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Easter Egg | Jan Brett
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I hope you all have Happy and Blessed Easter Holidays🐰🐣
Today we celebrate Easter and my Birthday. It was Sunday well spent. I also want to thanks all Littens who sent me birthday wishes. Will try to respond soon.
#litsyfun #easter #holiday #weekendvibes

LeahBergen Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎉 1mo
Nute Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day!🥳🎂 1mo
Lcsmcat Happy birthday and happy Easter! My son‘s first birthday was on Easter, but it won‘t happen again until he‘s 80. (He‘s 31.) 1mo
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Simona Vse najboljše❣️ 1mo
maich @LeahBergen @Nute Thank you💕 1mo
maich @LeahBergen @Nute Thank you💕 1mo
maich @Simona Hvala❤ 1mo
maich @Lcsmcat Thank you.💕 It was my first time to celebrate on Easter. The next one will be in 2033. 1mo
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#WeekendVibes A good book with a perfect coffee.
I like strong black turkish coffee without sugar the same as they like in Egypt. Sometimes I add some milk but not always. I don't have coffee mashine in my house I always cooked coffee in cezve.
How do you prepare your coffee? Which is your favourite?

#coffeeaddict #FoodandLit #blackcoffee #deathonthenile #christieagatha
@Butterfinger @Texreader @Catsandbooks

kspenmoll I use an OXO coffee maker. Use french roast beans as we love strong coffee in my household. I add a slash of cream to mine & piece of a cinnamon stick. ☕️☕️❤️ 4mo
maich @kspenmoll I add cinnamon sometimes to but only in winter. Never heard of OXO, was googled to see what it is🙈😂 4mo
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kspenmoll @maich It‘s just a brand of an electric coffee maker, but over the years we have found it makes the best coffee for us. Also great customer service! I threw out the basket by mistake & they sent us a new one. It‘s not cheap but lasts forever. 4mo
maich @kspenmoll These machines are popular here too. Almost all friends have them. Only I love to cook coffee in an old cezve. I'm an old fashion🤷‍♀️ 4mo
kspenmoll @maich Your coffee making sounds like a soothing ritual to me! 4mo
SRWCF My husband is Italian so we've always used a stove top Biatelli Moka Express: https://www.amazon.com/Original-Bialetti-Moka-Express-Stovetop/dp/B0000CF3Q6/ref... 4mo
maich @kspenmoll 😊😊 4mo
maich @SRWCF Italian drink espresso. I try it once and it is good. 4mo
SRWCF @maich yes, it's very good and strong ☕️ ☕️ ☕️! 4mo
maich @SRWCF I like strong coffe. Black turkish is also strong a little bigger mug.😂 4mo
SRWCF @maich Turkish coffee is definitely 😋! 4mo
maich @SRWCF agree🤗 4mo
Kenyazero I'm also a huge fan of this coffee style! I also really love Thai coffee, which is prepared in a similar way and often combined with a thick, sweet cream (it's basically sweetened condensed milk) but it's delicious on its own as well. 4mo
maich @Kenyazero I don't like cream. Not sure why but only try it once and it wasb't good for me. My love drink black coffee with cream. 4mo
Andrew65 A classic book. 4mo
maich @Andrew65 yes😍 4mo
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One True Loves | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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#Readingweekend for us👩‍👧💕
It was windy afternoon and just started raining. So we have perfect time for reading.

#weekendvibes #weekendmood #readingtime #risingbookworm

Tera66 That tiny little hand😍 1y
maich @Tera66 I love her hand❤😍 1y
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The House on Vesper Sands | Paraic O'Donnell
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If I keep perfectly still (and the postman doesn‘t knock!) I might get another chapter in! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Jari-chan Awwww! 😍 1y
AmyG Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1y
Julsmarshall What a sweetheart! 1y
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Prairiegirl_reading So adorable!!! 🥰🥰🥰 1y
JenReadsAlot So cute!! 1y
DGRachel I know that feeling well! He‘s so precious! Happy Reading! 💖 1y
Mitch @DGRachel he needs his body to connect with mine and then he‘s content and out for the count! I got to read 3 chapters! 1y
DGRachel Bailey‘s the same way - wants to be touching, even if it‘s just her head on my ankle. 💖🐶💖 1y
Cupcake12 Lovely photo. It‘s even pouring with rain here and the dogs have left my sofa 🤣❤️🐶 1y
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When your boyfriend know that you'll read for #20in4 #readathon and brings you #ChocolateDonut
#lovemyman #loveisintheair
And here is #coffee No.3☕
What kind of snacks do you eat while reading?

P.S.: Today is rainny day and my pictures are too dark😣
@Andrew65 #coffeeaddict #currentlyreading #fridayvibes #weekendvibes #litsyfun

Andrew65 Things I can eat with one hand. Healthy, but quite enjoy an apple. 1y
maich @Andrew65 I agree with you. Another hand must be free for reading😂 1y
kspenmoll Yum!! 1y
maich @kspenmoll ❤❤ 1y
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Andrew65 Good luck 😊👍 1y
maich @Andrew65 ❤❤😍 1y
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The Weekend | Bernhard Schlink
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1. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue
2. Educated
3. ☕

#weekendvibes #litsygame #litsyfun