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Nevernight | Jay Kristoff
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September was a pretty good reading month after the quiet summer I had. I was surprised I finished 5 audios because it seemed like my listening had slowed down! The best thing about my favourites is at least a couple of them will be on my best of list for the year, so good month! #somethingforseptember #somethingforsept

Sue Great effort!! And Nevernight 💜 6y
BookBoggart Your cursive is outstanding! 6y
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Etiquette & Espionage | Gail Carriger
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The first in Gail Carriger's follow up series was my favorite read of September, what's yours? The three to the right were on audiobook, and all fun to listen to. No real pans this month, though I certainly didn't finish everything I started!

#bestreadsofseptember #somethingforseptember

Empire of Storms | Sarah J Maas
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these are all the books I've read this month 📚
I've read so many great books this month so it's hard to chose a favorite, but if pressed I would probably say Empire of Storms because it was all I wanted it to be and more

#SeptemberStats #somethingforseptember

MrBook Wow! I'm so impressed, I'm going to say it backward: woW!😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👍🏻! 6y
Eyelit So many great books - what a good month of reading you had!! 6y
Petitesmerveilles Loved Empire of Storms too!! 6y
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A good month! Finished with 3 series reads (5 if you count rereads) for #sequelseptember

#readingstats #somethingforseptember #monthlywrapup #monthlyrecap

brendanmleonard Very nice! Congrats! 6y
RanaElizabeth I always feel so accomplished when I finish series. Like it counts double or something. 6y
Reviewsbylola The Nightingale is fantastic. I can see why it was one of your favorites this month!! 6y
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Nutshell | Ian McEwan
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I read amazing books this month! Not a lot, but ones I really enjoyed. These two were my favorites, though. I loved both of them, in entirely different ways for entirely different reasons. And that's exactly what I love- totally different, amazing experiences! #somethingforseptember Thank you so much, @RealLifeReading This was a great month of challenges!

Sweettartlaura Yay👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The Library at Mount Char was one of my faves of 2015, tied with 6y
CherylDeFranceschi @Sweettartlaura I LOVE ❤️ Slade House! Sooo spooky! Plus, David Mitchell=genius! 6y
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Behold the Dreamers | Imbolo Mbue
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My September stats: I finished 10 books (4 nonfiction, 6 fiction). My favorite reads were DIFFICULT WOMEN, EVICTED, and BEHOLD THE DREAMERS, which I coincidentally read back to back. #somethingforseptember #septemberstats

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October Light | John Gardner
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#Repost @RealLifeReading

So excited to join in this challenge after watching everybody's awesome #somethingforseptember posts! Woohoo!

read_diverse_books Yep, I'm so in! I never joined these kinds of challenges on IG. But I feel motivated to so it on Litsy. 6y
8little_paws I'm going to try it too! My first time... We'll see how it goes 6y
RealLifeReading Thanks for reposting this!! 6y
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Among Others | Jo Walton
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My #bestreadofseptember 👏 ❤️🍂 Actually one of the #bestoftheyear I'm really inspired to get to some classic #scifi now.☺️ #somethingforseptember #sff 🖖

Neverwhere | Neil Gaiman
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I was sick for most of September with allergies, asthma, and blood pressure issues so I didn't get to read very much BUT! Out of the ones I read, this is the best one and I'M NOT EVEN FINISHED WITH IT YET! I'm a little over halfway through and it's my favorite read for September. #somethingforseptember #bestreadsofseptember

Laura317 Neverwhere is awesome! ❤️❤️❤️ 6y
Hornsby78 @Laura317 I am at the part where Richard has had to go underground because nobody in Above London knows him anymore and he's found Door on the search for the angel. 6y
Books_Wine_Repeat Neil Gaiman ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 6y
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Hornsby78 @Books_Wine_Repeat Indeed. I have enjoyed everything this man has invented in his mind from novels, short stories, children's stories, to comics. 6y
melbeautyandbooks Allergies and asthma suck. It has been a bad month for that. Hope October is better! 6y
Hornsby78 @melbeautyandbooks Thanks. The whole summer seems to have been bad. I've had friends who never have allergy issues that were sick. My pulmonologist said he had patients with weird symptoms and flares all summer. Odd. Hope it's over. 6y
Barb1 Excellent book! 6y
Lynnsoprano Hope you continue to improve. What a yucky combination. I'm thinking about letting the ENT roto-rooter my sinuses, can't imagine asthma on top. Take care. 6y
Hornsby78 @Lynnsoprano I had triple sinus surgery after a car wreck Jan 2015 messed up my face/sinuses. I have been dealing with the fallout when my asthma flared up due to out of control allergies. It's been a VERY interesting few years. 6y
TNbookworm Love this book and Neil Gaiman! 6y
Cortg Ugh feel better! 6y
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WARNING: avoid audiobook for Tsar. I think I would have enjoyed reading it a LOT more than listening. Many of the narrators, IMO, were flat, monotone, and just plain boring. So much so that I fear I lost a lot of detail in the reading. GREAT book. Go ol' fashioned with the print copy. 👍 #bestreadsofseptember #somethingforseptember

RealLifeReading That's disappointing about the audiobook!! 6y
BkClubCare I second that! Was loving the stories but did not like the narrators so switched to the book. Glad I did! 6y
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