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Perfect light little mystery to pair with lunch today! ❄️
#HolidayRead #WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

MidnightBookGirl Both look good+ now
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LibrarianRyan I NEED TO GET THIS FOR JOSH!!! 9m
BethM 😂 6m
KatieDid927 I‘m low key obsessed with Krampus 1m
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#WinterGames @rather_be_reading @StayCurious @Clwojick #TheFilthyAnimals

It took me all morning and 3 iterations but I was determined to reach 100. Final count is 104. It started on paper, then moved to a word doc, then to a spreadsheet so I could sort for duplicates.

TheSpineView BYW, I saved the spreadsheet if anyone wants to verify my words! 44m
JenlovesJT47 I should have done that, I probably could have come up with more. Was trying not to duplicate anything. Should have written it down. Good job! 34m
TheSpineView @JenlovesJT47 When I moved to the spreadsheet that made it much easier. 30m
Clwojick Woohooooo! now
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Look at these adorable sachets! They smell of cinnamon. 🧣

How well do you know your Christmas cookies?
**answers below** #wintergames #thefilthyanimals

Linsy 1-G 2-M 3-A 4-K 5-O 6-B 7-D 8-P 9-E 10-H 11-R 12-C 13-J 14-N 15-Q 16-F 17-L 18-I 47m
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Winter Games | Tim Grundmann, Jim Jinkins
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1. Wreath 2. Mistletoe 3. Angel 4. Ornament 5. Cookies 6. Reindeer 7. Toboggan 8. Present 9. Stocking 10. Carols 11. Fruitcake 12. Silent 13. Jingle 14. Fireplace 15. Santa 16. Candle 17. Poinsettia 18. December 19. Gingerbread 20. Noel
#wintergames #thefilthyanimals @StayCurious @Clwojick

Untitled | Unknown
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#WinterGames @rather_be_reading @StayCurious @Clwojick #TheFilthyAnimals

My grankids came over the weekend and were went to get a tree for them to take home. This is a new tradition we started when Krieg was just 2. We now do this every year. They love being able to pick their own tree. It helps that a friend here has a tree farm.🎄🎄🎄

phatsallylee Go Tigers! 2h
Eggs Oh what a lovely family and photo ♥️♥️ 2h
TheSpineView @phatsallylee They are big Clemson fans! 2h
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TheSpineView @Eggs Thanks! I can't believe how big they are getting. I'm 5'9" and my grandson is already above my chin at 11. Of course his Mom is 5'11" the same height as my son. 2h
AmyG What beautiful grandkids. ❤️ 2h
TheSpineView @AmyG Thanks! 2h
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Winter Games | Tim Grundmann, Jim Jinkins
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Another monthly challenge! #xmaslightscavengerhunt

1pt per item
You do NOT have to post a pic of each prompt if u dnt wnt to.

#wintergames #thefilthyanimals @Clwojick @StayCurious

Winter Games | Tim Grundmann, Jim Jinkins
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Winter Games | Tim Grundmann, Jim Jinkins
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These are the endpapers of the tagged book. Aren‘t they pretty?

Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz **answers below**
#WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

Linsy 1-C 2-J 3-E 4-B 5-D 6-G 7-A 8-F 9-H 10-I 3h
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