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After watching the phenomenal TV programme I wanted to know more about what happened at Chernobyl. But as this is based on personal testimonies it‘s going to be a gut wrenching read. 🥺 Think I might have to read this along with another book. 👍🏻

TrishB I read this fictional one a couple of years ago. A good read too. 4w
Caroline2 @TrishB oh thanks Trish. Stacked! 👍🏻 3w
allureofbeauty That looks good. 3w
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j.rye That show was so amazing. #stackadd 3w
Caroline2 @j.rye it was brilliant wasn‘t it. 3w
Scash1114 @Caroline2 i read Midnight in Chernobyl, and it was very eye opening 😳 Crazy how much they covered up! 3w
Caroline2 @Scash1114 so scary isn‘t it. 😳 3w
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The Boleyn King: A Novel | Laura Andersen
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So if you like historical fictions or fantasies that are heavy politics, this is a good one for you. Even though it messes with history, the author brought in names familiar to anyone who followed real Tudor history as well as the key rumour/public opinions of Anne herself. Really interesting concept and with it being so very heavy on the politics (and therefore relatively slower paced), I think it's the perfect size. I'll def continue the series

MellieAntoinette Moriarty & Belle ... 🤔 🤔 🤔 5mo
j.rye I love historical fiction! #stackadd 5mo
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I very much enjoyed this book. A story of how a child finds his own strength with help from his imaginary friend.
The imaginary friend also finds the courage to face his greatest fear along the way.

j.rye #stackadd sounds really endearing! 5mo
LittleMummyMe @j.rye Something different and sweet... about true friendship. 5mo
SitsWithaBook I loved this book! 5mo
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The Rabbit Back Literature Society | Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen
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Pretty good read for a chilly night 💙

Pruzy Ooh yes, an obscure one but a good one! (edited) 7mo
blithebuoyant I adore this cover♥️ #stackadd 7mo
Pruzy @blithebuoyant It‘s a different font colour than the hardcover, which is purple! 7mo
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Panic Room | Robert Goddard
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My first non-work related trip in three years - off to New Zealand for 12 days before relocating back to the UK. I started PANIC ROOM on the flight out and demolished it in two days.

Quite possibly Goddard‘s best book ever, and very much recommended!

#Pick #StackAdd #justread

LeeRHarry Enjoy NZ! 💕 12mo
RachelAmphlett @LeeRHarry thank you! 12mo
Andrew65 I love Robert Goddard but not read this one yet. Enjoy New Zealand! 12mo
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Soubhiville Oh! I‘m jealous! That‘s my biggest bucket list trip. Have an amazing time, please post lots of photos!!! 😻 12mo
Ms_T Enjoy NZ and welcome back to the UK when you get here! 🇳🇿 🇬🇧 12mo
RachelAmphlett @Soubhiville no worries - check out my instagram (@rachelamphlett) - I‘m going a bit nuts over the scenery 😂 12mo
RachelAmphlett @Andrew65 thank you, and do bump this one up your TBR - it‘s a corker! 12mo
RachelAmphlett @Ms_T thank you! 12mo
Andrew65 @RachelAmphlett I will definitely do so! 12mo
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Sunburn | Laura Lippman
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I was going to try sticking to the books I already have for awhile, but this new one by Laura Lippman sounds too good! #Sunburn #Next #ARC #TBR #StackAdd

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