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Really need to read this book. I spoke hurtfully to someone this morning stemming from an issue that happened almost 2 years ago (that I obviously can't let go of) and as soon as the words were out of my mouth, it was too late. It has ruined my day, maybe theirs and others, but mostly I'm pissed off at myself right now. #thinkbeforeyouspeak #bethebettterperson #youcanttakeitback

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Wonder | R. J. Palacio
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As a mom of a child born with a cleft lip and palate I can relate a lot to this book. Especially this paragraph. The word deformity is not in our vocabulary. It is such a harsh sounding word #thinkbeforeyouspeak #cleftstrong #litsypartyofone

Bullies: A Friendship | Alex Abramovich
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Just had my first negative experience on litsy. And hopefully my last. It was second hand and that makes me feel even worse for the poor litten who experienced it.
She was straight up bullied and that is so unacceptable.
Please remember to be kind to each other. Check yourself before you write something on the internet because it will be there for forever. Don't cause someone hurt just because you're unhappy.
#bekind #thinkbeforeyouspeak

Mimi28 Aaawwww that sucks. I noticed I was saying TMI on here so I kind of took a break. I'm so sorry that happened to you! ((((( good vibes)))))) 2y
dariazeoli If this is what I think it is, thank you for this post. I'm sorry that a fun thing that I'm sure involves a lot of effort was tainted by meanness. (edited) 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto 😭😭😭 My favorite part of Litsy is that there's so little bullying. It pisses me off when I see it. I'm sorry this happened to you. 2y
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Mommamanzi @dariazeoli yes it is. I said it was unkind, the bully changed her name and blocked me. I'm ok with that because the mom in me wanted to go into protective mode for my litten. Very sad that a grown up thought this was acceptable behavior towards another person. 2y
litmuggle I'm sure I know what this is and I unfollowed. I hate to see bullying and U don't want it in my feed. Sending ❤ to the one who was hurt. 2y
dariazeoli @Mommamanzi So that's why I didn't recognize! I unfollowed right away. You are awesome for telling her the truth. 2y
kspenmoll I am beyond sad to hear this. I do not know any details, but the safety here has always meant so much to me. I was just referring a book lover to this app & was talking about the kindness that happens here. ❤️love to all. 2y
DGRachel This post makes me so sad, but thank you for standing up to the bully. 2y
MorbidAi This is awful, I saw another post today about being bullied on here. What an off day on Litsy 😖 2y
BethM I'm so sorry for that. Though I'm glad someone stood up to it. I'm wondering if it's related to a comment I just read. I wish there was a flag option :/ 2y
R.Lyn-Romance-Reads That's unacceptable. One of the reasons I love Litsy is because it has been such a judgment free zone. Im sorry you experienced this. 2y
Redwritinghood @BethM There is a flag option. If you tap those three little dots at the bottom right of someone's post, an option to flag does come up. I've never had to use it here on Litsy, though. 2y
BethM @Redwritinghood thanks I missed that. 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Oh this breaks my heart! I hope there is no more bullying. 💔 2y
PandaPanda Oh no! That's so sad to hear. But I'm so glad there's people like you who will say something right away! 2y
Yellowpigeon This is the second post on this. Fortunately I missed the original post but I wish I knew the target to give the litten a little extra love 2y
Anovelobsession 😢Litsy has always been a bully free space - I hope it was just one isolated incident 2y
AndreaReads Thank you! I was absolutely confused by the utter lack of respect I was seeing earlier! I both flagged the statuses and sent a message to management. We all LOVE this place so much, and I stand with you and will not let that kind of negativity happen here. 2y
ReadingSusan So sad! I feel like this is always such a positive, uplifting place. 2y
Scurvygirl Absolutely strange situation. Where I didn't see the original post, I read it was devastating. Thanks for reporting it.💜 2y
mrsmarch Oh my gosh, whatever happened totally passed me by. I'm so sorry to hear about any negativity on Litsy. I've always been amazed at the love and support of this bookish community. 2y
Laura317 😢😢😢 2y
Leelee.reads Luckily it is easy to unfollow and limit exposure to toxic posts. I'm sorry it happened at all. This is usually such a kind space. 2y
mjdowens What??? That is terrible! I have never had any bad experiences since joining Litsy. That makes me sad to know someone had to go through that. I am so sorry. Please let them know that this is NOT a normal thing on Litsy. This is the best community I have ever experienced anywhere and everyone loves and respects all views and comments. 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage This breaks my heart. Litsy is a place of civil discourse, and I'm so glad people stepped right up to stop the bullying. We may differ in opinions, but we have respect for each other. 2y
kyraleseberg I saw it for the first time this evening too. It shocked me since I've been here a year and haven't come across any negativity before! 😔 2y
Bklover It was awful. Glad to have discovered the block feature. 2y
CouronneDhiver I missed the post(s) in question but I'm glad Littens are responding as a team to stand up for what's right. Way to go! 2y
mrp27 Not cool! But so happy that we can all stand together and fight against it! 2y
GabrielleDubois I agree, trying to be kind reveals much more strength than being bad. 2y
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Homefront | Jessica Scott
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Very appropriate review of language use I've been guilty of (also, Jessica Scott's books are very much worth the read). #quote #thinkbeforeyouspeak