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"Lowell crafts a first novel that is as enthralling as it is heartbreaking. Bronte aficionados and fans of Sloane Crosley's The Clasp will love this title." –Library Journal ?starred review ?

TouchstoneBooks 📷 Photo by catebutler – follow her on Insta! 4y
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Today is basically Luke Waters day in NYC! ? The Irish immigrant and retired NYPD homicide detective recounts his experiences on the force in NYPD GREEN, a gritty (and sometimes hilarious!) memoir. Éirinn go Brách!

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Brooklyn | Colm Toibin
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Our marketing manager is at large in Miami this week, reading (and LOVING) this gorgeous novel published by our friends at Scribner.

todd I've heard great things about this! 4y
Rhondareads Loved loved this beautiful book. 4y
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The Brontës are always in Vogue. (Ha! GET IT?!?) Ok but seriously this book is fricken fantastic. A true book about books for people who love books. I was up until 3am on a Sunday night burning through pages until the end.

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The Taming of the Queen | Philippa Gregory
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"Deeply feminist in its way....Highly enjoyable bedtime reading" –Lenny Letter EIC Jessica Grose

LitHousewife I can't wait to get to that book in audio. I'm excited for it. 4y
skrishna I missed this book somehow! 4y
TouchstoneBooks Don't worry @skrishna it's got a whole new package in paperback 3/29. We'll send over! 4y
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It's THE MIDDLESTEINS meets THE VIRGIN SUICIDES in this arresting family love story about the eccentric yet tightknit Simone family, coping with tragedy during 90s New York. We're completely enchanted by this illuminating and whimsical debut!

Lupita.Reads This sounds right up my alley!!!! 😍 4y
totesmarisa Yay! Top of my TBR stack! 4y
LitHousewife I've not heard of this, but it sounds amazing. I love the title. 4y
TouchstoneBooks It's really lovely @LitHousewife. No audio but would you like an ebook or HC? 4y
LitHousewife Definitely! I'd love it. 4y
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Hi Litsy! ?? We're kicking this thing off with praise for one of our favorite new titles. • "Readers seeking creative inspiration will find this to be one of the most accessible books ever written on the subject." —Library Journal (starred review)

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