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A new stack! Just came in the post 🎉

DivineDiana I see The Swimmers has arrived! 🙂 4mo
jlhammar Great stack! I loved the Otsuka. My cover (US) of Seven Steeples is so different. Really looking forward to that one. I hope to start The Colony this weekend. 4mo
Cathythoughts @DivineDiana It has ! Exciting 👍🏻😁 4mo
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Cathythoughts @jlhammar Thanks, I‘m looking forward to Otsuka 👍🏻 So many books , so little time 😁we‘ll get there eventually ♥️ 4mo
LeahBergen Nice! I‘m looking forward to that Highsmith. 👍 4mo
Ruthiella Nice stack! 🤩 4mo
Cathythoughts @LeahBergen Yes ! Me too. 4mo
Cathythoughts @ruthiella Thanks X (edited) 4mo
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Black Cake | Charmaine Wilkerson
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I enjoyed this debut novel, as one family‘s secret history is revealed through a recording left by the matriarch when she dies.

Loved all of the characters; I thought they were really well drawn, and the places, including London, the Caribbean and California, were almost characters in themselves.

Just one niggle - I could have done without the environmental sub-plot. Rather clumsy and definitely superfluous, I skipped a lot of it.

TrishB Stacked 👍🏻 will keep my eye out for this one. 10mo
BarbaraBB Intriguing review! 10mo
JennyM Keep seeing this popping up - sounds good #stacking 👍 10mo
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Alfoster In my queue. Thanks for the heads-up!👊 10mo
Cathythoughts Great review 👍❤️ 10mo
scripturient I‘m reading this right now and loving it so much! 10mo
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Mouth to Mouth: A Novel | Antoine Wilson
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Two friends from college meet at a departure gate. One saved a man from drowning just after college and begins to relate the story to his friend. What starts as a curiosity about the man he saved quickly becomes an obsession. He discovers the man he saved is not nice or honest, but he begins insinuating himself into his life both personally and professionally. Imagine Rachel Cusk with a suspenseful twist. Pick for sure! ⬇️

Megabooks Would work for #TitleRepeats #Booked2022 or #AboutASecret #pop22 👍🏻👍🏻 11mo
Cinfhen Nice suggestions 😊 I just saw this book reviewed earlier today!! Sounds great!! #Stacked 11mo
JennyM Sounds really great - #stacking thanks Meg 😊 11mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen I thought it was really well done! 👍🏻 11mo
Megabooks @JennyM I hope you enjoy it! 👍🏻 11mo
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Signature of All Things | Elizabeth Gilbert
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Look who just showed up on page 478 @jenniferw88 @TrishB our friend...Sir Alfred Russel Wallace 😁This book is absolutely exquisite- one of the best HF novels I‘ve read. I have about 40 pages left to go & I fear a #BookHangover approaching.

jenniferw88 Guess I'm #stacking this then! 🤣 2y
TrishB How funny 😁 think C might like this one. Stacked 👍🏻 2y
Cinfhen I was just thinking I‘d send this to you @jenniferw88 if you hadn‘t read it yet!!! Just email me your address / it‘s SUCH a great book!!! 2y
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Cinfhen And DEFINITELY look for it @TrishB I think C would love it too 2y
TrishB 👍🏻 will do. For the first time since she was about 8, she‘s reading non stop and has asked for a pile of books for her b.day. Yay 🎉🎉 2y
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen email sent to both the email addresses I have for you, as wasn't sure which one it was! 🤣 2y
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen and there's a parcel on it's way from Book Depository to say thank you! 2y
Cinfhen Awwww, thanks so much @jenniferw88 xx not necessary but very excited 🤗 2y
Cinfhen I always thought C was a reader @TrishB but excited to hear books are her birthday request ❤️🙌🏻 2y
TrishB On and off, like 3 months obsessively and nothing for 3 months. But lockdown has been consistent! 2y
jenniferw88 @Cinfhen thinking about it, it will probably arrive round about your birthday, so consider it an early birthday present that you can open! 🤣🤣🤣 2y
SamAnne Loved this one. 2y
Crazeedi This was such a great book 2y
merelybookish Read this book a few years ago and still think about certain scenes. 2y
Cinfhen WOW!, this book was just incredible @Crazeedi @merelybookish @SamAnne 2y
Cinfhen @jenniferw88 xxxxxxxxx 2y
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The Vanishing Point: A Novel | Elizabeth Brundage
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The story of 3 students from the Brodsky photography workshop and the intersection of their lives. Rye becomes a famous photographer, Julian (always jealous of Rye) becomes very successful in advertising and Magda, who is loved by both men.

I really enjoyed this story as I love a good character driven story. Very well written from the view points of all involved.

BarbaraBB I just started another one by her 2y
AmyG I never got around to reading that one as it‘s on my tbr somewhere. @BarbaraBB 2y
BarbaraBB I‘ve had it for years too. I picked it up finally because @Megabooks rated it 5⭐️ 2y
Megabooks I haven‘t read this one! #stacking 2y
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Borneo, Celebes, Aru | Alfred Russel Wallace
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Wallace discovered the ‘origin of the species‘ independently of Darwin in the mid-nineteenth century - this small book contains extracts of his work.

The first chapter was all about him collecting orang-utan ‘specimens‘ and I rather naively worried that he was going to keep them in captivity. But no, he blasted them out of trees with his shotgun then skinned and dissected them. 😡 Nearly put me off the rest of it...

#readingasia2021 #indonesia

MicheleinPhilly EW. HARD. PASS. 2y
Librarybelle 😮 Totally agree with @MicheleinPhilly . 2y
squirrelbrain I guess it was how things happened back then @MicheleinPhilly @Librarybelle but still not easy to read about. 2y
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julesG @MicheleinPhilly and @Librarybelle Different times. If it wasn't so darn interesting, practices like those would have put me off studying medical/scientific history. Lots of unbelievable things explorers and scientists did back then. 2y
Librarybelle @squirrelbrain @julesG Totally agree! I‘m a bit squeamish when it comes to animal violence or animal death. It also makes me very angry. But, I know advancements happened in science because of experiments. I guess my reaction was more over the method. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
julesG @Librarybelle Not what we'd do today, but pretty normal in the past. I still don't like it. If I could time travel to the past, I know I'd try to shake some sense in a lot of natural scientists. 😁 2y
Caroline2 OHHH 😲 2y
Smarkies That part did throw me when I read it last year. But in general, I found him quite a decent explorer who didn't perhaps belittle everything / everyone around him (in light of European imperialism 😂😂😂) 2y
squirrelbrain Ah, you see I felt slightly differently @Smarkies - the way he described some of the culture was not belittling at all, but then the way he spoke about some of his ‘servants‘ was very imperialistic..... 2y
Smarkies @squirrelbrain unfortunately he was a product of his time 😂😂 2y
jenniferw88 Wallace is buried in my local cemetery! #stacking! 2y
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I know there‘s a lot of racists out there, but wowza, so many people have said breathtakingly stupid things to these women! (And, I‘m going to take a wild guess, anyone who is black.) I love that they present this with humor but don‘t diminish the racism in any way. I‘m now on hold for the ebook so I can see all the pictures, but the audio is also a lot of fun.

Amandajoy I really want to read this since I currently live in Omaha. I may get it on audio. I think my local bookstore may be doing an event for this. 2y
Megabooks Oooo!! I haven‘t heard of this one. #stacking! 2y
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THIS BOOK SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING!!!! Frederick the author speaks directly to the reader in this book. Talking about how we should be an accomplice in anti-racism and not a bystander. Each chapter features at least one voice from an artist or an activist. This book was very eye opening!

#bookspinbingo free space

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Finally read it, and I agree...great book! 2y
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These are my #20Best2020 #NF books although more than a few were added because of the audio narration
I didn‘t read as much NF as I have in years past and I had a harder time coming up with titles....
What books am I missing.....PLEASE SHARE your lists!!!!

alisiakae I don‘t think I can wrap mine up until I finish this one! 😄 2y
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Cinfhen I own that one @cathysaid Now I know to bump it up my list!!!! Thanks 😊 2y
Cinfhen As much as I want to listen @4thhouseontheleft it‘s SUCH A COMMITMENT!!!! I get anxious just thinking about all those hours/pages 2y
Cinfhen I actually preferred this one EVEN MORE @Hestapleton 2y
Hestapleton @Cinfhen ooo I‘ll put it on my 2021 list! I was a wee 6 year old when it happened, so I‘m learning a LOT. 2y
Megabooks I‘ve read 9 of these! We definitely read a lot of the same books (enable each other 😉😉)! 💙💙 2y
alisiakae @Cinfhen I‘m doing it as a chapter a day, and it is much more manageable! 2y
TheAromaofBooks My NF was incredibly low this year. When I did read, it was what I think of as “practical“ nonfiction - books about gardening, home decor, and cooking. My two favorites were actually books about cooking, which isn't even usually my thing!! I loved Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and also Make the Bread, Buy the Butter. 2y
Cinfhen You TOTALLY pioneer the NF front @Megabooks !!!!! 2y
Cinfhen Oh wow @Hestapleton I think you‘re the same age as my middle child ....you‘re a very wee young one 💗💗💗 2y
Cinfhen That‘s probably a smart way to approach that memoir @4thhouseontheleft 2y
TheAromaofBooks It was surprisingly entertaining. The actual recipes weren't particularly attractive to me for the most part, but her explanations of those four cooking elements were quite useful & interesting. She does have a tendency to think that everyone lives around the corner from a delightful farmers' market where they can just pop over every day & pick up scrumptious fresh produce & meat, but there was still a lot to glean from it. 2y
TrishB I‘m not sure I‘ve done 20 😁 2y
Crazeedi @Hestapleton agree!!!! 2y
Cinfhen I actually did read both books @Crazeedi and I almost added Beauty in Breaking but it was really sad 😢 it‘s a great suggestion for both #Pop21 and #Booked2021 #DoctorNurseMC 2y
Cinfhen Thanks for stopping by and leaving suggestions @Crazeedi hope you‘re feeling well xx 2y
Crazeedi @Cinfhen I hope all is well with you my friend, I'm getting my groove back! 2y
Freespirit Wow lots of inspiration for me here @Cinfhen 👍🏼💕 2y
HOTPock3tt I loved the Demi Moore autobiography @Cinfhen 2y
Reviewsbylola Some great titles on your list! 2y
Cinfhen Me too @HOTPock3tt I found it really moving!! Did u read either one of these... I loved them both 2y
Cinfhen And this one too @HOTPock3tt 2y
HOTPock3tt Oh yeah! I read “we‘re going to need more wine!” And loved it! ❤️She covered some really heavy topics but somehow still managed to keep it fun 🤗 @Cinfhen 2y
HOTPock3tt I‘ve heard of “from scratch” but haven‘t read it. And I started “in pieces” but had to return it to the library before I was finished! Maybe I will check it out again 🤔 #stacking “from scratch!” It seems interesting and relatable 😅lol @Cinfhen (edited) 2y
Cinfhen I listened to the audio for both of those memoirs @HOTPock3tt if u like audio I suggest going that route/ they were so emotionally moving 2y
HOTPock3tt Yes I love audio! 💗Epecially for memoirs/bios! I listened to “we‘re going to need more wine” on audio and the Demi Moore one too... @Cinfhen (edited) 2y
Cinfhen I wasn‘t familiar with Tembe Locke @HOTPock3tt but now im a fan and her descriptions of Italy were equally amazing. Her story broke my heart 💔 2y
Cinfhen Same!! @HOTPock3tt hearing it from the author is like sharing wine with a friend 2y
HOTPock3tt @Cinfhen It REALLY is!! 😌🍷❤️ 2y
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This is me, peeking out from behind the cover of this scary little book. Read it if you dare 😳.

Can‘t wait to see what my husband makes of it. Then we‘ll watch the film.

Cathythoughts Great picture 👍🏻❤️ 2y
Freespirit Sounds intriguing 🤔 2y
Traci1 Loved this one. 2y
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